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    posted a message on â–ˆAmerdan Serverâ–ˆ [Bukkit][ SMP][RECRUTTING] [Showcase][Iconomy][Great Community][Experienced Staff] [No Griefers][FUN][LWC][BBro
    - IGN (in-game name): Afrocatz
    - Have you ever been banned before and why? I have never been banned before, and I have played on a couple of other SMP servers.
    - How active will you be on the server: I will be fairly active, should be on a couple times a week.
    - Have you read the rules?( don't forget to read them): I have read them, ###.
    - Additional Comments: I enjoy playing Minecraft. I am not particularly creative when it comes to building things, but I enjoy minin' and craftin' and talkin' to people on the server.
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    posted a message on Simple OldSchool Texture Pack
    Been looking for a pack just like this. I adore it and will be using it.
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    posted a message on [16x][11w04a] Lemming - updated: 2012-01-29
    I would love to use this texture pack. However, whenever I log in with the client and this ZIP is in the texture pack folder, the game freezes up and refuses to respond. Dx
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    posted a message on Another fix for sound crash
    I, as many others, have had the problem where when I try to turn on the sound, the game crashes. I have found a fix that works for me, please tell me if it works for you.
    Go to the Minecraft folder (I have Win7 and it was at C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft) and there should be a file entitled "options.txt". Open it, and the first two lines say "music:" then "sound:". For me, it was zero on both. Replace the number after music: and sound: and type in 1.0 instead. This will make it so the game is at full volume when you start it up. Save the text file and start up Minecraft and look at the options. It should show the sound and music at 100%. It worked for me, and I hope it is helpful. Sorry if this same fix has already been posted.
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    posted a message on Albion Public|WorldGuard|Plugins|No Whitelist|PvP
    I would love to become whitelisted for this server. I have played on it today, and I greatly enjoyed it. My IGN is afrocatz. I have begun work on a glass castle.
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