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    okay ; i am newbie, and i have questions, when I sw video. Is this a special version of minecraft game ? because your everything looks little smoohter and finer like texture or looks of blocks and trees and doors etc.

    and where do one get thos lanterns in the field ?

    can you get more than 1 dog ? and how do you keep the dog one of dog ran away somwhere

    how do you diffenriate between various maerials in chest if you dont have a nameplate or picture of item ?

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    I want to update on my exploration as of today, I found plains and made a base there, I started with mere two cows and not have atleast 20 of them same aboiut sheeps, and chickens, I found total of 120 iron ( may be not not lot for you guys) , 20 diamons and 3-4 emeralds till now. started with one room house of wood and almost now making a house with garden on side and a swimming pool, a semiautomatic wheat farm and regular wheat and potato farm , made a dog friend AND just back of my house somwehre I found a broken nether portal .... The seed of this world must be really good.

    I will try and use bit of these sttragies and see how it goes from here on! Definately coming back with more question..... Its relaxing play this game. I found agriculture so nice that I dont want to go further to nether . I turned on easy mode but still is too much for me as , some archers( not skeleton) came to my door and killed me reducing my experience from 18 to 4 now-. :) but its all fun...

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    Quote from scorrp10»

    At start, you don't explore 'vast' areas. You look around immediate surroundings.

    One tip: pillar up next to a body of water until you are real high up, above clouds. In the options, turn up your render distance(like 32 chunks), so you can see far. It might get laggy, but will let you survey a lot of area. Turn render distance back down before jumping into water below.

    Another tip: get a bucket of lava before pillaring up. Next to water, dig out a 3x3 area 1 block deep and start pillaring from center of that. Once real high and done your survey, bridge 3 blocks towards water (hold Shift to not fall). Standing on the last block, break two blocks between it and pillar. Now, dump lava on top of pillar.

    Finally, break block you are on so you fall into water.

    Now you got a huge pillar of lava that will be visible from quite far away.

    what a unique idea, that will surve as marker for sure !! This community is great thnaks !

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    Quote from DuhDerp»

    If you do not wish to wait until you can make maps, get into the habit of identifying landmarks. Landmarks can be natural world features--the relative position of biomes nearby, that large hill you saw from your base area that you thought looked like a beached whale, a really large cave opening, etc--or you can make your own (nerdpoles, a tall tower, a giant blinking billboard that says "YOU ARE HERE.", etc). The point is that the landmark is something you can see from far away and has a meaning to you.

    Landmarks won't help as much if you have world features blocking the view (ie, you're on the ground in a roofed forest biome or you've walked around half a dozen hills you can't see over), so another thing to do is to just pillar up as high as it takes before you can get a good look at the surrounding areas. Most of the time, you'll recognize something you saw before and if you're still close to base you might also even see that as well.

    Now, during the day when everything is uniformly bright it can sometimes be hard to recognize places you've been before. When you're tired, bored, or just wanting to get back home, sometimes the trees and hills all start looking the same. You can wait until it starts getting darker to see what lights up nearby, usually making it easier to figure out what's where and where you need to go.

    Finally, a good strategy for exploration purposes is to deliberately get lost. Don't load up on supplies to take somewhere else, don't gear up for battle or mining or building or whatever, just grab some food and a bed and just wander around looking at stuff. Get to know where stuff sits around your base, and more importantly, what things look like from those spots (it does little good to note there's a mountain to the southwest of base if you can't spot where base is while on said mountain).

    On the building side of things, connect builds with roadways. They can be simple dirt paths or fancy bricked boulevards, they can be functional ice-boat roads, canals, whatever. The thinking is that these roadways will be generally clear of masses of treetops or other coverings that would hide them from view, and even if you did cover them up such things would be easily recognized as part of a roadway.

    thanks, last part is itriguing strategy ...

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I've always stayed at spawn, often building my base literally on top of the spawn point (I remember dying before and respawning on the roof, which was a bit awkward as it was high off the ground, at least not too high to jump down); I start out by making a basic shelter just below the surface (once or twice in a hillside), with the basic necessities like a bed, crop and animal farms, and all that. I start mining for resources pretty quickly, usually by the end of the first day; staircase down to diamond level and start mining in a series of 1x2 tunnels (usually 3 blocks between tunnels or one every 4th block but the Wiki claims that 6+ is better. Usually, it is better to maximize yield per time/effort spent mining as opposed to yield per area as the world is basically unlimited and you don't really need that many diamonds).

