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    🎄 ArcticForestMC 🎄

    SMP Survival Server with rich history and culture! We are currently having a Christmas Event!

    IP: ArcticForestMC.net
    Accessible Version: 1.7 - 1.16.4
    Recommended Version: 1.12.2 - 1.16.4
    Seasonal Christmas Spawn

    Christmas Present Hunt

    Presents are hidden around the entire spawn region so go find them!

    Past Events

    All this should have convinced you to join the server! See you around!
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    Is proud to present to you the Halloween event.
    We are a Survival server that kept the traditional Minecraft gameplay by avoiding resetting the world as well as not adding claiming.
    In this event, ALL mobs have Pumpkin on their head to prevent burning which makes the game even harder as we are already on hard difficulty.
    Each mobs will have the normal armor drop rate for each of the Masks they are wearing. Every mob will have its own unique masks. Even mobs such as Ender Dragon have them as well! Keep in mind, only the newly spawned mobs will have a Pumpkin on their head and if you happen to already have a pet zombie he wouldn't have it at all!

    Good luck on your adventures as always, We look forward to seeing your blocky faces.

    IP: ArcticForestMC.net
    Recommended Version: 1.12.2
    Accessible Versions: 1.7 - 1.16.3
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    Hey so recently I got into Minecraft building professionally. I started using more tools such as voxel, goPaint, and even world edit image height brushes. I'm wondering if any of you are into building.

    If someone wants to build with me that'll be nice because I've been building mostly alone sometimes with others for the past few months. I enjoy building with someone because we can both put in the creativity.

    I'm currently working on a Catoon themed map.

    Here's what I build last week.

    Spleef Map I made, kinda bad so I may make changed

    Here's a project I never finished

    Discord: Ace_Monkey_Ilium#4050

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    ArcticForest - Wilderness Survival also known as ArcticForestMC is a Survival server for advanced Minecraft players that may require some patience and courage to survive. The world has not been reset for 8 years, however there had been old Alpha chunks deleted. There are 100’s even 1000 builds, bases, houses scattered across the entire world. If you’re up for the challenge then go for it, if not then why are you still reading this? Nows your time to be in the history books.

    We are also recruiting staff member read the paragraph below if you are interested in that.

    Learn more about the server:

    We are looking to expand the Staff Team on the server. Before you decide to apply I’d like you to know a few things before applying. After reading everything stated below decide if you’re worthy enough to be in our staff team.
    - An active player on a server
    - Genuinely enjoys what we offer on our server
    - Helpful and nice to be around
    - Has a professional attitude with the responsibility of the rank
    - Can handle intense/stressful situation (Rare cases)
    - Respectful towards everyone on the server regardless of their background.
    - Can respond and check discord frequently.

    IP: ArcticForestMC.net
    Discord: https://discord.gg/qysH26d

    If you are interested in applying join our server. In-game type /apply and fill out the application. Don’t forget to join our discord server!

    Keep in mind, you can’t just straight into an admin rank. You have to start from Helper and work your way up.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask by replying below or DM me on discord: Ace_Monkey_Ilium#4050

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