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    Okay, it seems I was looking at the A in the book instead of the H. Entering the code got me an item, but no clear indication of what do to with it, or else of what to do next.

    you should have gotten a netherwart, remember the goal is brew a speed potion so that is just one step in the puzzle

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    Is there a difference between reversing the order of the numbers and reversing the word?

    haha I did not realize that I'm so stupid. The word you need to enter into the book is 'wither'

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    If you mean to use the numbers from right to left, that didn't seem to help (unless it's not supposed to spell an actual word).

    numbers normal direction, look at the word it produced backwards

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    seems like a great map, but every time I touch something I feel like I just softlocked myself

    there is no way to screw yourself over trust me. Just that certain puzzles do not open until others are solved

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    Okay, it turns out that I had already seen the effect of holding the stick, but now I know that that's what activates it. On the other hand, it seems to do little more than serve as an indicator of progress. The lever I have can be placed on stone brick, but I see no such block anywhere. Do I have to decode the numbers by the purple concrete, write the solution in the book, and put it into the chest? If so, I've tried that (with the six letters based on the signs and the code, though they don't spell a word). As I noted, the chest there rotated once (the latch now faces the wall that the purple concrete is next to) and gave me a fresh book after I entered something pertaining to the signs in the next room (with the armor stands). I'm also trying to figure out if capitalization in the code book means anything.

    no capitalization matters, read the word backwards

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    Looks like an exciting map! I downloaded it, but the class selection doesn't seem to work. Nothing happens when step on the pressure plates.

    Yikes! I think I missed a very important part of the redstone. My bad. I changed the download link to the updated version of the map. Give it a try and let me know if it is fixed!

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    Our story begins in the middle of a sandy desert. Sunlight was becoming less and less. This caused many farmers to lose their harvests. A team of miners was sent to a village to set up shop and explore a nearby temple in search of a cause of this anomaly. Hostile monsters starting attacking the village, getting more aggressive with each assault. Soon, soldiers showed up to the village and followed the miners to the temple. This worried the locals. More soldiers passed through the village but none ever return from the temple. Whatever was found underneath the temple was probably best left alone. A call for the most powerful heroes was sent out. Will you answer?


    It is worth noting that although there are 3 classes available to play, this map is suitable for 1-3 players. The map is entirely possible to do solo. I (the creator of this map) have beaten it solo with all three classes, so if you wish to play solo do not hesitate!

    Death Knight

    As a master of death and blood magic, the death knight will stop at nothing to defeat his enemies. The death knight is heavily armored, wields an axe, and has two unique abilities.

    Ability #1: Haunt
    The death knight tears out his soul to cause torment to foes around him. Enemies caught within this effect take significant damage over time.

    Ability #2: Blood Pact
    After casting a spell using blood magic, the death knight gains a damage and resistance boost for a brief period of time.


    The paladin is a knight who utilized holy power to protect himself and his allies while smiting the undead. The paladin has medium ranked armor, a sword and shield, and two unique abilities.

    Ability #1: Smite
    The paladin calls down holy fire upon all nearby entities. Friendly players are cleansed by the light receiving a quick burst of health while enemies are damaged.

    Ability #2: Power Shield
    A magical shield surrounds the paladin and his allies granting a temporary absorption boost to prevent incoming damage.


    An Elementalist is able to control the forces of nature to his will granting him immeasurable power. The elementalist is very lightly armored, and uses a trident. He has three unique abilities.

    Ability #1: Water Sprout
    Water erupts from under nearby enemies causing them to be launched into the air. Enemies are temporarily immobilized while in the air and take damage upon slamming back into the ground.

    Ability #2: Gale Winds
    Gale winds grants the elementalist the ability to glide through the air and move around quickly. This ability is great for repositioning for an attack or making a speedy escape.

    Ability #3: Lightning Strike
    The elementalist calls down lightning to smite 3 nearby enemies. The lightning deals massive damage and lights enemies on fire for additional damage over time.


