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    posted a message on Best OBS settings for streaming Minecraft!

    Very cool! I didn't know this existed, very useful :P

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    posted a message on Best OBS settings for streaming Minecraft!

    I appreciate the comment :)

    I did write down not to select "disable aero" in my original post, so I've got that covered.

    Your graphics card doesn't seem fitting for livestreaming/recording though it is fine for gaming.

    Settings vary for each computer, and those settings fit you.

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    posted a message on Best OBS settings for streaming Minecraft!

    They work for me :)

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    posted a message on GFX/VFX Team Recruiting!

    I do some animations with after effects and some stuff with photoshop!

    pm me if you are interested

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    posted a message on Best OBS settings for streaming Minecraft!

    Hello everyone, today I'll show you how to use obs for basic minecraft streaming.

    First of all, you can get obs here:

    As far as I know, it's the best streaming software, + its free!


    After downloading and installing obs, you will open it to a screen like this:

    This is the basic UI that you will use most of the time.

    STEP TWO: Do a speed test for your internet connection:

    Press on "Begin Test" and wait for a bit

    The important part is the Upload Speed, which is 5.23 Megabits (NOT MEGABYTES. A MEGABYTE IS 8 MEGABITS).

    Write down this number, it is important.

    STEP 3: Configure OBS

    We'll begin with "Encoding":

    Start by setting "Use CBR" and "Enable CBR padding" to enabled. Enable "Use Custom Buffer Size" too. Next, take your uploading speed (about 5 for me) and multiply it by 1000. Then divide it by 2, and set "Max Bitrate" and "Buffer Size" to that value. MAKE SURE ENCODER IS SET TO x264.

    Set the audio codec to AAC, and the bitrate to 160. Twitch does NOT support any value higher than 160.

    Next, broadcast settings:

    Set the streaming service to twitch, the FMS URL to the server closest to you, and enter your stream key, which you can find here: then click on stream key on the top bar.

    Next, set Auto-Reconnect to enabled, set the delay to whatever you want (if you play competitive or something, and you dont want people peeking), though I advise keeping it at 0. IF YOU WANT TO RECORD YOUR STREAMS: Set "Automatically save stream to file" to enabled, along with "Keep recording if live stream stops". Set file path to whatever you want. If there is red text at the bottom of the screen, click the "Optimize" button.

    Now, Video

    Set the selection to "Custom", and type in your resolution. Set "Resolution downscale" to 1280x720. If you want to stream at 1080p, leave this at none. (Not advised, since people have to watch your stream without buffering every second.) Set Filter to Lanczos, this has no fps impact. Set your fps to 30, unless you want to stream at anything higher. If you want to stream at 60fps, I advise setting this to 45, since it looks the same yet consumes less bandwidth. If you are on windows 7, do not select Disable Aero. NEVER USE "MONITOR", ALWAYS USE "CUSTOM".

    To the audio tab:

    Not much to do here; set these two to default, or the device you want on each. Fiddle with other settings if the volume is too low. (Desktop boost and Mic/Aux boost)


    Set these four keys to whatever you want. You don't even have to set them, since there are buttons on the interface to start streaming without pressing any buttons.

    We can skip the rest of the tabs in the settings, and move on to setting out sources:

    STEP FOUR: Setting up our scene

    Exit the settings.

    To add a game, right click in the "sources" area and select game capture.

    Enter a name:

    Make sure the Application name is the same as the window name, and make sure to enable "Capture mouse cursor". This means that your cursor will be visible in the inventory screen and the settings screen. Press OK to add the source.

    Press "Preview Stream" To see how your stream will look.

    Press "Edit scene" to change the size of your sources, by dragging the corners out or in. You can right click the source, go to position/size and select "fit to screen" or select the source and press CTRL+F. you can crop by holding control, and dragging the edge inwards.

    Adding an overlay:

    if you want to add an overlay, or any other picture, right click in sources, and add Image.

    Browse to find your image, then click select, then OK.

    Once again, fiddle with "Edit Scene" to perfect it. To stop editing, click "Edit Scene" again.

    STEP FIVE: Streaming!:

    After pressing "Preview Stream" to make sure everything is fine, press it again to stop previewing, and begin streaming!

    Make sure everything is configured right on your twitch channel, including game and title.


    • ​Recommended bitrate for 1080p: 3000-3500
    • Recommended bitrate for 720p: 1800-2500
    • Recommended bitrate for 480p: 900-1200
    • Recommended bitrate for 360p: 600-800
    • Recommended bitrate for 240p: Up to 500


    This is after multiplying your upload speed by 1000. If your speed is lower than 1000 after multiplying, I reccommend using most of it instead of dividing by 2.

    If you want to add more sources, like twitch chat and more advanced overlays, I suggest you search youtube for tutorials. I know there are some bad ones, so look for the shorter ones that don't go into every detail making a half our tutorial.

    Thank you for reading my post!

    If you are interested in me making more guides like this, please leave a reply below, specifying which software/task you want me to do!

    Check out my twitch at

    And my youtube (inactive) at

    You can check out all of the screenshots over here:

    Once again, thank you for reading and Happy streaming!

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    posted a message on BEST XSplit Settings for BEST FPS!

    Twitch streams at 60fps for quite a while now..

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    posted a message on Professional Youtube Group - Join Now

    Age: 14


    I have ts3, if not ill download it

    What other games do you have besides minecraft: All valve games, hearthstone, the binding of isaac rebirth and town of salem

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    posted a message on [RE-CLOSED] [FREE] Space Graphics Shop [Intros] [Outros] [Banners]



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    posted a message on Activate Super Secret Settings by command block or plugin?

    As far as I know, it's client side, meaning there's no way for a server to control that.

    What you CAN do is a server resource pack, with increased saturation. You can color the sky as well.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Crashing on very powerful system.

    re-install your gpu drivers, openGL is gpu based. Go to nvidia's website and find drivers.

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    posted a message on How to create a Minecraft Server?

    Doozy confirms.

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    posted a message on How to create a Minecraft Server?

    You can run it on your pc, though it won't be a mass server like mineplex and such. I reccommend external.

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    posted a message on How to create a Minecraft Server?

    thank you c:

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    posted a message on How to create a Minecraft Server?


    8GB isn't enough at all, maybe 32 or even more. This also depends on your internet speed, to support enough people, upload data to them and download data from them.

    Best hosting site is pretty much McProHosting, cheap and good. (Personal experience)

    If you're planning to host a server on an external host (eg. McProHosting), they should have an admin dashboard to add plugins and such.

    If you're planning to host a server on your own PC, there are plenty of tutorials on youtube, of how to install spigot (bukkit is now discontinued).

    Try make your server simple, only get plugins that you need and use and don't overdo anything to the point where it's pointless work.

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    posted a message on looking for testers
    I'll test
    IGN: Adidushi
    Skype: ender.chicken
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