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    "What is the demographic of those two foreign nations before the fall of C.M.MV?" - Volunteer

    "The Herrios and the Velvetians you mean?" - Old man

    "Yep. Any clear information on how they actually do to the planet?" - Volunteer

    "I will explain those two nations in a more detailed way." - Old man.


    The Velvetian City States

    The Velvetians were the master of circulation from economy and trades since the fall of an ancient empire called the Golden Islander Kingdom that controls the archipelago ever since before the C.M.MV. The population of the Velvetian consists of mostly human inhabitants, other welcomed creatures and also contains less-intelligent creatures as housekeepers for their middle and rich class properties. Their building architectures were similar to the ones and appearances as the Venetian's architecture, flourishing with arts of romanticism and desires for having their cities filled with shined wealth. For the cases of their overall military power, it was mostly bulked with grudged mercenaries as their main army in any cases of war and internal conflicts, in which from my standpoint, their army were mostly decorative and more luxurious than C.M.MV's army counterparts. They can simply buy any expensive arsenal they could at whim thanks to their high valuables, and thus they will more likely to have a quality, money-dependent forces than other military ideas.

    In short, they are the merchant nations relies on wealth for global power.

    The 'Herrios' Kingdom

    The Herrios Kingdom was a nation inhabited of a cold and ruthless fighters. Many ancient city states of the time were calling them the terror of the north because of their ferocious traditionalist military that are somehow better than the ones anyone had in the planet. The shift of power in the Herrios Kingdom were mostly determined by the person whom can defeat their leader in a duel. However, because of their menacing behaviors towards the populace of the Herrios Kingdom, they can be highly unfavorable for people whom lives there, unforeseen brutality, and their incompetence of keeping their territories together will likely to break at some point due to revolts and betrayals made by their own seats. The population of the Herrios Kingdom were mostly ran by savaging animals... I mean anthropomorphic creatures with better attacking capabilities, and any populace that were too weak to fight are used them as slaves for extracting and production of resources. In other words, humans and any harmless creatures will tagged as inferiors to them. It is basically like "The Planet of the Apes", but with more varieties of species.

    Well, luckily for us, the Herrios Kingdom denies any progressive technologies for making their weapons of warfare any better due to their believes on 'the old ways'. From my perspective, it was meant being a barbarian and go craze-fighting spree if it was considered as an old way.


    "I see.. Does C.M.MV have any diplomatic relations with them?" - Volunteer

    "Hmm.. Probably yes, indirectly." - Old man

    "What is their current stances on both nations right now?" - Volunteer.

    "Let me see..... The Velvetians and the C.M.MV will going to be really friendly because both shares a similar goal of obtaining wealth. For the Herrios Kingdom.... It will going to be really harsh and may leads to hostility because C.M.MV viewed them as inconceivable barbarians that have no moral rights." - Old man

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    The Chronicles of The Menace: Ghetsis's Revenge.

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    Cmdr. Alfieq: Ah Private, remember the time that I was an inbreeding of one of those two freaks?

    Private: No?

    Cmdr. Alfieq: Me neither!

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    Welcome to another anniversary series of another 'freeform' nation-building game. After The Planet cold war outbreak that blazing a high heat until a massive superweapons were cleared for manifesto of destruction, most of the populace were fled from what it's appears to be the end of the world. From a simple magic trick from nowhere to galactic evacuation of said nations, they'll eventually ending up at the second version of The Planet, and it was known as the Continental World. Basing around a large landmass, one large sea, one minor sea, and there's no second separated continent with an strange 'dubby' face through plot-powered imagery satellites before depletion because plot, the nations whom had a (long range) communication technology will likely to aware other nations/factions existent via any form of entrance (opening plot) upon this world.

    With their new home settlements of the Continental World, some arisen of internal conflicts and sooner, political chaos that would've lead to a massive warfare, it is up to those unfortunate nations/factions for either escalating into modern futuristic society in peace, or just try to end everything faster as possible with nefarious decisions upon at your very own hands.

    The World and Now
    Well, at least 'recent' I was active to update a map that is

    The rules that prevents roleplayers for causing a direct unfair powers/advantages from this RP:

    1. Follow MCF general rules and Off Topic Rules.

    2. Godmodding, Meta-gaming, and Power playing is prohibited.

    3. From now on, in order to prevent some mistakes like The Planet, you can only have and store one Weapon of Mass Destruction, and your WMD will not going to kill anything that is larger than a small city or murdering an entire army with ease. This to prevent any power-hungry players for using ridiculous 'Wunderwaffe' weapons as to win most decisive battles (even if you're losing) with a few losses, and not seeing as a situational purposes. If you have any ongoing war or battle with another nation/faction, you won't be able to repair, restock, rebuild or anything to have another WMD exists after a single one destroyed in certain events or in warfare. [Changeable as according to OP]

    4. If a nation/faction was inactive for a long time, you'll not gain any OP's protection whatever so (but at a same time, the attackers will needed to encroach into your territories as slow as possible and cannot be instantly annexed + under watchful eye by an OP based on their actions), unless if you have a reason for inactivity by asking OP.

