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Hi! Thanks for visting my 'About Me' page!

Will you learn something about me by reading it? Probably.

What do you do? I make MC skins (at least my PMC profile would tell you). I also made the CanterlotCraft texture pack. It's in the Texture Pack sub-forum here, check it out! Other than dedicating my life to pixellated ponies, I also crochet various things, and having my hands in all kinds of creative pots (cooking, embroidery and drawing). I also play video games and read, I partcularly like fantasy novels and in the middle of a feeble attempt to write my own. Favorite games: Legend of Zelda, Minecraft (derp), Terraria, Seiken Denetsu 3, Final Fantasy V, Assassin's Creed, Earthbound, Harvest Moon, Batman Arkham series, to name a few. I have a fondness for geeky things and Japan, which reflects in some of my work.

Ask me things, and I might put them here, cause I'm bored.
Interests Pixels, Art, Gaming,Ponies! and Crochet

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