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    I would be very interested to playtest whatever you have done. I absolutely love creating models for different mobs and character designs, and give me a block/item description and i could probably make it happen! Shoot me up at [email protected] or just reply on here. Lol. I have made a few different designs of mobs for another mod, but it never actually came to fruition, sadly. I think that this one could really be a hit. My only concern would be finding hints and secrets whilst playing the game. Idk though. If you gave the co-ords (but not the exact ones) such as a book in a chest after a boss fight in a dungeon that might have a puzzle you would solve to get co-ords such as (1xx.5xxx, 8x.23x) wherein x are the undefined numbers, and the full co-ords would lead you to one of the 5 artifacts. But anyways, I really would be interested in this, so please do get in contact!

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