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    Let's begging with this idea, as everybody can see, Minecraft seems to be a Game more than nothing about a "Medieval Style" if we don't count the Redstone items and the Iron Doors and others who look like doors of the S.XX

    So i came with this idea, of course it will be Very Big and will take ... half year? meaby more depending on the people who want to create it.

    Like i said, Minecraft looks more like some kind of Medieval Game, so what about if we really improve what the Base game Gave us and use it more than 100%?

    This game what really needs more than nothing are, improved NPC's and meaby some items (but items will be a Minor part at least at the start of it)

    So i was thinking about this:


    -1)Guard NPC's. For Start, create a Block wich will be activated by leaving some Gems on it to Purchase/Pay a Guard to appear and Defend the place where we place the Block, It could have Arrows and the Armor will deppend on how many Gems the Player used to Spawn the Guard (Less Gems = "Naked" = No Armor for the Guard, lots of them = "Invencible" Giving the guard a Diamond Armor)

    -2)Toll Box + NPC: With this, to make it more Realistic, i pretend that when people walks into X Town (if we placed Walls around it and make some places to Enter/Exit) the player need to Pay to travel around it, Gems will be used too, after all even on the Base game.. Gems seems to be the common Money, Adding a NPC to pay, who will open us some kind of Gate (created from 0) who will allow us to cross and that.

    -3)Diplomacy: It could be interesting to Add some Commands for the game, meaning that if we in a Creative Mode, create 2 Towns. That we can allow 1 of them to be Ruled by the IA, who could if we do X thing who upset them, the IA could come for us. (Interesting = YES, VERY COMPLEX = Absolutely)

    -4)Merchant's Caravans: Going from X Created Town (By the Player of by the PC if we allowed the auto building of them), to be allowed to Buy X things when we are outside (losted or for something) for example: we are almost out of Food, we have money. We could buy Food or at least the Item to Fishing so we can catch our Food. (Or another things like Tools, Weapons & Armor, even Potions and some things we couldn't find unless we go very deep almost hitting the base rock)

    -5)Medic NPC: Adding a NPC who could Heal us & who could Sell us some Potions, or even Materials.

    -6)RTS: like from X Game, doing the same thing, just.. building Houses for Civilians who would like to Join your Comunity, giving them jobs, even some of them making as Guards to defend the place against the Mobs (Zombies, Spiders, etc.. even Creepers but only at distance)

    -7)Timed Rails: Well, for example, we build Rails to go from X to Z faster, what about if we let it go but Timed? Starting in the Morning and once it reach evening the Rails stop where they are & resume the travel once it reach morning (Because Morning it's when most MOBS dissapear) like in Real Life, X service stop at X time.. and that.

    -8)Beacon (Light): a Light of 5 Colors to choice: Blue, Red, Orange, White or Green, just for Fun, that have a timer so it could turn on & off every X ms, you know.. like those who use the Emergency Services in Real Life, for example: in Minecraft if we put a Red Beacon, it could mean Danger or Items (inside a chest) to heal the player.. or something.

    -9)Medieval Lights: The ability to carry a Canddle in the hand and light the site, of course the Canddle could be inside Glass (doing it more Medieval)

    Something like that, it could be interesting to do it, don't know if RTS/Diplomacy (it's very complex.. at least more than the others that i said)

    I think it will squeeze lots of things of Minecraft to be used.

    sorry my bad English.

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    Hey i have a question about this mod., well i tested it. Honestly it's a shame i can't use it playing the 1.8.1 Version but well later meaby you will update it.

    The fact is.. i wanted to know if the Bots Kill everything.. and by that i mean The Villagers... those Neutral/Friendly npc's... and yeah they kill them... and honestly it's a shame for that. Because i think it could be great if the Bots don't kill the Villagers NPC's or Iron Guards. After all, think about.. Creating a BIG City.. or a Middle one...
    Placing your own house and npc's houses.. and try to defend them against lots of mobs it's a big problem. ┬┐can you program the bots to don't kill the Villagers & Iron Guards?.

    The mod is awesome i admit it... by using it on 1.8.1 could be exelent.. anyway, i just say because could be very helpfully when cames the night, on a own, created Town (Big or Small, etc) and if you are by yourself.. meaby with 1 Iron Guard.. against like 50-100 or more Mob Enemies.. it could be very hard..

    Can you Program them? i think could be very nice.. having them protecting Cities and else. Imagine it on a MP Server.. a big one of Clans and else.. i don't know.. just an idea.

    Edit: I was thinking... the Bot always go close to the Enemy, i was wondering if meaby... you could program it to Fire Arrows and that the enemy could see them and fight..
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    Hi everybody im new here... i wanted to create this post because im having seriusly problems now that i downloaded the FML for Minecraft...

    when i enter the game (Before downloading the FML) i watched that i have the version 1.5.2 and i downloaded a MOD + the FML....

    when i putted the FML files on the Minecraft Jar.. i started Minecraft.. and i saw that the FML was updating something...

    when the program was close to finish.. a error Appear..

    well i don't know what to do and i would like to be helped by somebody here =/

    amm.. i don't know where should i upload the Log file.. =/ anybody can tell me?
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