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    Yes this is dead. Sollace kept working on it for a little while but there has been no activity in over a year. I've moved on from modding, so I don't plan to touch it again. If anyone wants to pick this up I'll transfer ownership of the repo.

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    Sorry for any errors, typos, missing images, and random text. MCF exploded (TWICE) and corrupted this page.

    Better Snow mod is designed to revamp Minecraft's rather simple snow. After all, does snow really just pile up an inch and then stop, regardless of how much more it snows? And does snow really never melt? The answers are obviously no, and that is where Better Snow comes in!

    • Snow has 16 heights
    • Snow piles up during snowfall
    • After snowfall snow exposed to high light levels slowly melts
    • Snow never melts completely unless opted for
    • Snow slows down mobs and players that walk through it, the deeper the slower
    • Placing snow on snow makes it one layer deeper
    • No APIs or other mods required
    • Full LAN support if all players have the mod
    • Partial LAN support if at least the host has the mod
    • Server support with Forge
    • Held snow does not change it's image when multiple heights of snow exist
    • Mobs sink all the way through the snow at all levels
    • Snow drops snowballs based on how tall it is
    • Snow can be configured to drop itself (instead of snowballs)
    • Snow settings can be configured
    • Advanced settings menu
    • Snow can fall under trees
    • Compatible with AllSnow mod

    Planned Features:

    • More settings! Done! Numeric settings are now functional!
    • Adjustments to snowfall rendering
    • Different snowfall amounts per biome
    • Snow drops snowballs based on it's height Done!
    • Fix various bugs Done! The biggest long-time bugs are now patched!
    • Increase compatibility Done! Now includes forge support!
    • Snow can fall on top of non-full sized objects and only appears on the spaces the block occupies
    • Glass and glass panes get frosted during snowfall
    • Leaves get frosted in the winter
    • A full block of snow turns into a solid snow block
    • Flowing water freezes into frozen flowing water -Original idea
    • Snow piles up under trees and non-solid blocks Done! Snow now falls and generates under trees!
    • Option "presets"


    • By fullmetalDrake:
    • By SparklingKoala:
    • By Viking99:
    • By PixelizedChaos:
    • By x2robbie2x:
    • By DecentCrafting:
    • By Luke_TopLad:


    By downloading any version of BetterSnow, you agree to the License Agreement below.
    A changelog can be found here. It contains all changes starting at 1.6.1b. Sources for versions 1.6.4a+ can be found here.
    Links to older versions were lost due to a MCF glitch. If you need an older version comment on this post and I will gladly add the link!
    • If you like BetterSnow, then you should also try AllSnow Mod!

    License Agreement:

    MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - , Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://minecraft.net/terms ) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the MOD, person installing the MOD.
    2. USE
    Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.
    This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this MOD must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.
    4. DERIVATIVE WORKS/MODIFICATIONThis MOD is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.
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    Here are a few things I would like to suggest:

    Players want:

    • Ability to search by tags, game version, api, author, etc.
    Players don't want:

    • Mods listed as wrong version
    Modders want:

    • Install instruction templates for standard mod types (jar mod instructions, forge mod instructions, LL mod instructions, etc)
    • Ability to mark a version of a mod as bugged/abandoned, so that when a user comes to complain about a crash they can easily see that their version is bad. Maybe even require players to enter the mod version to comment, and if it is a bad version it will display a message before they can submit?
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    Quote from CosmicDan»

    Cheers, I would like to hack away at some ideas and test some things pretty soon :)

    SpongeAPI sounds alright, though if I understand it correctly (I had a quick read).Is SpongeAPI purely an alternative to re-inventing the wheel with JavAssist? Or does it have more expansive suite than an extensive bytecode-modification helper?

    Not to push it, but feel I might give an example of where Guice would fit in. I don't really know if or how it would make sense to work alongside SpongeAPI (simply from ignorance), though there are quite a few things that interested me as Guice as a platform for a "loader" API basically written from scratch. One good example is this... "volatile cache for method results" of sorts, that is very simple to use (and Apache 2.x too, is this compatible?)

    When I saw this, I immediately imagined users adding a @TickRate(ttl=20) annotation to a Tile Entity renderer, or main thread tick event for a widely universal "low resolution" processing. Sounds like a decent way to optimize... a lot of things.

    Though I don't know much about this side of Java programming/engineering. cache4guice isn't that large, though you might understand it and find it simple to replicate :)

    In a nutshell - SpongeAPI would be used to handle the "hooks" into Minecraft itself, and expose it's "hooks" via Annotations that a Guice-powered API loads. Then Guice is used to organize. verify, optimize, etc. and delegate the individual mod "hooks" into it's own "Registries" that are "sent" to the SpongeAPI for the actual "injection". It's essentially the same model as Forge/FML, which pretty decent IMO.

    I'd be curious to know just "how much" Sponge API does though, beyond a usual "runMeBefore(methodArgs)" and "runMeAfter(methodResult)" bytecode injection for the methods we're interested in and such... I'll check it out a bit more.

