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I am a developer. Not currently working as a developer but I do my own stuff. Currently doing Quester API and on hiatus for a scripting language, which is still in its planning phase of development. I know a moderate amount of C++, I know mostly Java and Kotlin. I am waiting for native Kotlin, cause that is gonna basically be my dream programming language (if you wanna know why, let me know. But do research on Kotlin first before asking. Or else I won't answer.) Scratch that, kotlin sucks. Just gonna stick with Java, Rust, maybe Go, and C++, and others as well. I wanna be a total OG in the computer science industry. I also have lots of futuristic ideas about technology and space exploration, if you ever wanna hear them, just PM me on discord ;)


I like how computers work. I like programming language design, especially compilers. I am in the planning phase of my scripting language for game developers to use (see bio for repo), which is being done in C++. I also like making developer tools, like libraries, API's, languages, etc. I am currently working on my own modding aiding API for forge modders, Quester (see bio for repo). Lately, I've been interested in cyber security, and how the hardware's architecture has bugs too just like software, and looking to fix that. Not only that, but hacking into code frameworks to find vulnerabilities with secure frameworks that shouldn't be hacked into. So mainly...computers. I also like music theory. Mostly songwriting and singing. I have some experience in the Otaku community but I'm focusing on my career right now. I'm switching from Full Sail University's Game Design program to Spokane Community College to get a Computer Science Associate's Degree. Afterwards, I wanna study under Terrence Parr so I can learn about compiler parsing algorithms and learn about code analysis.

Location Washington-Idaho border

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