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    Quote from MAXdinoman

    read the one above me^^^^^^

    ------- :obsidian: :obsidian: :Diamond: ALCHEMISTS TABLE! :Diamond: :Diamond: :DORE: -----------
    the alchemists table will have a 4x4 square gui it will have a vail with steam comming out of it and a lquid of some sort
    that vail will be behind the little -> [] thing that is right by the whole thing...ANYWAY, :White: go away creeper.
    ------- :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: SPELL LIST!!! :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian: -----------
    fire elemental dust + wind elemental dust = a ghast fire ball (red and white)

    watter elemental dust +wind elemental dust =a blue Ghast fire ball (but blue and duse not do as much damage as fire elemental)

    earth elemental dust + wind elemental dust = a green ghast fire ball ( but green and duse not deal much damage at all)

    wind elemental dust = a pure white ghast fire ball ( very weak spell)

    earth elemental dust +fire elemental dust +watter elemental dust + wind elemental dust = teleportation (like i said needs way points)

    watter elemental dust+ earth elemental dust + lava bucket= summoning a ghast ( needs a ghast soul witch you get from killing a ghast)

    earth elemental dust+ fire elemental dust+fire elemental dust +lava bucket+wind elemental dust+earth elemental dust=Fire area damage

    earth elemental dust+fire elemental dust+fire elemental dust+wind elemental dust+wind elemental dust+earth elemental dust+lava bucket +watter elemental dust=Summoning stone much like the ghast summon but differ things are needed still need a soul from the animal or the enemy to make your "pet"

    there are going to be more spells in the future or if you post an idea of a nice spell that would sound cool ill try to get some one to make the mod!

    PS if you end up makeing it can i put it in my mod pack? :biggrin.gif:
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    can someone pleeeez make change my skin so i can use it in the minecraft MLP mod as a pegases :3 heres my skin C:\Users\Kobi\Desktop\i4e99725481184712421182907812881213712178.png
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