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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla Server, Small Friendly Community. (Whitelisted) (1.7.2) (MindCrack-Like)
    Your in game name: adnationals

    How long have you played Minecraft: Since 1.4 Beta

    Age and gender: 18, Male

    Country of residence: United States of America

    Timezone: Central

    Skype name: liljayondatrak

    What are your interests in joining a Minecraft server?: I am tired of joining overly modded servers. The smp game is no fun if the community doesnt work together.

    Strengths: I like interacting and trading with the community, and I reciprocate the effort admins make to better the server.

    How often will you be on: I will be on for an hour to three hours everyday.

    Do you watch MindCrack and know how SMP servers work: Yes

    A short summary about you as a person: I am an independent person who loves to play video games, party, and stay in good physical condition.
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