About Me

What do I do when I'm not modding?

Procrastinating. Working.

What forms of Procrastination do I practice? (Infinite amounts)

Playing video games, modding Minecraft, watching cartoons & "Them darn Japanese animations", ignoring my dog when he wants something, or generally something else (or nothing at all) to prolong doing my responsibilities for as long as I want.

What video games do I play? (Lots)

Currently Dark Souls 1 & 2 (Xbox 360), Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP), Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360), Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube).

Which cartoons do I watch? (Some)

When I'm not getting crap from other adults for still watching cartoons, right now Adventure Time.

Which Japanimations do I watch? (Too many, at least for me...)

Short ones. I don't want to watch 9001+ Episodes of filler & boring crap (You know which ones...). Currently none.

In what ways do I ignore my dog?

Luring him outside with some food (Sometimes I have none at all! What an idiot!) & leaving him there. Others. He is adorable & I care for him very much ... when he is not barking at strangers, eating out of the trash, or something else I tell him not to do. He's an animal.

What mods do I play with?

In 1.8.9 I use:

Cut All SMP (good replacement for treecapitator)

AbyssalCraft (Reminds me of Army of Darkness & The Evil Dead movies)

Automagy (needed more warp for Thaumcraft, also pretty good)

Backpack (This should be in base game)

BetterPvP (Frickin' Awesome mod)

Bloodmoon (Game is too easy, this makes it harder)

Crafttweaker (For fixing conflicts)

Doomlike Dungeons (Doom is awesome)

FastLeaveDecay (Leaves suck)

InfernalMobs (Makes combat hell)

InventoryPets (They are adorable, also useful)

InventoryTweaks (I hate sorting)

LittleMaidMob (Adorable, loyal, & hilarious to look at when they move)

Optifine (Need that performance boost)

TeamFortress2V2 (The Greatest Mod Ever Created. I made it.)

Thaumcraft (Magic!)

ThaumicPotatoes (Potatoe Magic!)

ThaumicBases (Even more Magic!)


"What your interests are, things that make you smile" - Nope. Change this or simply remove it.

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