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    posted a message on Official Minecraft 1.8+ Update Notes and Discussion
    Quote from JanschD»

    Did they change mineshaft generation, or is it a bug?

    With seed 4803148096054497148

    At 265 41 788, there is the tiniest mineshaft, I've ever seen. It is not there in 1.8.8, but it generates with 15w49b.

    Maybe I should review and do a testing. I would compare between 1.8.8, 15w49b, 1.8.3, 1.8.2 and 1.8.5. Also, I'm very interested. Good report....hehehe. I must know whether it's a bug or intended. Anyways, the laggiest world I've ever seen before is my jungle world, with approximately whopping 20 lag spike
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    posted a message on more key bindings

    This doesn't fit. This belong to mod suggestion. Being new doesn't make you immune to following rules. This must be moved due to inappropriate section. You should type in proper spelling so people will take you seriously. This is for vanilla minecraft whereas mod suggestion is for modded version.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Man-Made Dungeon Ideas.

    Why not make a boss fight? There are various idea, like kraken or simply creeper. Use command block to spawn modified mob. For example.



    Injured by shooting a button that summon lightning at the boss.

    Encased in glass cage

    shoot fireball outside the cage randomly.

    you can use my idea, of course.

    Make a large room where they need to figure out what to do, whether it surviving for 1mc day, to finding which block is actually breakable. You can experiment with command block. I also suggest you to use tp so that when the player finish a test, they get teleported to the next test.

    Make a tricky parkour. You might been wondering that it would simply be long jump.No. It would be where you must be smart, like using skeleton to knock the player. Say the skeleton bow is enchanted with punch 1,then it would be 8 block jump. Sprint jump 4 block, knokbacked another 4 block. Seem fun,right?

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    posted a message on Difficulty beyond hard called "Nightmare Mode" where mobs can dig and place blocks.
    Quote from meeko011»
    The current difficulty system is the worst kind. Just increasing numbers. That's quite lazy. Well, not really. Increasing number is what make the game hard. Play on hard and you will surely die.Adding new mechanics and AI improvements, now that's what we need.No. The game is as good as it is now. These AI change depend if it really that good.The Nightmare Mode (and parts of it in other modes) would completely revamp the way mobs work. No matter what difficulty, if you're surrounded by walls, ceiling, and floor it becomes Peaceful difficulty pretty much.That the entire point of shelter. I want to be safe with little danger. I could go mining or stalking a creeper. It doesn't matter how long their attack would last.You may say "but breaking doors" except that you can just replace it with a block or 6 iron's worth to eliminate that problem.6 iron isn't that cheap, and it require lever or button and possibly some redstone. And when it becomes day, any creatures around your house will stop becoming a problem.Baby zombie? They don't burn. Zombie wearing helmet..Even more. Also don't burn. The latter apply to skeleton,too.Creepers are the hardest to deal with, but you can easily lead them away from your house and let them explode without damaging you or do the knockback to keep them from exploding.So you say that creeper is hard but can be dealt easily. Hey, every mob in every situation require set skill, whether it just a zombie official duel, to creeper ambush.If mobs could dig then you'd practically never be safe, which would be awesome!No, at that point the game would turn from sandbox game to hack n slash adventure game.Beside, it won't be awesome.On the first night I dig down and come up with full diamond armor and never see a single mob.Either you lied, played in peaceful or maybe something like that. Also, no mob? You should at least heard them, and it would be counted as encounter.There's literally no challenge if you don't make dumb mistakes.Try to kill ender dragon or wither. It easy to make mistake. Like, aaccidentally falling into lava in midst of battle .

    Creepers, when they sense you but can't get to you, should just get the closest they can and explode.Downright annoying. I don't want my underground base to be destroyed just i don't aware of creeper on my rooftop. Zombies or another new engineer mob could build pillars with ladders or stairs if you're in an elevated position.Any thing about that new mob health, spawn, damage, drop, size, appearance,special abilities, undead or living? Please add extra info about that mob. It's great fun to armor up your base with a moat and dispensers and bunker or whatever, but it never comes to use. That because these mob constantly break my defense. No, my arrow gun. That would be annoying.Mobs never get into your base as long as you build during the day. They stop becoming a problem before the first night even starts.Mob still and always will be danger. Currently if you are swarmed by zombies it doesn't really mean anything because you have knockback and a much longer reach.Do people need to introduce you to mob pack fight. I once fought 10 zombie and they are hardish because when i got 1, there will surely another who are close to hitting me. If they flanked you, horizontally and vertically, it would make dealing with them much more interesting.That would make dealing with them more annoying than ever.Things like speeding them up and increasing their damage isn't fun or interesting at all, just annoying early and based mostly on numbers advantage.Your ideas is annoying. Don't you think so? That why minecraft is fun.They are well balanced. Yours is bad and annoying. YoYou should improve it. For example, how about increased health, speed, chance of spawning as group. Zombie can only break down wooden door in hard, and not all can do so. Maybe you could instead make mob better than ever. Creeper being attracted to darkness is good. Other than that, complety no SUPPORT. Reply in bold. This is more of rant than suggestion. No, it doesn't matter. No support.
    Try ultra hardcore. Play a hardcore world, go to LAN, enable cheat and type the following command
    /gamerule naturalRegeneration false
    exit to menu and reopen the world. Now you would never ever regenerate health except from potion and golden apple!! Haaha no support again......
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    posted a message on More Multicolored Wood Items[Petition and Reddit Post Added!]

