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    Quote from perseosjackson

    Not a accept/deny thing, I'm not an admin, just gonna say, Raven Rock was destroyed three years after the conflict with the brotherhood and ncr began

    that awkward moment when im waaaaaaaaay wrong with my dates. thank you for doing this i appreciate this thank you ill need to tweak that but all in all what do you think i mean do you think it is worth acceptance?
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    OOC -
    IGN: peyton
    Gender: male
    Age: 19
    Have you read the rules: yes i did and i can be frugal when i need to be but i will give people who really need something a little help
    Have you read the lore: indeed
    RP Expierence: i have played games with role playing elements but actually interaction with other players is limited but im am learning and do believe that i have a fair understanding of what is expected of me
    Fallout Expierence: i have played all of the games except for tactics (including brotherhood of steel *shudder*) i am an enormous fan of the series i love the games and wright my own fan fictions
    Define Meta Gaming: when one uses outside knowledge of the game to gain an unfair advantage in the game (ie asking around through email to find settlements treasure or other in game goodies)
    Define Power Gaming:making your character a virtual god impervious and impossible to destroy * i groin punch you so hard you explode forever*

    IC -

    Name:peyton perks
    Gender: male
    Age: 15
    Race: Israelite
    Appearence: tall, broad shoulders short black hair, green eyes, thin five-a-clock shadow
    Signifying Traits: trys to solve things diplomatically and understands when intimidation will and wont work, he has the thousand yard stare of a mna with a past and has a hint of pain in his voice,
    Signifying Skills: neural implants given to him at a young age that help him signify peoples emotions and feelings with an approximated 88% chance of accuracy predicting responses based on situations
    (40 points to distribute, maxes out on 10)

    RP example: he walked into the bar it was desolate near empty in fact but he saw the bartender standing behind the counter awfully pleased with himself
    peyton: wiskey
    Bartender: caps
    peyton: he slammed down 20 NCR money
    ​Bartender: i asked for caps if i wanted useless paper i would have moved to the commonwealth
    peyton laughs he is actually amused by this
    peyton: i think i have a few in my coat hang on
    peyton rustles around in his duster and pulls out a small sheet of paper that is folded in half it says "read me" on the front
    the bartender picks up the note and reads it
    "if you make a noise you will die if you run you will die if you do anything besides exactly what i tell you you will die look up"
    he sees peyton pointing a 10mm pistol at him
    peyton: show me your room
    they walk up stairs and into the room
    peyton: were is it?
    bartender: what?
    peyton:dont treat me like im a mutant because sir i was raised enclave and if you treat me like a mutant ill have to do the same to you
    peyton takes off the safety
    peyton: and you know what the enclave does to mutants right?
    bartender: NEWYORK!
    peyton: NEW YORK!?
    peyton: if your lying to me i swear to god
    peyton lowers the gun
    peyton: you better pray this is my last drink here

    Biography: peyton was born before the war an was placed into vault 72 before the bombs fell. in this vault the experiment was cryo stasis until released. during an enclave scouting mission in arkansas the troops found the vault and freed the residents peyton joining in hopes of rebuilding what he knew before being frozen

    peyton was selected to be fitted with neural implants that would turn him into a super solider he was opted and give the implants at 15. he was the Guinea pig for this and was the only one selected for the experiments but unfortunately they backfired removing his killer instincts and turning him into a diplomat. he was a legend and possible candidate for future presidency but lost all respect when he proposed an enclave brotherhood alliance

    he was out collecting ghoul tissue samples when he returned to raven rock only to find it destroyed. peyton realized there was nothing left and traveled to the west in a refurbished car hellbent on destroying the brotherhood, that is untill the car broke down in the mojave wasteland he realized he could go no further and established a small farm untill the NCR claimed his land during the war with the B.O.S. he quickly enlisted to help fight the brotherhood and earned the rank of ranger due to his ability to convince many groups to outright surrender without hostility. after the war ended peyton realized there was nothing left for him and after stealing a motorcycle from the brotherhood made his way back home peyton climbed back into his old stasis pod in vault 72 and was ready to sleep...forever.

    it was in 2290 that a band of super mutants awoke him from stasis peyton was scared at first but the leader was friendly he told him he had come from the capital wasteland was in search of a new home he assumed peyton was trapped and freed him. peyton realized that he was unarmed and that leaving peacefully was his best option and as he walked away he realized that maybe the mutants are more layered than he thought. miraculously the motorcycle was there and after hearing many stories of a possible new enclave city peyton was lead to a bartender who may have the answers he seeks...
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