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    So i started a project or an adventure map should we call it to make a map of the paris catacombs after doing a bit of research with friends. As most of us know that this was going to be a zombie map. I though this would make a perfect map. But the problem is this is going to be big so i need people to help me make it. So if you are still reading this you can come to my our channel at Serious&ProGamers or send us an email at [email protected] and send us a picture of your skills. And we are doing alot of reseach to make one of the most spoky map ever. So i hope you the skills to make this map with us. If you want to see this map in the future go ahead and vote in the poll. that should keeps us alive.
    [Update - January 1, 2012] We now need a server hoster! email us asap!

    Click the pic to go to the Serious & Pro Gamers Channel

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    i found your post helpful that indicates about paris catacombs, it's really informative and according to desire , thanks

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