    Something purely aesthetic is alway cool. So i support this.

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    posted a message on Invisible light source for map makers!

    I think i got the dates wrong, so maybe i could just say, this is awesome. Full support

    Off-topic: sunperp is my favourite moderator :D

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    posted a message on Upcoming: Testsandbox craft I. Be amazed by this map.

    Hey, man, if you get this finished, I'll test it for you x'D

    Yes. I will give the download link on your wall, so wait for few weeks. Actually why don't you wait for 1 month or 2 month, cuz recently my android was broken(lol). So it is basically started all over again.
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    posted a message on Difficulty beyond hard called "Nightmare Mode" where mobs can dig and place blocks.

    Sort of op. Mob breaking block is too op unless they can only break certain block. I suggest that nightmare mode is complety different and more of challenge than annoying. This is annoying.

    Anyway, i had better ideas which i will post at my own thread shortly after this.


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    posted a message on Upcoming: Testsandbox craft I. Be amazed by this map.


    Youtube in about 3-4 weeks later. I hopes so.

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    posted a message on Upcoming: Testsandbox craft I. Be amazed by this map.

    Disclaimer:This map is coming soon. No screenshots yet.. no trailer, no rule and no server of this for early tester. Now, let get going.

    What this map is about?

    This map is about a superflat world in which you explore and complete every single challenge. Some of them are self-explanatory, while some are basically easter eggs. So i had to start on work. Remember, i will explain some feature right now. This is not much, but wait for update



    Mob zoo(not started yet)

    Entity boss battle(has just started)

    Mob challenge(started now)

    cobblestone castle(not started yet)

    Lava parkour(nearly complete)

    Mob arena zone(not started yet)

    Swimming pool(halfway)

    Tree farm(has just started)


    Garden(completed! ˙ _ _ ˙not perfect yet.


    entirely new zone with a game inside.(has not started)

    particle emitter machine(has just started)

    T.v(has not started)

    Wood fort(started now)

    Nuclear effect zone.

    Gigantic cave.

    I will post screenshot and trailer on youtube when i has go to Classic, on survival test(sort of minecraft version name), on indev, infdev. At alpha, it is released. Then beta and finally... officially. So maybe wait for 3 or 4 months. Keep posting so this is always up to date!

    Happy mining guys!

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    posted a message on Redstone Boss Ideas

    how about, simple boss mob? Use summon for the latest version

    for older one, make a creeper that shoot tnt and arrow. Damaged by reflecting ghast fireball at him.

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    posted a message on Boss Battles - THE ICE KING [1.8] [BOSS BATTLE]

    plz post in pic. NO PIC NO CLICK

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    posted a message on What Do You Want Me to Build

    here come more than 5 ideas for you to build.

    1.Build a skin of myself. It would be like normal steve, but with spiral eye, indicating hypnotizing ability.

    2.build a sky fortress with the king being a giant. Post in screenshot.

    3.a gigantic pig that are next to attacking statue.

    4.build the perfect fort. I want it to be extremely safe and well supplied.must have he following

    -lot of epic trap

    -ton of housing

    -secret bunker

    -active defense with good wall

    -lot of farm

    -plan supporter(place to gather for defensive/offensive planning strategy.)make it secret.

    5.make an xp farm

    6. if you have time, plz build this. It surely take few solid years. Cuz it is......a complete war arena, starting with PvP, then turn into group, then rank, then city, then country, then planet and lastly galaxy. People who survived all of this win.

    7.a giant obsidian bridge. Then have some kind of ''atm machine''.

    8.sky war arena

    9.hunger games arena

    10. make a military truck

    11.make replica of everything in minecraft.

    hope this is amazing and doable

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    posted a message on [PARKOUR] Assassin's Creep [OPEN-WORLD] 1,000,000 Downloads!

    1 million download.... yeah amazing so a rather famous map.

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    posted a message on Custom Mob Ideas for Vanilla SMP Server.

    Here comes few mob ideas.


    mob for the dummies.

    zombie with 3 heart and slowness II

    skeleton with weakness I


    mob for beginner

    zombie wearing gold chestplate and speed I

    normal spider, with 6 heart and has sword.


    for real fighter, why dont challenge them with the following?

    zombie pigman riding guardian riding invisible ghast.... evil so make the ghast has 1 heart only.

    baby zombie riding spider with speed II

    skeleton in iron armor riding blaze


    Rare spawn, dont know the system. ONLY for THE ELITE.

    a silverfish riding zombie pigman riding slime riding giant, with the giant having 100 heart.

    zombie in diamond armor, deals 2 heart damage, speed I and has 60 heart overall.

    skeleton wearing gold helmet, has 200 heart(not op), deal 3 heart, has bow with power I and punch III. Also, spawn with 3 random mob.

    guardian riding witch, the guardian has 40 heart while the witch 80 heart, has speed I for 20 sec and also spawn with random status effect from below. drop dirt when killed



    spider with 30 heart(dummies boss fight?) and deal 3 heart. also, if possible, make it wear leather helmet and strength I for first 5 sec.

    blaze with speed III and weakness I. Has 150 heart and deals 1 heart



    zombie in herobrine head, has iron armor, 650 heart, deals 6 heart and speed I(herobrine boss, right?).

    witherboss with 1000 heart and deals 5 heart of damage. Has 0.00000000000000000000000000001% chance of spawning.

    DDUMMIES boss

    boss for dummies

    zombie with stone sword and leather boot.


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