    The main feature of this map is the boss fight. A lot (and I mean A LOT) of work went into making this so any feedback regarding glitches or balance changes that you come up with would be greatly appreciated. Below is a short guide to the boss fight that features some basic information about the fight. If you wish to go in blind and learn from simply playing then go right ahead to that download button! If not, here is some info you should know before going into the fight:

    1. The boss has 300 hearts of health. That is 3x the ender dragon! This fight is gonna be long.

    2. The boss has 3 stages depending on his health. Each stage he grows stronger and gains new abilities.

    3. Upon changing from stage to stage the boss will summon 4 enemies on EACH players location.

    4. The change in stage can be seen by a color change in the boss health bar at the top of the screen.

    5. The boss does not take knockback from player hits so do not expect to keep him at range. Keep a good distance away from him to avoid being hit.

    6. Have fun!


    Below is the download. Comment how you did and what class you used/enjoyed the most. Good luck!

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    The numbers near the purple concrete correlate to the book titled 'code' in the chest. For the lever and buttons read the descriptions of what blocks they can be placed on. Hold the stick and observe what happens. Lmk if you figure it out!

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    Is there a certain puzzle you are stuck on or are you just not sure where to begin? There are some hints within the map but if you feel it should be easier please let me know what you think!

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    What is it?

    Escape Room is a single and/or multiplayer map. Players will be placed in a room and tasked with the challenge of escaping.

    How does it work?

    While inside the room players must solve a series of puzzles and riddles. These complex challenges will put players skills to the test in all areas of reasoning. The specifics will be explained upon starting up the map.

    Please leave all and any feedback below, it is greatly appreciated! Check out my profile for other custom made maps.

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    This map features four custom games each made in vanilla minecraft. Below are detailed instructions regarding how each game is played. Some games are meant for more players and some for less. Some can even be played solo! If you find any bugs or glitches please leave a comment below so that the issue can be looked into. Any feedback is greatly appreciated as well!



    • There are four parkour courses available to play through.
    • These can be done solo or with friends.
    • One easy course, one medium difficulty course, and two hard courses.
    • Attached are some sample photos:


    • Chaos is a game all about survival. The longer you survive, the higher your score will be.
    • Simply start the match and prepare for anything. The game entirely functions on its own.
    • Explosions, lightning, fire, and more will be thrown at the players.
    • This game can be played solo but is more enjoyable with more people.Players do not need to work together but they can. Players can also turn on one another and try to get each other killed.


    • Sand Storm is a competitive pvp game mode based around preventing your enemies from winning.
    • The glowing skull in the middle of the arena gives xp points to nearby players one at a time. Stand near the skull and collect 50 xp levels to win.
    • Each player is given a stick with knockback to keep their foes away. Knocking an enemy off the map will reduce their xp level by 10
    • This game requires a minimum of two players but can hold any amount desired.
    • Attached are some photos:


    • Sky Arena is a gamemode designed for larger groups.
    • Players are sent to a massive outdoor arena. The use of the elytra provides players with quick movement around the map.
    • There are six main zones in the map. The watch tower, the farm house, the mine, the enchanting base, the outdoor brewery, and the logging cabin.
    • Three of these locations feature an orb on an emerald block that can be picked up for points. The other locations have glowing emeralds which provide health to nearby players.

    • Killing a player will reset their score to zero; 600 points are needed to win.
    • Players are also equipped with a feather for a speed boost and a potion for a height advantage.
    • Anyone is able to join the game at any point.
    • Attached are a few images:



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    A local town is being terrorized by an evil ice wizard and it is up to you to stop him...

    • This map is meant for single player only.
    • All the abilities and features are custom made, no mods/resource pack required.
    • The fight automatically resets itself if you die so you will not have to re-download the map if you lose.


    • Download the file by clicking [HERE].
    • Go to the start menu and search %appdata%, hit enter --> open the .minecraft folder --> open the saves folder --> place the downloaded file into the saves folder --> done!

      • No tips will be given here because it is up to you to figure out the best strategy!
      • All feedback is highly valued and will be taken into consideration for future maps.
        • New unique boss fights will be coming soon.

    • Enjoy and don't forget to leave some feedback as it is greatly appreciated!
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