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    posted a message on NEW BEDROCK REALM/SERVER

    My Discord is Geisha04#1584

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    posted a message on Want to start a Hermitcraft-like server for bedrock

    Gamer Tag: Geisha04

    Age: 16

    Years of experience: On Minecraft in General, 6, on PE, 2

    Country: Finland

    Area of 'expertise': Building, I can also do some redstone

    Why you want to join: I'm a big fan of Hermitcraft and I love community servers. I've been looking for a small server where I can make new friends, have fun and enjoy Minecraft as it was meant to be played, together.

    Discord: Geisha04#1584

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    posted a message on A Hermit Style 1 Player Sleep Realm (Bedrock)

    Are you still accepting new players? My Discord is Geisha04#1584. The link was invalid. 🙃

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    posted a message on New HermitCraft Style Realm OPENING SOON

    Hi! I'd like to join but the Discord invite link is expired. :/ Could you give me a new one, please?

    My Discord is Geisha04#1584

    Have a nice day! 🙂

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    I'm looking for a community survival realm to play on. 🙃

    I would like to join your realm if:

    -It's pretty new

    -It's survival realm

    -You don't have too many people playing (max. 30)

    -It doesn't have anything built in it with Creative Mode (no spawn areas built with creative)

    -You have an active community

    -You have a shopping district or something like that

    One-player-sleeping system and difficulty set on Hard are a plus.😉

    You can contact me on Discord. (Geisha04#1584)

    I Look forward to hearing from you.🌸

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