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    So, I've been away from the minecraft game for a bit, and have recently resumed playing. Yes, of course I had to get the Ruins Mod. So anyways, I've made a template called MM-Dock.tml that I would like for some to test to provide me with insight / constructive criticism.

    It's just a basic build, nothing fancy. As far as I know, the build (which is basic) doesn't contain any required mods.

    I have attached some screenshots. If you'd like to test this just shoot me a message. I can be reached on Facebook (admjmaddox / Terry Handel) and Discord (admjmaddox#8311)

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    Quote from Jordan_Peacock»

    That one is Floater.tml. It's in the generic folder (mods/resources/ruins/generic). It has the following rule for chests:


    In Ruins for MC 1.8, I have observed that chests using the "strongholdLibrary" tag end up empty, but "dungeonChest" appears to work fine. (I haven't tested "villageBlacksmith" recently.)

    Which version of Minecraft are you using? (E.g., 1.7.10, 1.8.8, or 1.9.2?) From your screenshot, I'm going to guess version 1.9, because it looks like the player character is holding a shield.

    If you're using version 1.9, I would not be surprised if "Floater" fails to spawn properly. The version included with the Ruins 1.9 ZIP pack is still using old notation such as "unique=1" (instead of "uniqueMinDistance={somelargenumber}"), and it still has the exact same rule for chest loot, even though loot table logic has changed considerably (and the loot_table names have changed).

    For what it's worth, here's a link to a list of current loot table names: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Loot_table#List_of_loot_tables

    I haven't yet had a chance to experiment with whether using the new loot table names with "ChestGenHook" will work as intended, or whether the code is so radically different that they're incompatible. I am going to guess that given that Ruins fairly recently got its update to MC 1.9, there are still a few details to work out.

    EDIT: When I posted this, I somehow totally missed hanleybrand's fix above. Sorry!

    I'm using 1.9 with Forge 1835. And I'll try the fix here soon. Did the edit on the floater.tml and the fix definitely worked! The chests there are now properly populating with items. Thanks for the reply.

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