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    The horsemen seem to be a reference of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Neat little change, and it looks like the undead horses will now be ridden and tamed in survival.

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    The option to disable the suggestion is NOT valid reasoning to those that oppose it.

    I would agree with all others; implementation of this is not necessary when there are many, many programs that allow you to do so. Those that want to vocally chat can utlize them, those that don't won't need to be bothered with.

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    posted a message on Left-click mashing nerfed!

    Remember when PvP was ruined after sprinting was added? Remember when it was ruined after hunger? After enchantments? After brewing? After health potions nerfs?

    Despite the amount of hatred and dislike towards the changes in the combat system, the community will learn to adapt or stick to the past. These kind of changes are expected to happen, even if it means to learn how to play the game again. Strategy existed 1.8 and below. So will it after 1.9.

    Now that they've done with click-mashing, their new task should be tackle down the horrid defense imbalance with armor tiers and enchantments.

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    I mean, this is only the 4th snapshot, things are going to be added/removed, and hopefully, (this is my opinion) spam clicking would not be removed.

    Except that exactly this has been one of the most requested change in the community. Those people die a lot because they have yet to get accustomed to this new system. Timing enhances the strategy required to PvP, something that couldn't been done before other than clicking as fast as you could. That was not fun.

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    posted a message on Whats going on, no new content in 9 or more months?
    Quote from LeslieGilliams»

    There are far more threads discussing lag in 1.8 than threads praising performance increases in 1.8.

    In fact, I cannot find a single thread discussing the "massive increases in performance" in 1.8.

    Those dissatisfied with a product tend to be louder than those satisfied.

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    posted a message on TNT Offs v2 - Minigame: 800 Sub Special
    Do you hear that? That's the sound of you not launching destructive TNT! I present to you, the long awaited TNT Offs v2! The goal of the minigame is simple: Be the last one standing in an epic battle with TNT. With random items falling from the sky, your experience will always be unexpectedly different. Don't implode of excitement just yet! There are many settings to choose from, including 6 unique maps, and 6 unique challenge modes which further vary the experience.

    Thank you to all of you who have stayed with me all these days even though it may have seen that I had forgotten. I spent much more effort on this minigame, three months worth of development. I appreciate all of your support, as I do take a bit of my time everyday to carefully read the messages that I get when you subscribed, or will subscribe, to me.

    If you decide to join the server, there are only five simple rules you have to follow.
    1. Don’t be a jerk to other players.
    2. Don’t try to break a map purposefully.
    3. Be kind and respectful to all players.
    4. Try to keep inappropriate language to a minimal.
    5. Have fun!

    If you decide to download the minigame, follow these simple steps.
    1. Download TNT Offs zip file from the link above.
    2. Extract all of its contents into your server folder. If prompted to replace existing files or documents, accept.
    3. Start the server, enjoy!

    No one on the server? Invite some people, spread the word! The best way to get people to play on the server is to let others know that TNT Offs exists. If you have a channel, you may do so by recording gameplay footage, or anything that best fits you. You would be doing all of us a favor, and I would greatly appreciate the support and efforts in helping TNT Offs grow.

    To start the world, press the button attached to a box with a sign that is in the lobby. Once you do so, the box will disappear and you'll be ready to play TNT Offs v2! The minigame does come with a specialized resource pack that only changes the texture of the TNT to 'TNT OFFS' TNT that presents a more dynamic aspect to the explosive block. I really recommend using it, but of course, it is completely optional!

    Originally, the title for the subscriber special had originally been 500, but then I realized I was 300 subscribers over that mark, so now it's 800. This is why you see in the video that it's 500 instead of 800.

    So what are you waiting for? Hop onto the server with friends and/or download the completely vanilla Minecraft TNT Offs v2 now! Anyone with a Minecraft account can join, the server is not whitelisted.
    Server IP: WickedPerfection.net:5545

    TNT Offs v2.03
    Download Link: http://goo.gl/APTv6s

    You must be in the 1.8 official release or higher!

    Recommended dedicated RAM for TNT Offs v2: 4GB
    If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to report a bug, please do so as soon as possible here: http://goo.gl/9KW5Iy

    If you can't join, or are seemingly in the middle of nowhere, relog. Relogging in usually fixes the problem, if not please send a bug report in the link above.

    Tremendous thanks to the Wicked Perfection Network.

