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    Great server with some amazing people. People are very nice and helpful, and the servers are very nice to play on. Creative has multiple different sizes of plots, and even a natural world. Towny has many amazing plugins and a very nice feel. With spawners, custom enchants, the whole nine yards. And if you're looking for something simple, survival is always a nice option.

    This server is incredible and very friendly. Even if there's no one online, the chat connects to the discord so there's still people to interact with. All in all, I recommend checking out this server.

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    I usually go for steak! Nice and easy and is usually the first animal I find.

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    Amazing server all around. A great collection of plugins adds a lot of fun to the experience and the community is awesome to be a part of.

    Photo of Safe Haven, a place I created on one of the creative plots using a combination of world-edit (available to everyone) and natural building. (Photo credits to FatherJasper).

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