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    I'm the owner of Abominable SMP, a server thats so small the most weve had on is 10 people. at this point we only really have 3 on. The thing is, I'm the only person to stop griefers, and I'm not on at night (est). A few weeks ago we had one night mod but they were corrupt and destroyed everything. There is no pay (rn at least) and there is no discord. All I need is a general understanding of moderation and that you can be on at night (est). I will msg you if I think your okay and if you lie I will be sad. There is no other penalty, just the fact that you have to live the rest of your life knowing you ruined someones day. Also, theres no reason to lie. I'm litterally looking for anyone that meets those two requirements. You dont even need past experience. Just need help. Also, if your wondering why you should apply to a payless discordless server, it is background experience for you to be able to get into larger servers.

    IP: abominable.apexmc.co

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