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    Quote from devilquak

    A.) Buying/selling anything Minecraft-related is illegal, it's on the Mojang website that you're not allowed to pay real money for things such as plugins.

    B.) Bro, if you think it's that simple, you have another thing coming. It's hell trying to learn Java from scratch, and even worse hell to learn how apply it to Minecraft. I've been developing plugins for two months and I'm still not able to make what this guy wants.

    Also, you should ask for this on the Bukkit forums, you'll get better replies there.

    Except you could just pay for the time of the coder and not the plugin itself. That's how it generally works with paid plugins.
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    posted a message on Can't run 2 servers on the same VPS.
    Alright, the server started when I set the IP the same as original server and changed the port to 25566. Something must be wrong with how the IP was assigned to my VPS... Does anyone know what could be wrong? I can both servers under the same main IP under different ports, but I can't start the 2nd server under the additional IP.
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    Quote from webrosc

    set the port in the server.properties file so the 2 servers have different ports

    I purchased an additional IP address for a reason. I want to use the default port for both servers. The error says that the port on the extra IP I'm using is already in use. The main server is using the original IP address. I have this other server set to use the new IP. That's not the problem.

    Unless it's something wrong with the networking itself, not registering the new IP address.
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    posted a message on Can't run 2 servers on the same VPS.
    Well, what's happening is when I start the secondary server, it says there is already something running on that IP and port.
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    posted a message on How do I know when someone donates?
    Make a paypal button that has a custom option to input the in-game name. That's what I do. I have different rank selections on the same module, as well.

    You go to Merchant Services or something in the PayPal menus.
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    posted a message on Can't run 2 servers on the same VPS.
    Since DotBlock doesn't "support" the bukkit service, they can't help me with this issue. Every other VPS I've purchased has allowed me to run 2 Minecraft servers along side each other, each running on their own unique IP address.

    When I contacted DotBlock, they first said that the way their servers are built, it doesn't support running 2 Minecraft servers alongside each other. They then said it's because of some McMyAdmin licensing restriction. Since I'm not using McMyAdmin, I then replied saying that the same method worked on every other VPS I had ever used.

    I'm asking you guys why this method doesn't work, and if I'm getting ripped off:

    1. 2 different folders in the /home/ folder of the CentOS 6.3 (64-bit) KVM virtualization.
    2. Each folder contains the necessary files to run a Minecraft server with the bukkit server mod.
    3. Each server.properties file is set up with a unique IP that has been added to the entire VPS.
    4. In each folder I have a bash script that launches the server within a detached screen with a different label for each server.

    This method worked perfectly when using MinecraftLayers VPSs. For some reason this exact method doesn't work at all on the DotBlock VPSs. Again, they said that their servers are simply not "built" to run two instances of Minecraft on the same VPS. I call bull**** on that. Someone help me out!
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    posted a message on ChunkError Minecraft • 1.1 • FreeBuild • No Whitelist • Multi-world • Ranking System

    A friendly free-build Minecraft server aimed at providing the best building experience to players without being too complicated. All you gotta do is log into the server, read the very few amount of rules, and take a warp to one of the many places to build! We hope to gain many more valuable and respected members in the ChunkError community! We definitely need more great builders for the Creative world, too (You still have to go through the process of being able to go to the Creative world.)


    • Multiple worlds including: Creative, Survival, Nether, Skylands
    • Many ranks to achieve including: Builder, Advanced Builder, Architect, DaVinci, and various donor ranks.

    World Info:

    • Creative (Access: Architect / VIP and up)
    • This world is restricted to the best builders on the server. It is meant for a proving ground to attain the godly DaVinci rank. Also, people who donate to the server may also have access.
    • Survival (Access: Member +)
    • This world is to be considered the main world on ChunkError. It is where the majority of players are eligible to play. In this world, you are meant to survive and build amazing things despite the struggles of creepers, zombies, spiders and skeletons.
    • Nether (Member +)
    • Just like the Survival world, you may go here to gather materials to make your Survival builds look cooler. Also, you could possibly bring Survival materials here to build something unique.
    • Guest (Access: Guest only)
    • A place for new players to prove that they can play Minecraft without griefing things and being immature. This is where new players are meant to go.
    • Skylands (Access: Builder +)
    • Here you can experience the heights of the Skylands. Test your survival abilities and try not to fall off and die. Builds here will be considered a bit more impressive, as materials are a little harder to get.


