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    posted a message on How do you play Minecraft?
    Quote from ActuallyS8N»

    What kind of player are you? Are you a builder? Or are you a resource gatherer/hoarder? Do you play modded, or vanilla? How do you typically enjoy the game?

    Screenshots of builds or collections are welcomed and encouraged here.

    As I've said many times here, adventurer. I explore, I take in the atmosphere and mood, and I loot sometimes. Often I rebuild places I consider cozy enough to be home, whether natural areas that could be smoothed, or ruins.

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    posted a message on Add iron, diamond, and obsidian ore to the nether, and possibly stronghold end portal rooms

    Add iron and diamond ore to the nether alongside obsidian patches. Require (black)stone pickaxes to mine iron and iron pickaxes to mine diamond. Of course, obsidian requires diamond to mine as usual.
    This makes it possible to fully survive and upgrade through the nether without the overworld or structures, and to build a portal leading out.

    As some conditions, iron ore should drop iron nuggets when mined and only give an iron ingot if the ore block is collected and smelted. Diamond ore should spawn in smaller clusters similar to ancient debris but still at a common rate over most of the nether. Iron ore in the nether should take as long to mine as blackstone or basalt and potentially spawn only in these clusters, likewise for diamond ore except slightly tougher still, (but not as tough as ancient debris).

    Obsidian patches could spawn everywhere.

    As a semi-related optional feature, have end portal stronghold room spawn rarely as rooms in nether fortresses, since these work as normal in there. This is just as an alternative to exploring in which the player fights instead. As part of this, perhaps add a functional and fueled respawn anchor inside them, and instead of silverfish, have endermites in the spawner (but still silverfish in the walls perhaps).

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    posted a message on Swamped Jungle
    Quote from Staricle»

    We already have the mangrove swamp though, which is a very similar biome. It doesn't have the starfish-shaped trees or podzol, but these differences are too minor for a completely different biome to be created.

    The idea with the slime blocks sounds fun but will make slime mobs far less useful.

    Fine, replace the slime blocks with bungee cords or similar. Anything trampoliney. Also the biome should have some amount of bamboo and perhaps glow vines even.

    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Sure, why not? with the jungle update this would be the ideal time to start adding in palm trees as well, another plant that could add another food source from coconuts, as well as coconut milk could be extracted it and be another milk in the game that cures poison.

    but a swamped jungle would be great, and the Slime's spawning in the Swamped Jungles would add challenge to an already difficult to survive in biome, first time players would need to avoid them to avoid getting ambushed by hostile mobs at night in them.

    But an exclusive feature of the Swamped Jungle is that Slimes could spawn in them during the day time, this is not directly due to lack of daylight, but rather, the low light levels under the vegetation due to shade.

    Even if the Slimes are not enough to be a problem on their own, they can still knock players into Creepers, which because of penetration, they can wipe a player out in one if they're not careful (picking fights whilst low on health) or not wearing armour.

    I didn't say anything about slimes spawning here but it would make sense. Slimes spawning alongside the new poison skeletons (bogged?) would be plenty tough enough.

    This biome also feels like it would do well to have parrots, frogs, etc.

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    posted a message on Jungle biome idea

    I think we have plenty variety of those, though I see no harm in it. I wish we had questionable foods too that might poison you but hard to tell. Like banana lookalikes, disguised poisonous potatoes or mushrooms, etc. Same way suspicious stew works. That realism would make foraging harder and rewarding

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    posted a message on Make it possible to craft a bamboo plank from 4 bamboo in your hands

    This is so you can get a crafting table from bamboo and can live in a world without trees while still having wood and crafting.

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    posted a message on Try to guess the username of the below avatar.
    Quote from JamminEvil»



    Nope, me again.

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    posted a message on Can someone read my dream?
    Quote from foxrain4»

    On a side note, I recently saw my family member hanging up moth sticky traps in their room

    The moth memes are not just memes...

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    posted a message on Craft cobwebs from string.

    Crafting a set of 4-5 string in a crafting table should give you 4-5 or 3-4 cobwebs. Make them renewable as they're too rare and irksome to be efficient traps if non-renewable, I just get string from them instead because it's more convenient to use string than cobwebs and sword to mine cobwebs than shears.

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    posted a message on Make peaceful mode beatable once more - make blazes passive instead of despawned

    Eyes of ender are no longer sold by cleric villagers, so

    Why aren't blazes just non-aggressive instead of despawned? (most reasonable)
    Or else put blaze stuff in chests (but this makes the game too easy)

    or eyes of ender can be sold by cleric villagers again (way too easy)

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    posted a message on Can someone read my dream?
    Quote from foxrain4»

    I have the weirdest dream of my life and I can't explain where it is inspired from

    When I woke up, I felt like 10 hours has passed but it was only 1am, strangely everyone awoke in house as well

    If my dream has any meaning or reasons to it, can someone explain it to me?

    In an enclosed shopping center, everyone were browsing books in book shop like busy bees,

    there was quite a havoc with some people acting like kids and struggling to get their limited edition of books

    I did some acrobatics and finally moved out of the book store, I have never bought books in real life,

    It was just nice to see their cover pages with decorated artworks and titles

    When I was out of the store, the shopping center is wide rectangular with moving escalators,

    One could easily see the stores from the above levels from just level one

    A ceo of some sorts was advertising his game, at first I wasn't so interested

    But when you saw that huge pack of people moving in with cheery smiles, you can't control your eyes and look towards to what they are doing

    So, they were buying game packs/ game cards and mingling together, obviously, there were a big discount to keep this event popular,

    as I won't be buying anything, I tried to leave the shopping center, but the exit was blocked by the gaming cult, I mean like, all of the exits

    They made it till only one extended exit is left, it is covered with huge black curtains

    And the referee or security guard insists on checking everyone before letting them pass through

    I queued for some time, they were questioning why I did not have those game packs/ game cards,

    I just said I have them at home, maybe I can go home and retrieve them instead

    The referee shakes his head indignantly and gave me some inventory, "You can't escape the maze without playing the game"

    I was like so confused, I think they have already blocked all the exits and made them into one large escape maze

    As much as I just wanted to return home, I quickly followed the successful ones and reached the 3rd floor which is probably

    the closest to the exit, but at there, moths were everywhere, the lights buzzing in my ears

    "Oh no" said another referee, as we all see participating players turning into moths one by one,

    there was nothing we could do, we are all sure the last exit is at level 3 but we will still have to go a long staircase downwards at the dark background path to level 1 to leave the shopping center

    I was just like, "Why are they forcing everyone to play this stupid game?"

    Technocracy wants to control and enslave everyone. There's your meaning.

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