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    Why I Want To Join: I want to join because i've been playing FTB for some good time and good experience in SSP. And I thought I would enjoy an smp server so I can play with mature people and have a good time and a learning experience. This would mean a lot to me because I beleive playing with friends makes you learn more things.
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    What Do You Like About The Actual MindCrack Server?  I really like how every individual is a great, mature person with great overall minecraft skill/experience, as well as all the fun they do together,(ctm maps, kotl,etc.)
    What Can You Bring To The Server? (Eg. Creative Ideas or Technical Help). I am quite a friendly person. I am also a heavy resource collector. Basically my first incstinct on a survival server is get every kind of resource farm possible. (colouered wool farm, slime farm, enderman farm,etc.) and provide it to people in need.
    How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft? Been playing almost everyday since 1.0.0 was released
    What Is Your Level Of Expertise Or Experience? (1-10 How And Why) 9- Overall in minecraft id say i have alot of knowledge (crafting, build skill, pve/p, etc.) but i lack quite a bit on redstone knowledge
    How Old Are You And What Is Your In Game Name? (We Are Wanting People Over The Age Of 16 But Exceptions May Be Made) 16, aromos123
    Your Youtube Or Proof Of Builds? youtube:airstorm747 (no content), no proof of builds, but i might get to that pretty soon
    Skype? Steam? Other? ( In Order To Contact You) email:[email protected]
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