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    posted a message on How to know the enchantment before you get it!
    The text shown in the enchantment table (In the Standard Galactic Alphabet) does not translate to what enchantment you'll get.
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    posted a message on Looking for people: Vanilla Mc
    Yeah, I'd like to join in too. =p I'm in Eastern standart time (EST) and my ign is alkaro.
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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Spiders Can't Climb Fences
    I assume you wanted the Suggestion forums.
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    posted a message on Prison Soft Launch
    IGN: alkaro
    Tell me about yourself: Well, I'm 15 years old and I live in Canada, I'm currently learning abit about coding and stuff. :tongue.gif:

    What are you looking forward to doing in this server: I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and going on a vanilla prison server...and escaping.

    What can you do at night time: Conspire with other prisoners and you know. Craft, Sleep, other minecraft stuff.

    Can you kill a guard: I could...But I choose not to.

    Where would be a good place to get random items: The prison dump.

    Are you more into solo or group work: A bit of both. But most of the time I enjoy working with others.

    Do you think you can escape: What do you mean can? I will escape. :ohmy.gif:

    Is it okay to destroy random blocks to escape: No. (This is included in the no griefing of the environment right?)

    What are the five best qualities for a guard: Hard worker, dedicated, mature - no OMGIMOAR1337DENU, Fair, nice.

    How often will you play on this server: I'll be on everyday. :biggrin.gif:
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