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It's Alaskafish

This is my 'About Me' Page, so let's get started from the start to the end.

I started playing Minecraft when My pal and I found it one night. It was in early Infdev, and was very buggy. However unlike most people who were hooked into the game, we loved it for the survival aspect. Most games back then were about Shooting or RPG MMO style games. There was no First Person Survival (FPS)​ so we loved it. Later on after starting the game and not knowing what a torch was we got more advanced. When they released Beta with the Nether we knew this game was going on a good path. So we got more advanced with it.

In Beta we saw the game evolve from when Spiders climbed walls, to wolves, all the way to the Adventure Update. Like the begging we loved the realism and survival of the game. This is where we started making some sort of foot print in the Minecraft Community. Now we split into two different ways. He went into redstone and understanding it all. However I had a hard time choosing. I started out building. I was good at it, and I'm not being modest. But I wasn't happy saying that I can build things. Later on I tried making texture packs for my builds. This was in the Early 1.9 stage, and where I got my Pixel art creating skills. Now, as my friend was becoming a master in Redstone, I was still not an expert with anything, mildly okay at building, mildly okay at textures. Then I tried making mods. That was a disaster until I took a course. I could make simple mods, and could change files. But I can't really do that type of thing fast. It was the 1.1 Update. I had no idea what to do. My friend was making Piston Computers, and Accelerators. Where I was quite decent in all those other skills. So at the end I just went with what I thought was the best at... Building. Then when my friend finished his Super Computer, he said that he loved my buildings. And I should start making Machinima Sets. This caught me. I though, since my Builds are great, why not make movies. I loved making them since I was a kid, and making them for school projects. And this is where I am today. Making machinimas. I made very good ones, and using my knoloage I've gained from the past, I'm good at many things. I can't call my self an expert at one of those fields (Maybe building). But Surly let me tell you a secret:

This Redstone Stuff, It scares me.

And that's the story of me, Alaskafish

Contact me anything, Retextures, Builds, Machinimas... But not Redstone. Please.
Interests Minecraft, Modeling, Modding, Creating Skins, Creating Texture packs.

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