    Music: Warrior Strife - Jingle Punks

    v2.03: 9/10/2014
    - Fixed armageddon stopping in the "Let it Rain!" challenge mode
    - Fixed the unexpected "Error!" message
    - Added version number stand to the lobby
    - Fixed what seemed to be residue of "shields" which are now giant purple-black checkered blocks
    v2.01: 9/8/2014
    - Fixed armageddon continuing before a round starts
    - Fixed item spawning ahead of its time
    - Fixed purple and bold names when a player without a parkour checkpoint has won
    - Enhanced the detection of players alive in a round by attaching a fill clock to it
    - Fixed hologram alignment (for the Wicked Perfection server)
    - Added a bit of color to the existing holograms
    - Added a hologram to the entrance of the parkour
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    posted a message on Regarding Summoning Rotated Armour Stands
    Quote from Mattmatts»
    Is it possible to pose the legs? IF so, say like "RightLeg,LeftLeg", the kinda stuff you would INSERT in a command. (Joints mabye?)


    You may edit the following command to fit your needs.
    /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~  {NoBasePlate:0b,NoGravity:0b,Invisible:0b,DisabledSlots:0,Equipment:[{},{},{},{},{}],Pose:{Body:[0.0f,0.0f,0.0f],LeftArm:[0.0f,0.0f,0.0f],RightArm:[0.0f,0.0f,0.0f],LeftLeg:[0.0f,0.0f,0.0f],RightLeg:[0.0f,0.0f,0.0f],Head:[0.0f,0.0f,0.0f]}}
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    Quote from LeslieGilliams»
    If you go to the Minecraft store today what version will they sell you?

    They would sell you the release; however, with a free optional update presented by Mojang.
    Quote from pefan»

    wrong and wrong and wrong again. i really hate to say this but those hate trains usually leave the game and lets all face it minecraft is not going to last for ever it will sad to see it die but it will happen and its updates like these that will cause the down fall there has just been too much hate for every update example back in beta and even early 1.1 1.2 official there was not a lot of hate for those updates (maybe beta 1.8 ok a lot of hate for that one) but the example is 1.6 1.7 and now 1.8 have been causing an outrage

    Present factual evidence concerning the incorrect postulation that Minecraft sales have dropped down over the course of 1.5 - 1.7, only then will you be credible. Those updates received major formal and informal criticism, yet, Minecraft sales have thrived and will continue thriving until Mojang stops the development process for Minecraft.

    Instead, the updates have presented exponential growth over the given time.
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    Quote from Kholdstare»

    In other words, pretty meh, like most updates. If only they would get their priorities straight and not push out an update chock full of bugs focused on aspects of Minecraft that really don't need improving right now.

    Except that logic is contradictory for many others; which the given time in attempting a fix on these bugs would continue the widespread of "1 YEAR IS NOT WORTH IT!".
    Quote from LeslieGilliams»

    If someone buys 1.8 they are getting a crap product.

    No one bought 1.8. We bought the game for what it was then, not what it is now.

    However, such claim is highly subjective, and yet it is treated as a significant fact. Please post real criticism, not this useless comment which is of no necessity to anyone.
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    Quote from RedAbsol0»

    There is literally no reason to continue developing for Mojang.

    This is simply not true. There are many reasons as to why Mojang continue producing updates. One of the major reasons is profit; Mojang's top-selling game is indeed Minecraft. Create a stationary atmosphere, and sales drop. Not a wise decision. However, it does amuse me that the updates are not your normal paid DLC, and are actually free, unlike most popular games. We can all thank them for that, but we can't go on and say they are pure and that they're doing this from the bottom of their heart.

    Quote from LeslieGilliams»

    Besides, the game isn't finished. Just because they called it "released" it is not a "finished, polished" product.

    I haven't heard this argument before. /sarcasm

    You did not pay for a finished product. You paid for the release that came with the game, not all the updates following.

    Quote from pefan»

    lag can ruin a game it needs to be fixed to be honest minecraft can be one of the best games of all time then in minutes the lag and issues make it unplayable been like that since alpha over 4 years ago. like i said LAG RUINS GAMES

    Then why waste time here? You are not efficiently making use of this time, when you can be creating something fundamental to aid your needs; such as a bug report. When there's hundreds of more things added to a game, you can obviously expect the game to run on more resources. It's simply, indeed, not the same as Alpha.
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