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    posted a message on Whats that on meh lawn... A Garden Mob!
    how do we know what fits minecraft and what doesn't? who decides this?

    full support!

    it's a fun idea, and i think it fits perfectly fine.
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    i would like to point out that you can mod basically anything in the game. you could make the perfect minecraft, just for you. but even then, there are still issues with somebody. i say let mojang do want they want with their game. after all, it is their game. don't like it? don't play it. obviously they did something right, seeing as they've got enough money to retire right now.
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    posted a message on Exception in server tick loop PLEASE HELP!
    I'm getting this exact same error right now. Anyone?
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    posted a message on [1.7.x] Modding with Forge #1 - JDK, Eclipse, Forge and Gradle
    Quote from Yttriite

    I got this message:

    FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

    * What went wrong:
    You're doing it wrong. You are running a setup task and an IDE task in the same

    First use gradlew setupDecompWorkspace, press enter, wait for it to finish. After it's done, type in gradlew --refresh-dependencies. After that's done, type in gradlew eclipse. After that's done, you're good to go. It's the same thing as what OP is saying, just running each task separately, because for some reason unknown to me, the recent update to Forge Gradle doesn't like when you use all those tasks in the same command.
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    posted a message on [1.8] Achievement Extreme 0.0.4 Alpha Released! [FINALLY REVIVED!]
    An achievement called "Rape and Pillage" where you kill all the villagers in a village and burn their houses down.
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    posted a message on Nether Overhaul [PRE-ALPHA DEV] Preview + Recruiting!

    The Nether Overhaul

    UPDATE: Stay up-to-date on development here: https://www.facebook.../netheroverhaul

    What in the world?

    Underworld, actually. The Nether Overhaul is a work-in-progress dimension mod designed to
    replace the original Nether with something far more sinister and dangerous. Sounds great, I know.
    A main goal of ours is to make it so this mod can be used alongside Aether II.

    The current members of the team are:
    • allshallobey - Mod Administrator, Music Composer, Coder, Texture Artist
    • WaterMinecraft - Mod Administrator, Coder
    • olgaby - Texture Artist
    • mullak99 - Coder
    • 1ExplosiveTaco - Texture Artist
    • Jimmy04creeper - Coder
    • cierra_mist - Testing, Bug Report
    What will this entail?

    The Nether Overhaul will include an entirely new world generator that uses entirely new
    blocks and what not to create a scarier, more poop-your-pants type of experience for the Nether.

    The new stuff will include:
    • Soot blocks as the primary top block. (done)
    • Smoldering soot that will burn you randomly placed throughout the surface. (done)
    • Hellstone as the primary stone. (done)
    • Various ores including original Nether blocks turned into ore blocks. (done)
    • Everything the original Nether had, just implemented in new ways. (almost done)
    • Netherrack as a fuel item like coal that will be mined from ore. (done)
    • Glowstone tools that will illuminate around you. (not done)
    • And much, much more!
    Here's some screenshots of the work we've done so far:

    When will this be available?

    Unfortunately, we're not far enough along to tell you
    that. Just check back every now and then for updates.

    Sounds great! Can I help?

    Why you sure can! Well, as long as you meet the requirements. We've put together a little form
    for you to fill out. However, as of right now, we are only accepting coders. We have enough texture artists.

    Here's the form:

    Forum Name:
    MC Name:
    Desired Position(s):
    What are some specific skills/experiences that would qualify you for this/these position(s)?
    Type here
    Examples of certain skills: (just paste some links and tell us what you did, this is not required)
    Paste here
    Referred by: (leave like this if nobody)
    Why should we choose you? (talk yourself up!)
    Type here
    Further comments:
    Type here (leave blank if not necessary)

    Post your filled out form in the comments section or inbox one of us. And, let us know what you guys think!
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    posted a message on [1.5.2 > 1.7.10]Forge Dimension Tutorial + Multi Biome Dimension + Ore Gen + Basic House Gen + Tree Gen + SkyRenderer [GitHub(
    How does the color code work? D:

    public Vec3 getFogColor(float par1, float par2)
    int i = 10518688;
    float f2 = MathHelper.cos(par1 * 3.141593F * 2.0F) * 2.0F + 0.5F;
    f2 = 0.0F;
    float f3 = (i >> 16 & 255) / 255.0F;
    float f4 = (i >> 8 & 255) / 255.0F;
    float f5 = (i & 255) / 255.0F;
    f3 *= (f2 * 0.00F + 0.87F);
    f4 *= (f2 * 0.00F + 0.15F);
    f5 *= (f2 * 0.00F + 0.15F);
    return this.worldObj.getWorldVec3Pool().getVecFromPool(f3, f4, f5);
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    posted a message on I make music/sound effects, anyone need some for a mod?
    I'm looking for someone who wants to add custom music tracks/sounds to their mods. I can go for any feel you need. I've got about a years worth of experience with Ableton Live and several softsynths. I can do custom sounds for new blocks, mobs, animals, dimensions, anything you want, and I'm volunteering! As long as you credit me for the sounds in your mod, I'm good. I don't need any money. You can inbox me if your mod is a secret as well. So yeah, ask away!

    Also, here's my SoundCloud link so you can get an idea of my skill level:
    Embed Removed
    Of course, most of the stuff on there is experimental, but some of it is completely mastered. So yeah, get back to me!
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