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    posted a message on BlockZ [NO WHITELIST] [DayZ Mod required] [Custom map] [Random chests that restock]
    I'll join! When does the server go up? Is there a certain time of day? My timezone is GMT-something +1, and I live in Scandinavia.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Restore the Island and Survive (Ft. NPC breeding)
    We need more of these! Downloading now, I'll leave progress and screens as I re-grassify the map :)
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    posted a message on I know a lot of you won't read, but I need some help!
    OT: Try to sound less suicidally depressed.
    Depends on what map you want to make. No one can really give you any advise if you're just saying you're making an adventure map. Cool! Whats it gonna be, though? Nothing?
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    posted a message on [Adv] Criswelvania Resurrection v15.0 WiP
    All of the "special included" download links are either broken, deleted, the site is changed, the file has a virus inside and it doesn't want to let you download, the file is corrupted or some other ********. Could you possibly have one of the "special included" download links stay ad.fly, but have it something like Mediafire? Because Filedropper and Filefactory keeps yelling at me to pay them.
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    posted a message on [HEAVY WIP] Minecraft Remake Of The Hallowed Brothers(Terrariamap)
    Current idea'd features:
    - Classes
    - Potions
    - Alchemy
    - Enchanting
    - Questing
    - Mining*
    - Shops
    - Cities and villages
    - Ruins
    - Dungeons
    And more!
    * - At some spots you will be allowed to mine, smelt ore and craft gear for your advantage, allthough it will be totally optional.
    I will be featuring the items and whatnot that is featured in the recent updates that will probably be when I am making the map. I might need a lot of time on it, as I don't know how to use MCEdit AT ALL. The architecture of the buildings willsuck, as I'm not that good at building and I haven't really gotten back the taste of playing this game, mostly because of the updates that just break my mods and add nothing to the game other than a bugfix to a word in a language transition. The map might have grammar fails, as I am both 14 and Norwegian, but they will hopefully not be blocking your progression in both story and directions. No mods will be neccessary, allthough mods that add mobs to the game that does NOT break the map(hint hint; ogres from Mo' Creatures). The endermen will steal blocks though, but thats just how they roll. They are assholes.
    What I need from you guys is both feedback and hints for a name of the map series.(Yes you heard it right, series) But nothing silly like "Diamond guys" :S
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    posted a message on completely vanilla survival!
    Useless thread then -.-
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w01a is Ready For Testing!
    Jeb fixed the ladders?!??!?! NOVAS GONNA BE SO HAPPY!
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    posted a message on Mojang & Lego Collaboration; Pocket Edition Info; Bukkit Revisited
    My list of things that would look S.W.E.E.T.:
    - Leather armor, iron armor, golden armor, chainmail armor and diamond armor
    - Coal ore, iron ore, gold ore, redstone ore, lapis lazulli ore and diamond ore
    - All mobs:
    Spider(And have the top of the spider be dots wich you can place the skeleton upon, because we all know that we need the jockey, am I right?)
    - Openable chest
    - Furnace
    - All tools
    - Different kinds of colour on tools, depending on the material used to make them
    And last but not least...
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    posted a message on Mojang, Yogscast In Dispute
    I've been heavily annoyed and harassed by Yogscast fans for quite a while now. I've been watching the yogscast series, and I have been wondering how they could get so many 10 year old ****heads to become their fans. I made an account, subscribed to them and liked every video they made just because of their Minecraft let's play. They werent sounding that bad, and by bad I mean like butts that can only speak bad language. And after this... (sigh)... This is completely unbelieveable...
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    posted a message on Minecraft...In Skyrim?
    Skyrim did this to us. Now lets do something to them.
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    posted a message on Interview with Joel Levin of MinecraftEdu
    Wish they had that at my school too... The thing with that you learn a lot from playing Minecraft is really true. As an Alpha player, I have to agree with that this game is very educational.
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    posted a message on [SURV/ADV] [1.9.5]The village 1.1
    Seems nice. Downloading and trying it out tomorrow morning.
    Add more objectives that goes into alchemy :3(Alchemy is the best thing that has ever happened to Minecraft, at least in my opinion)
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    posted a message on [1.8/1.9] [CREATION] grox19's VoxelSniper projects
    Quote from Rayman12

    this is what happens when you do too much bonemeal

    And this is also an explenation of why Nova and Kootra didnt use Bone Meal to begin with. They could just do that and POOF... Treehouse + Bone Meal = +100 to done
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    posted a message on 1.9 PR4/1.9 PR5- Survival Of The End
    Quote from mariofan1

    Mines better.

    Then dont bother even care about this thread, you jackass.
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    posted a message on [Adv] Great Zombie Infestation of 2145 {1600+ Downloads! :D}
    Hope this map wont be like TNT everywhere on every single step you take...
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