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    Please forgive me if I've overlooked some crucial detail. When using the selection tool (the one that draws red lines) I can't seem to change the biome inside the selection. So far I've gotten around this by using select all and then gradually taking out biomes that I don't want to change, then mass-changing the rest.
    I do actually want to change biomes within the confines of the red-line-bounded area though (mainly for OCD purposes haha)
    Any help is appreciated
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    posted a message on WorldEdit - Do really big things in-game! In-game map editor and more
    I'm running 1.5.1 (just force updated) and I'm installing all my mods through MCPatcher because it complains if I do it manually.
    I've installed SPCommands through MCPatcher and on loading a world SPC lets me know it's installed. SPC works, all the commands work.
    However WorldEdit doesn't. There's no error, there's no crash. WorldEdit commands just aren't recognised.
    (Yes, WorldEdit.jar is in .minecraft/bin)
    The only other mods I'm running are a few from Risugami's mod list.
    Does anybody know what I can do to fix this? Thanks.
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