    5. There's no such things as war-free zone (and never be one unless OP's reconsideration for a very specific event/request). And, if you don't want to get invaded by other nations/factions, you'll need to interact them through diplomacy or other things for a compromise or a bargain. After all, this is a place where turmoil and conflicts were necessary to progress an interesting story line. (Without it, everything you do will slowly started to get boring.)

    6. If a whole map were filled by almighty nations or every place were taken by other players (which is highly unlikely). Try asking an OP for your preferred locations, and thus hoping a RP'er of those territories will agree for placing a new nation at their territories in under a certain conditions/demands of said RP'er, the owner of that territory. Type 'I see what you did there, Commander' or something similar on Others to know that you have read the rules registering for the new role-players.

    7. If you've managed to fully annexing an entire nation (or an enemy suddenly surrendering without precautions), give your opponent a few decisions on what he or she is going to do with his territories (before doing something else like started a new nation or something). For a nation whom lost the war, either by giving all of his or her territories to the victors, wanted to continue as a satellite/puppet, and if possible, his or her reconsideration from diplomacy by giving them war reparations, huge funds & resources, humiliation, installing new government, accepting their demands or other treaties. (However, only if the victors are agreeing for his/her offerings. And, if one doesn't accepts for his/her offerings, then you'll have to make some changes until everyone are accepted.)

    Joining a RP form.

    To join this game, all you have to do is either create a small form right here:

    Faction/Nation name:

    Faction/Nation colour:

    Type of Government:



    Or joining us at Discord (aka, Minecraft Forum at #rp_discussion), and then asking for joining: https://discord.gg/TdnFRS

    If either one are done, then you'll need to find and identify your starting territories at the world map. You can see a recent updated map at 'The World and Now' section at the top of this main post. (As otherwise, goes to a recent updated map at the end side of this thread made by other RP'ers.)

    If you're bad at drawing a line for your new territories, you can ask either one of the RP'ers or an OP for helping you on getting your territories up to date and ready for RP'ing.

    [13/7/2017] We have a Wiki for nation-building information now:

    That's all I could've ever ask, and so, happy nation-building RP'ing, old and newcomers!

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    Close enough.

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    Quote from ZeBlueDevil»


    [OP Warning 1] You haven't read the rules (correctly)! There is a sentence you'll need to post for verified that you have read the rules.

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    Alfieq's Army Naval Safeguard

    To ensure that Alfieq's navies weren't being disrupted by some minor natives and other developed nations of this distinct world near to their territorial island, they've decided to expand their territories outward and towards some coastal parts near to their island. Within their preparations on continuing their raw material productions for several large and complex military bases, they'll allocated some naval guns and other sentry defenses along their newly established coastline while increasing their capacities on mining companies.

    Spotted! A new, and an unknown faction!

    The Western Baliostian Fleet has discovered an unknown civilization (Ednorea) from the western part far from their main island! They'll begin their signalling their messages to that nation/faction, in their hopes of getting some responses from it!

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    The Southern Region that was home to the Militarists, have decided to expand their industrial capabilities, more ports and have decided to send some scouting voyages to a different parts of a large middle ocean, in a hopes to get anyone in contact within their transmission signals.

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    A happy slug is enlightening.

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    Hmm yeah but i have the power to destroy humanity so yea i can destroy your army easily and yeah you know that im using the story so you cant counter argument

    Actually I can counter that argument, because you kept forgetting the situation under what-ifs scenario. There's are varieties of human's skills and contraptions within an army that can deter your powers. Plus, shamefully entitling on yourself as a 'humanity' destroyer can also means ending a whole life on the planet due to your de'factor status on keeping your forsaken OP powers as being infinite. As since infinite power can also leads to destruction of a whole universe. So your chances of winning against humanity are very slim, and either way, you will lose on both occasions no matter what ridiculous attacks you have.

    Lastly, get yourself out from your fantasies and admitted the real truth, because there is no such things as characters that are able to withstand against a fully fledged death-ray at point blank range or powerful as planet busters.


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