    • Guest (Gray)
    • This is what you start out as. You get basic abilities and access to the Guest world, only.
    • Member (White)
    • This is rank you get for surviving a couple nights in the Guest world. You have access to the same commands, but you can go 2 more worlds: Survival and Nether.
    • Builder (Light Green)
    • Build something decent in the Survival or Nether worlds. This rank has access to /tpa.
    • Advanced Builder (Dark Green)
    • To get this rank, you must show you can build something with decent creative ability (no, not creative mode). This means the builds has to be very much appealing to anyone who sees it.
    • Architect (Light Blue)
    • This rank is given to players who show a very large amount of creativity in their builds on the Survival, Nether and Skylands worlds. This rank has access to /god in the previous worlds and has access to the Creative world!
    • DaVinci (Dark Blue)
    • This rank is the hardest rank to get on the entire server. You must show a HUGE amount of creative ability and creative uniqueness on whatever world you choose to. The Creative world is your proving grounds for this rank.

    IP: main.chunkerror.com

    More info at:


    If you have checked out the server and you like it, help keep this thread popular by saying so!
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    posted a message on ❤ MINECRAFTSERVER.NET ❤ $3.5 /GB FOR LIFE ❤ The Original Minecraft Host ❤ DDOS PROTECTION ❤ 8 LOCATIONS
    So their website seems to be down right now. I can log into other websites, but not their's. :/

    Also, my server seems to be having a lot of Read Timed out issues lately. I'm not sure if that's Bukkit's problem or the server's problem.

    Their servers are VERY fast, though. If you aren't using all the RAM, it's always running at 20 TPS according to the LagMeter plugin.
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    posted a message on Will an SSD improve performance?
    Quote from jmmotive

    Basically, my internet connection is not a problem, but every so often, some users on my server experience bad spells of lag. We had tossed around the idea of getting an SSD, but I wanted to ask other administrators if they feel it helped and/or was worth the money.


    For me, SSDs have increased performance significantly on my server. Chat lag was completely eliminated and MagicCarpet does not lag at all. No more falling of it or falling through it. Also sped up chunk loading significantly.

    That's just my input. Yes, they are expensive, but if one has people donating, it's definitely worth it.
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    posted a message on Brohoster · Only $4.00/mo · Home to over 4000 servers! Now with Free Web Hosting!
    I just want to say that Brohoster is awesome! Any lag that I have ever had has been entirely my fault. Faulty plugins, excessive use of WorldEdit, etc. I may not have realized it at the moment, by I have always later figured it out.

    The servers here are VERY stable and I have had very little problems. My 4GB Netherrack tier server is chugging along very nicely with 2-3 MultiVerse maps and 17-18 players online at once. No lag, whatsoever. Thank you Brohoster!
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    posted a message on Server lag on Brohoster.
    Quote from Damien711

    Brohoster is horrible. I belived their ******** like everyone else. My server lags and crashes all the time I would recommend switching hosts like Im doing right now..

    Whenever I have had a problem with lag, I was quick to blame Brohoster for everything. It has never been Brohoster's fault for the lag. It has always been a faulty plugin or something that I couldn't quite catch at first. Their servers are VERY good. They can hold way more people than any other server provider that I know of for the great prices they offer.

    Before switching, I would suggest extensively troubleshooting each plugin. Trust me, Brohoster is fine. It's your plugins.
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    posted a message on Server lag on Brohoster.
    I think you are misunderstanding me. I only have Essentials. I do not have Permissions installed. I am fully aware the Essentials comes with GroupManager and all of that.

    Also, as for the lag problem, I fixed it. It all turned out to be the ExactSpawn plugin. That's what was causing the lag as players logged in. That's what was causing the "downloading terrain..." to take so long. All of that lag is gone now.

    Thanks for your help, though.
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    posted a message on Server lag on Brohoster.
    It just shows up that way when I type /plugin list

    I just have the whole Essentials pack for permissions and basic commands.
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    posted a message on DylanCraft.com Best MineCraft Server Ever!
    No advertising on this forum.
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    posted a message on Server lag on Brohoster.
    That's what I was thinking before I tested other servers and the "downloading terrain...". Everyone else loaded faster. Mine takes 3-4 seconds even if it isn't lagging...
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