    Shortly after this I go to the Nether, which I consider to still be fairly early-game; I mainly use it to get blaze rods and mine quartz for the XP, as well as a material to build my base. Locating and exploring a stronghold early on can give you a lot of resources, both from chests as well as the structure itself (e.g. one large library has 699 books, I also take the doors). Much of the next some hours are spent on enchanting the gear I use during the "end-game" (after I defeat the Ender Dragon), after which I go to the End to defeat the Ender Dragon, then I build my main base and at after this point I consider it to be the "end-game".

    The "end-game" is where my playstyle radically diverges from most other players; I spend most of it caving for fun, gradually exploring outwards until I go off the first map I made, which is usually a level 3 map and centered at 0,0* (spawn has almost always been within this area, except for a semi-custom world that I intentionally edited to change the spawn point); at this point I build a secondary base, which is basically just a simple outpost to temporarily store resources and restock on food and wood between caving sessions, with occasional trips back to my main base to bring resources back for permanent storage. I travel between them by rail, with the railways placed at y=58, a few blocks below sea level so they aren't that deep, while being fully underwater when they cross rivers; in my current world my main base is near 0, -250 while 0,0 is a quadruple intersection with railways leading to bases located at -1024,0 and 0,1024 and 1024,0, at the centers of level 3 maps centered at those points.

    I also carry maps with me while caving, which helps show where I am even if they only show the surface as I generally explore around the edges of the mapped area, and otherwise I find maps to be quite useful with the main limitation being their size; the maximum area of a single map (level 4) is 2048x2048 blocks so if you go more than 1024 blocks from the center you'll need to use another map, but since I have bases on each map I only need to know where a base is (I do use coordinates as well, which can be accessed in vanilla by pressing F3 unless you are on a server that disabled them). Here is an example of one of my map walls, made with 5 level 3 maps, with a base near the center of each map (not easily visible here) except for the one to the southeast; this means that the maximum distance I need to travel to/from a base is around 700 blocks (along a diagonal, averaging less than half of that):

    *Note that in current versions/vanilla you can't center maps at 0,0 unless they are level 0/unzoomed but the same principle applies; any map created at 0,0 will always have -64,-64 at its northwest corner).

    Yes sounds like a plan,... and good ide about the map thats quite areas you have explored... thanks!

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    thank you for strategy and advice, its solid one for sure , while reading you replies it felt like coming from gradpa in sense that it felt like soothing and really nice , so thanks for that. I will take a look at the videos as well, I refer to pixlraff sometimes , but i belive he is quite fast in doing what he does.


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    Hello I am quite a new to this game, I had few questions, I created quite few worlds now and I want to play in one continously as i fdound lot of iron easily in this worlds.

    but here are my questions

    In this world I am spawn in taiga biome near to jungle and beached, cant find cows for time now, so I am thinking of moving to planes but its quite afar from x=430 to x =-1000 In a quite a straight line and only way is walking is it feasible ?

    If I can what should I take with me ?

    In minecraft its possible to find iron/red dust/diamonds everywhere as abundant as any place ?

    what a general strayegy ? ie. mine ,base, farm, mine, makes harders tools, enchanting, nether, mine ?

    How do you guys explore vast areas at start ? if one finds a resouce rich reason, do we erect new base there or go back and forth between base and resource rich area?

    I am playing in peachful mode, do I get bones/trident etc if so how ?

    As said I am quite anewbie may be invested 24 hours maximum yet, and I get amazed by all of you making such advancement that it boggles my mind ..... how you did it ???

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    Hello, I see there are lot of poeple in Minecraft which are here for long time ( 9-12 years and so on) I am quite new ot this ( 2-weeks) on ANDROID

    so I do have questions

    First of all, what are the strategies you guys follow, After making an intial farm, pens for animals, and mining about

    200 iron, 20 gold, 8 diamonds, 1 emerald, 120 redstones

    lot of rock and made a big hus left it for abandoned village, what directions can one take game in?

    1. I am thinking of making semi automated farms as I reauire lot of cows for making books and then rails for going underground and mining more stuff

    Is it right time to make nether portal?

    2. village I moved to is abandoned , someone told me if I put 21 beds villages will return , If I make a big dorm and place remaing in beds (7-8) will they generate?

    3. what best way to take it forward?

    Pleae let me know.

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