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My name is Terry and I like to call myself a Citizen Minecraftian. I love to game in various ways including RPG's, Simulators, City Building and more but Minecraft has to be in the top 3 of my most favorite games. I play Android Tablet and PC based titles that everyone loves plus the ones that no one knows about. I also love to work with people everyday no matter the need so long as I can assist them with my utmost ability. I love to hang out with friends and I am consistently online when not working or spending time with my lovely wife and children (whom all play minecraft by the way). But all in all, I just love being around people and have a good time. So if you're about the good stuff and living life to the fullest, come join me on my quest to live like there's no tomorrow!


01: Family! Always Family!
02: Friends! The next best thing to Family!
03: Trolls! They just amuse me by showing how stupid they are! LOL!
04: Gaming! Seriously, if gaming wasn't in top 5 I wouldn't even be here!
05: Aviation! Loves' me some flyin'!
06: Trains! Choooo Chooooooo!
07: Food! It's not about eating of the food, but the taste. The succulent tastes!
08: Christmas: Definiately in my top ten!
09: Halloween: #2 of my favorite holidays!
10: Thanksgiving: #3 of my favorite holidays!

Location On the side of the planet.

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