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    this would kill 99% of current servers pretty much overnight, there is no way mojang could possibly staff it, and it would result in massive player dissatisfaction.

    Imagine what the spawn area would look like after a week. After a month, new players would have to walk for a full day (earth day, not minecraft day) before they found a place to build their first house that isn't already claimed.

    No support
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    posted a message on Ability to Throw Your Held Weapon
    This would be great if it were mapped to the drop button rather than right-click.

    Enchants wouldn't be able to carry. The way (at least some) current enchantments work is by looking at what enchantment is on your equipped weapon and applying it when damage is calculated (so you can shoot a ghast with your bow but switch to a looting sword before the arrow hits and get your bonus drops), so the enchantments applied would be of the weapon you have out upon contact (usually unarmed). I think this would be better for balancing anyway.
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    beacons should have some more effects, but I don't see the point of this.

    A fire resist that halves fire damage I would support as part of "resist" (rather than giving the effect of a fire-resist potion), I also like the idea of having regen as stand-alone.

    However, a regen 2 beacon would be immensely OP, coupled with a resist and strength beacon making players in the area basically invincible.
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    posted a message on Looking For - Dedicated Players | Builders | Plugin Devs | Promoters | And More!
    Supporter app:

    Username: aegisjester

    How long have you been on MCL: 2 months, but lots of time per day in those months

    How involved are you with multiplayer servers: I don't fully understand the question. I play exclusively on this multiplayer server if thats what you're asking

    What experience do you have with minecraft servers: With servers? Practically none. With this server? I know everyone who plays on it regularly, how things are run, and what needs to be done to bring out its full potential.

    Past Servers; N/A

    Time dedication: more than enough

    Best qualities: I don't quit
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    Hi everybody, this is a collection of screenshots I took from the survival server [url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1874675-minecraft-lovers-semi-vanilla-friendly-community-anti-grief-dynamic-map-mcmmo-custom-plugins-teamspeak-3/]MinecraftLovers"]http://www.minecraft...MinecraftLovers[/url][/url].

    Its a great place full of great people, and we're always looking for more players. Everyone is always doing something different, from ancient:


    to modern:


    Huge projects


    or just a little house to act as your base


    or maybe build yourself a wide complex:

    Of course we have plenty of fantasy:




    or maybe you just would like some farms


    There are a few people who know redstone well to help with any complicated projects


    and everyone is pretty festive

    All around, its a great place to be. If you're looking for a close-to vanilla survival server with great people and as much community or privacy as you would like, its a fantastic place to be
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    posted a message on Looking for survival servers :D
    I have been playing on this server and it looks like exactly what you're looking for


    It has chest protection, mcmmo, essentials, and some anti-grief stuff, but otherwise bone-stock vanilla. The players are all a lot of fun and pretty mature, the staff all spend their time in survival except for when working on big projects for the community. It has been around for around 6 months or so and shouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon
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    posted a message on An Amazing Discovery!
    gold equipment wears so quickly because of its malleability, not in spite of it. A gold sword's edge would be blunted and useless after just one or two swings, golden armor would bend out of shape and become uselessly mangled after a couple blows.

    Gold is generally mined deeper than iron as well, since iron is extremely common in the upper crust, while gold's heavier atomic structure buried it deeper underground during the earth's formation. The gold we find generally comes from massive erosion from riverbeds and seismic activity
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    posted a message on Most Annoying Hostile Mob

    Everything else is pretty easy to deal with or ignore, but spider's jumping and constant pushing is really, really annoying.

    Nothing else will destroy a farm faster either
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 all biomes within reasonable distance
    After looking around for servers that had all biomes within reasonable distance, I decided to find one myself.


    This will give you all biomes within 5k blocks (the farthest being mushroom islands, there are 3 near the 5k border in different directions), spawn is in a desert with a few villages and temples. Mesas to the East, West and North, jungle and mega taiga not too far either, with plenty of plains and savanna to find horses, with a small forest near spawn for trees, and a larger roof forest nearby and a very large mega taiga within walking distance. Ice plains and ice spikes are to the north and northeast, jungle to the northwest.

    I won't give out too many spoilers so it can remain fun if you use it for single player or a server

    This would allow smaller servers to load up all the biomes and restrict players to a small radius to save server space, deleting new region files every week or so (allowing players to explore further but still have access to all biomes permanently)
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    I came back to my flooded base to check, all my equipment is gone. So in addition to losing 30+ levels I was saving to repair, I lost my silk touch and fortune picks, all my armor, and all the rare materials I was using to expand my house. Wonderful.
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    admin decided he hates everyone apparently, spawned zombies and skeletons in everyone's base, about 15 skeletons and 30 zombies in my underwater base and then broke pieces of the floor and ceiling to flood it. Griefing admins are the worse than griefing players.Worst server ever.
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    says I'm not whitelisted
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    I want to join because I would like to play on a vanilla server with other people, my single player world has gotten lonely
    I started playing the xbox version and upgraded to PC because I wanted to build more interesting things. I've been playing for about 6 months now I suppose.
    I enjoy building complex rail networks, some functional redstone mechanisms, underground/underwater bases, and large purposeful structures.
    I am finishing my master's degree in economics, and basically play minecraft while I am waiting on data. I am an American living in Montreal. Video games are my second biggest hobby.
    No admin experience in Minecraft (although I did have an xbox server for a few weeks, but they pretty much universally have problems with cheaters and fickle players)
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    posted a message on I am looking for a server to join
    my in game name is aegisjester.

    I am a 100% noob at this, so I don't actually know how to join a server either. I am currently living in Canada, so there might be a bit of lag
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    posted a message on I am looking for a server to join
    Have a server? I might join it!

    I've never played multiplayer on PC before, but I used to play on the xbox quite a bit. I'm not all that into PVP but I don't mind if its on the server, so long as there isn't much griefing. I do want survival, as I run out of things to do very quickly in creative.

    I don't really want to join a server with jobs or anything, just a fun survival space with some fun people to minecraft with

    As for what I've built:http://www.minecraft.../#entry23944565

    so big structures, air structures, underwater, long rail networks, some fairly basic redstone, pretty much all over the place.
    that has been my world since I started playing on the PC version.
    I usually play a couple hours a day, more or less depending on other things I have on my agenda. I am starting to get bored in my single player world, so if you have an interesting server I would love to be a part of it.

    I prefer vanilla 1.7.2
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