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    posted a message on Ajax Sci-Fi mod WIP 1.7.10 (Skilled Coders, modelers, artists, concept creators, and animators for models/textures)

    <Note. You will not be paid, until the future when we set up a donation system via PayPal.>

    <Note. I will not accept any donations, all donations will go to my team.>

    Ajax (1)


    Java code knowledge

    Modeling knowledge


    Join the Google+ Community by clicking here. <--- Contains development updates!


    A mod that may rival Flans.

    Planned Features:

    + Different Worlds

    + Vehicles

    + Drones

    + Factory elements

    + 3D Guns

    + Armour (Based on concept images)


    + Friendly AI


    + Enemy AI Warrior


    + Trader AI

    + Mobs

    + Animals

    + Industrial

    + Custom Armour

    + Gun attachments

    + Modpack

    + Server

    + New generated towns, cities, villages, compounds, strongholds, and camps

    + Factions

    + Faction system

    + New GUI

    + Weapons on back

    + Custom animations

    + More Armour slots

    + Craftable Robots ( Combat, worker, builder)

    + 3D Printer

    + Space Bases, Stations, and ships

    + Clones <New!>

    + Cloning factories (New!) (Inspired by SW TCW)

    + Chemical Warfare: Gases, Bacteria, viruses <New!>

    + New Plants <New!>

    + Grow Materials (Synthetically create ores) <New!>

    + Gas-masks (Hazmat suits, protect from chemical weapons)

    + Drugs (Create, Buy, and sell different drugs) <New!>

    + Labs (Create Chemical weapons/Drugs) <New!>


    Programmers: None

    Modelers: Agwilhelm03

    Artists: None

    Animators: None

    Art Credits: StTheo and Shimmering-Sword

    Pm me for details or to apply!

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    posted a message on Call To Battle 2 - Authentic WWII Experience

    Awesome! Your own Armour and flans, together would be like the dream team :D

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    posted a message on RanchCraft: Better Livestock For You!

    Yes, a lot!

    Such as different dog breeds, crossbreeding, puppies :D

    All these factors would improve the dog.

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