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    posted a message on Putting Mojang's points at them - podzol

    In real life, soil under certain coniferous trees has little to no low height plant life.

    In Minecraft, podzol can have small plants on it in fair numbers.

    Since this sort of soil seems to be dangerous to those plants, shouldn't mega taiga biomes not have small plant life like ferns and grass?

    Mojang decided riding dolphins and frogs eating fireflies set bad examples despite once having a pig-off-a-cliff achievement, so I think plants' sensibilities should be considered too in realism, lest someone try to grow small flora under a pine or spruce near their home..

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    posted a message on Ancient City Portal in future update?

    The giant frame? Oh yeah, that one.

    Well, yes, I think it has a meaning - but I'm going to tell you I think it is one of two things - an implied dimension we can't visit because 'time destroyed it', or the nether/end and ghasts/dragons are supposed to be in cities as they please (probably not).

    It would be fun and juicily ironic if they were portals to the cancelled sky dimensions, given ancient cities may be airy but are the opposite to sky world in every other way.

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    posted a message on People needs how much time to clear Minecraft?

    That depends hugely on playstyle. My playstyle is extremely slow so in most worlds I need months to win - I never 'beat' most worlds. If I cheat in any way, it goes down drastically of course.

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    posted a message on What is the most dangerous monster at the beginning?

    Without a doubt the witch, although thankfully you are unlikely to encounter one in the first week.

    When I began playing in 1.5, endermen held that spot. But they have been changed subtly since then and are now less threatening.

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    posted a message on Ancient City Seed (not mine)

    -4651105460712845864 Java 1.19.0

    Mega taiga + ravines + village + dungeon + deep cliff caves + ancient city in ravine cave system (with deep dark biome leadup)

    Tough seed to solo on but good for servers

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    posted a message on Can you add new tools?

    The choice to make these items breakable by hand or craftable by hand or with wood is intentional, placing and breaking is very basic mechanics in this game. Silk touch probably handles anything not covered here.

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    posted a message on Mining a Whole Mountain by Hand

    The pic with many endermen crushed in that cave is actually the most startling because it really emphasizes the depth of your work.

    End on Earth, lol

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.19 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from DeadTOm76»

    My only complaint, is the same complaint I have about most of the structures that have been added in the last few updates. The treasure in these places tends to be pretty blah, and not worth all the effort required to get to them. It's fun the first few times, just to meet the challenge, but after that I'm likely to never visit one of these things again.

    Other than that, I'm quite happy with it, and very grateful that Mojang is still actively developing and improving this game that I paid $27 for, nearly ten years ago, and that I still enjoy almost every day.

    You haven't checked out ancient ruins recently - the treasure is greatly valued, and is now comparable to bastions and even end cities.

    That said, wardens are the royalest of pains so I'm not going near one.

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    posted a message on Pausable jukeboxes

    I support this. Too many times where some noise or a outside-of-game sound disturbed a nice song.

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    posted a message on I don't like Minecraft 1.18 terrain generation
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    The problem with XP farms is they're highly abusable and often involve a one stop shop kill zone where if set up correctly, would mean zero risk to the player.

    The legit or non cheaty way to get XP via hostile mob kills would be to be actively engaging in combat with hostile mobs, by this I mean they have a chance to knock you down if you don't take the precaution to back off when your health bar is low or use regeneration potions, for example. And you would also need to pay close attention to armour and tool durability, trying to take the least amount of hits as possible to make mending repair effective

    But the XP farms I've seen people build often involve mob spawners AND a half slab block opening where not even Baby Zombies can get through or hit the player, but players are able to hit them for some reason, I don't know if this has been patched since then, it has been a while since I've seen this contraption being done. But I know this is how a lot of people did build their XP farms at one point.

    If Mending is to remain in the game as it is now, then we need to get back to basics with this one, have the enchantment work as intended and ask Mojang to make mob spawners less abusable or more risky to take advantage of by increasing the rate of hostile mob spawns, and as TMC suggests, add some sort of cool down on mob drops, players still have the option to keep their gear indefinitely, but they'd need to think more carefully about how to use the XP repair mechanic, as it could only be done a limited amount of times per mob spawner per hour or 3 in-game day/night cycles. Something like this would still be a nerf to mending in a way, but it wouldn't make it useless or make it impossible to repair said items, it'll just be used the way it was supposed to, either engaging in combat, or breeding animals, using furnaces to smelt ore or make charcoal supplies.

    Mending isn't supposed to be used in a way that practically awards players free infinite XP

    just by cheesing mob spawners.

    Yeah but farming the food needed for fair fight farming is slow and boring.

    This game has way too much grinding, you say this yourself quite often.

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