    SpongeAPI is like bukkit, an abstract API not tied to minecraft's code base that mods can compile against. Also like bukkit, it can be implemented anywhere, such as in the official sponge implementation, M3L, or even a complete server rewrite. The implementations are still responsible for providing the hooks and loading songeAPI.
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    Quote from Cuchaz»
    This seems like a fantastic idea. I have a question though. Many mods are distributed using very permissive licenses (eg GPL, Apache). Copying and distributing (eg) GPL'd mods is not actually against the terms of the license at all. These licenses are actually intended to promote sharing and derivative works. I agree that there are less scrupulous websites out there that are essentially stealing web traffic from mod authors, but for permissively licensed mods, what recourse do mod authors have for redirecting that traffic back to their sites without changing the licensing terms?

    My mods are currently released under an odd license that allows redistribution with direct attribution (I got it from a thread about mod licenses), but I am planning on switching my mods to use the MIT license to match the rest of my software. Unfortunately that license allows no way to really restrict redistribution, and I don't want to use a more restrictive license because I want to allow the mods to be modified, included in modpacks, and used as example code for other mods.

    Currently the only solution I have thought of to this problem is some type of DRM-type solution, which I am against. But if this were to be implemented, it could be made effective by giving each release of the mod a unique identifier, and upon mod load the mod checks it's ID with a server. If a mod is illegally redistributed, that build could be blacklisted and a new build released. If a build is blacklisted, the mod could either disable itself (full-DRM, this would be BAD precedent for modding) or do something nicer like display a warning that the build was blacklisted, and display a warning about whatever site was hosting the mod (the text could be downloaded from the server as well).
    Quote from Reika»
    I second that this should be stickied and that the average user must become aware of this. Too many people - some of my estimates put it at more than 20% - go to sites like these to download mods and suffer as a result, and often then transfer that suffering onto the developers, myself included.

    I 100% agree. Just the other day I cleaned off a computer that had been riddled with a massive virus infection, and after removing 6000 malware items I decided to find what had initially infected the machine. What I discovered is that the user had tried to download a "Mod Installer" from one of these sites, and the installer had installed a dropper (a dropper is a virus that downloads and installs other malware). Since he had no AV installed, the infection quickly expanded to infect the whole machine. If there were less sites redistributing mods, there would be much less of a chance of getting fake installers like this in the first place.
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    Quote from gutza1»

    at java.util.HashMap$Ha****erator.nextEntry(Unknown Source)

    Funny how MCF picked up the "s**t" in Hash_Iterator :)
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    posted a message on BlazeLoader - A powerful, lightweight, and easy to use LiteAPI
    BlazeLoader is an opensource mod API based on the LiteAPI framework. It uses the LiteLoader API Framework as a base, which allows it to be loaded with no jar modifications and allows mods the use LiteLoader's stable, well developed mod loader.

    BlazeLoader is fully open source. Sources can be found (and contributed to!) on the GitHub repo. Currently BL is being developed against Minecraft 1.8 client. Technical information can be found in the repo.

    Demo 2 now available for MC 1.6.4! It can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire...cxu/BLDemo2.zip. Install instructions and a sample mod are included! Make sure to type /bl to see BL features and /te to see the sample mod! Known bugs: Formatted chat messages include strange characters, username and session ID are stripped at launch.

    BL Forums: http://www.blazeload...forum/index.php
    Website: http://www.blazeloader.com/
    GitHub Repo: https://github.com/w...dog/BlazeLoader
    API JavaDocs (usually outdated): http://acomputerdog....Docs/index.html
    Sample Mod 1: https://github.com/w...dog/TerrainEdit
    Sample Mod 2: https://github.com/w.../RealisticStone
    Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/BlazeLoader/
    There is also an IRC Channel: #BlazeLoader (EsperNet)
    Wiki: http://blazeloader.w...lazeLoader_Wiki

    Want to contribute to BlazeLoader? Post suggestions or contribute code to the repo! Testing is also greatly appreciated!

    Currently all planned features are tentative and some may be dropped or changed if necessary.

    • No JAR modding needed
    • Ties into crash reports
    • Uses LiteAPI framework
    • LiteLoader bases means all BlazeLoader mods are automatically LiteLoader mods and can use any other loaded LiteAPIs.
    • Static API classes
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    Quote from bmanrules»
    I was getting a little worried about the lack of posting around here, but a quick check of the Git provided me with relief! Great this is still being worked on, I'll aim to try and stick around the IRC a bit more from now on :)

    BL is definitely still alive, but it is currently in limbo and i'm not actively working on it. I had been making a lot of progress to add server support, but Mumfrey got pulled away to work on sponge so LL still does not have server support. I have not decided if I should just go ahead and release BL without server support, or wait (potentially for a long time) until LL has server support so that BL can be released as a server-compatible API.
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    Quote from Martititi»
    Tall Worlds has been deleted. Is it normal?
    (I cannot access it any longer, and it redirects me to 'Forbidden' page).

    The mods deleted it and temp-banned Cuchaz. They claim he was distributing minecraft jars. He should be unbanned in a day or two, so maybe he can clarify more.

    EDIT: Here is a google cache of the thread.
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    Quote from mstram»

    I've been trying to get that working with tellraw.

    So far it's just outputting a blank.

    Try something like: "/give @a[score_<name>=99999,score_<name>_min=-99999] diamond_sword", where <name> is replaced with the name of the objective you want to check for.
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