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    Hello Everyone,

    This is our smp. This server is a survival type of server that allows you to create wars, clans, friends, enemies. We would love to see you join this smp and have some great memories together.
    No griefing
    No cheating
    No hacking
    No duplicating
    There are more additional rules however it's more on common sense so everyone should know. Clans are a max of 5 people and once you’re in an area of someone’s base you’re not allowed to break and place blocks Hope to see you there!


    alec smp

    2 Online6 Members



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    Hey everyone cool announcement

    I made a realm!!!!

    There are going to be events such as treasure hunting, battle arena, hide and seek every week. There is going to be a voting on what game you should play. We also have a nice spawn with light all around so no one can get killed easily. There is trading booths, community house, a little farm just to fill your satisfaction. We do allow wars but we need to know that you are setting one so that no one can complain. We can allow clans however the clans can only be up 5 players per clan

    Discord server to join

    Please join and have fun!

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