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    posted a message on 1.16.5 SMP | ⚔️ [ - The Multiverse - ] ⚔️ | Survival 🎒 | New Server 🆕 | Player Run Economy 💵
    ➤IP: 10047.aquatis.io
    ➤Discord Link

    Do you love Survival? We do too! Join our fully custom server, - The Multiverse!
    The Multiverse is a Survival Experience Like No Other, you may think survival is boring, well you haven't joined us to bring you that overall new experience, join today!

    Plugins Enabled
    -Multiplayer Sleep
    -Fast Leaf Decay
    -Anti Creeper Grief and Ghast Grief
    -Double Shulker Shells
    -More Mob Heads
    -Player Head Drops

    Hope we see you there!
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    posted a message on Welcome to The Multiverse! [SMP]

    Hello everyone. Welcome to the Multiverse! Very recently me and a couple of friends have chosen to create a Minecraft server! This is a new server so there wont be very many members but that should soon change. In our Minecraft server we will have plugins, a shopping district and much more.

    We are looking for people 15+ to play on our server. If you seem mature enough we might even except you if your younger. This survival experience is for people looking for a non-toxic environment to express themselves in Minecraft! If you are interested you can add me (Alex/abbt#3428)or (dysph#9225) on discord!

    We hope to see you guys there! - The Multiverse

    Plugins Enabled

    Multiplayer Sleep

    Fast Leaf Decay

    Anti Creeper Grief and Ghast Grief

    Double Shulker Shells

    More Mob Heads

    Player Head Drops

    AFK Display

    (P.S this is a whitelist-only server so you must add me or dysph#9225 !)

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