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    posted a message on ❤️NotNot Twitch SMP ⭐ 1.16.5 ❤️ Twitch Integration ⭐ Discord ❤️ Land Claiming ⭐ McMMO ❤️ non-laggy X-Ray & Cheat protection


    We've added a new RPG world filled with quests and unique items (like a blast mining enchantment). Took us quite some time, so be sure to check it out if you'd like to join :)
    You'll need the Stone rank to enter it (you can rank-up with in-game money. We accept no real money and have 0 paid/donor ranks).

    We have also added some fun parkour maps at /warp parkour, so be sure to check those out if you want a break from survival!

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    posted a message on ❤️NotNot Twitch SMP ⭐ 1.16.5 ❤️ Twitch Integration ⭐ Discord ❤️ Land Claiming ⭐ McMMO ❤️ non-laggy X-Ray & Cheat protection

    Server address: mc.notnot.pro

    The NotNot Twitch SMP (we are not affiliated with Twitch) is a chill & fun survival multiplayer server with additional features which a good survival server simply needs!

    ❤️ What's so special about this SMP?

    The unique feature which this server offers is the Twitch integration. Various amazing streamers play on this server, and it rewards you for watching their streams. We have also added various features on top of vanilla MC, which a good, public survival server just needs. And the best thing?

    Play the way you wanna play! Most additional features we've added are optional.
    Simply walk further away from spawn and start building!

    Currently, there are around 10-20 players playing regularly (at different times of the day).

    ❤️ Features:

    • Twitch Integration
    • Lands, which is a fun mix of Towny and GriefPrevention. Play alone or with others - you decide!
    • Fair & square gameplay: it's impossible to x-ray on here and our brilliant anti-cheat catches every hacker without disrupting your gameplay.
    • McMMO - it makes mining so much more satisfying.
    • Additional, rare drops from mining (artifacts etc.). This further encourages and rewards active play instead of passive afk-farming. This server won't get boring!
    • ChestShops and player-driven economy
    • All ranks are earnable with in-game money
    • Death Chests and optional PVP-System. This leaves you the choice if you want to have PVP enabled or not.
    • Different kinds of ender dragons - and they respawn once a day!
    • Player Warps - players can now find your amazing shop even while you are offline

    ❤️ Rules:

    1. No disrespecting
    2. Hacking = ban
    3. Spamming & advertising is forbidden
    4. Do not destroy the environment (no dirt towers or random lava casts). We can trace it
    5. Do not create a toxic atmosphere. If you are being toxic in ANY way = mute. Keep any kind of negativity towards each other private. Otherwise: mute. Gotta create a positive atmosphere on here :)
    6. You're only allowed a max of 1 alt account
    7. Have common sense (e.g. no Hitler skins). So please, do not show your love of Nazis outside of someone's window.
    8. Looting is allowed, griefing is not! We can undo any kind of grief, and it's bannable. More info at the server spawn.
    9. Lastly, have fun :)

    We'd love to see you here! The IP is mc.notnot.pro

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