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    posted a message on How big is 1.9

    Biggest? No. Big? Yes. 1.9 would be the biggest update content-wise based on the magnitude for quite a while.

    Although it still baffles me how some people can reduce the update so much into a few words, even though there's quite a lot of evidential changes and new content to go around. I still believe there's a long way ahead, considering Mojang has yet to touch the Wither as stated on the first page of the main 1.9 thread.

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    posted a message on Local Voice Chat

    The option to disable the suggestion is NOT valid reasoning to those that oppose it.

    I would agree with all others; implementation of this is not necessary when there are many, many programs that allow you to do so. Those that want to vocally chat can utlize them, those that don't won't need to be bothered with.

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    posted a message on Left-click mashing nerfed!

    Remember when PvP was ruined after sprinting was added? Remember when it was ruined after hunger? After enchantments? After brewing? After health potions nerfs?

    Despite the amount of hatred and dislike towards the changes in the combat system, the community will learn to adapt or stick to the past. These kind of changes are expected to happen, even if it means to learn how to play the game again. Strategy existed 1.8 and below. So will it after 1.9.

    Now that they've done with click-mashing, their new task should be tackle down the horrid defense imbalance with armor tiers and enchantments.

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    posted a message on New additions to stats_icons.png?

    Excellent discovery, who knows what other changes and additions are in store for us.

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    posted a message on Please change 1.9

    I mean, this is only the 4th snapshot, things are going to be added/removed, and hopefully, (this is my opinion) spam clicking would not be removed.

    Except that exactly this has been one of the most requested change in the community. Those people die a lot because they have yet to get accustomed to this new system. Timing enhances the strategy required to PvP, something that couldn't been done before other than clicking as fast as you could. That was not fun.

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper»

    Ender Dragon got updated again, new changes are pretty substantial. Her charge knockback attack is back and a lot more persistent, you're probably going to need feather falling and some ender pearls now to avoid fall damage.

    • Charging attack is back, climbing up pillars is a lot harder now. Seems to do it a lot more the closer you are to crystals.
    • More ender crystals are caged, 4 now instead of 2.
    • The AOE of the Ender Acid attack is much larger, she'll damage you in a 360 degree radius. Don't get near her.
    • Now cancels Ender Acid attack more often if you're damaging her while too far away, she won't just sit there and take arrows forever now. Also appears to be a damage threshold before she takes off again.
    • She will immediately charge at you after finishing or canceling the Ender Acid attack, it will take multiple arrow hits to stop her
    • Fireballs are more accurate, though there seems to be a problem where she destroys them accidentally due to the way they spawn
    • Does more damage in general it seems. I got nicked in the ass by a fireball trying to climb a pillar and lost about half my health in iron armor.

    So far I haven't killed her legit without dying from fall damage or something, her knockback is a lot more cheap than before. But I'm using simple iron armor gear, which is stuff that would have won the fight with ease last snapshot. In a real attempt you'll want feather falling, enderpearls, and maybe a regeneration potion. I don't think diamond armor is necessary though.

    IMO the Ender Dragon is designed much better than the Wither. She relies more on AI and attack patterns instead of constantly spamming you with fireballs, and she doesn't require overpowered gear because she's unfair like the Wither. If you don't know the attack patterns you'll probably get wrecked badly though.

    Ever since The End arrive onto the console version, I highly appreciated the fact that the fight was different than the Java version. Attack patterns were consistent and predictable, up to the point where you can stay alive as long as you know them. However, it was incredibly easy. I remember asking a suggestion time ago that requested the brutal behavior of the 1.8 Java dragon to be integrated into consoles'. And here we are, a wish come true. Still, the fireball attack is very lackluster and uncreative. I hope that changes soon, at least provide it with a unique projectile that is actually effective in damaging the player.

    It seems that with the dragon, the developers want the player to engage in ranged battle while she is "protecting" the portal due to how she doesn't let anyone get near her. That's fine, but shooting her from a few blocks across with a bow without taking a single hit is not exactly fun.

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    posted a message on Invisibility arrows? What?
    Quote from Emerald_God»

    As I said, it still causes damage, which, if your friend had low health, that arrow might kill him. Also, Armor doesn't get affected with invisiblility so your friend must go "naked" Also, why not just simply drink a potion?

    Also, if you are in a pvp server or a factions server, if you were to miss an arrow, the noise... A normal pvper by hearing that noise will destroy you if he finds you. Also, he'd hear the creeper hurt, and might get suspicious. And remember, invisiblity potions leave particle effects. It'd be easy to figure out it's a creeper from the sizziling and the noise when you hurt the "magical totally not suspicious particles"

    Then you would place the fault at the invisibility status effect, not the arrow. The invisibility arrow is as crucial as an instant health arrow, which is used to heal teammates in the heat of battle. They can stack, unlike normal potions conserving inventory per use of an arrow. Everything is situational, therefore the circumstance and consequence may not always prove to be the case.

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    posted a message on Whats going on, no new content in 9 or more months?
    Quote from LeslieGilliams»

    There are far more threads discussing lag in 1.8 than threads praising performance increases in 1.8.

    In fact, I cannot find a single thread discussing the "massive increases in performance" in 1.8.

    Those dissatisfied with a product tend to be louder than those satisfied.

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    posted a message on Custom Monster Spawner Help

    You could possibly use a combination of command blocks and the spawner itself using the /blockdata command.

    Using a redstone clock, you need to test for the player's position centered in on the designated spawner, with the desired radius. If the command block returns true, then change the delay in the spawner to 0 using /blockdata, which would instantly spawn the entities.

    This is an example of a functioning /testfor command, you can use this for the testing, simply replace <range> with the range you want and the <x>, <y>, and <z> with the coordinates of the spawner.

    /testfor @a[r=<range>,x=<x>,y=<y>,z=<z>]

    This command would change the spawn delay of the spawner to 0.

    /blockdata <x> <y> <z> {Delay:0}

    Conjoin the two commands with a comparator and it should work.

    It is crucial to set the maximum and minimum delay of the spawner to a very high number so you don't get multiple spawns upon sticking around in its range. You can do this by standing on top of the spawner and then entering this command in chat:

    /blockdata ~ ~-1 ~ {MaxSpawnDelay:999999,MinSpawnDelay:999999}

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]
    Quote from SadGhoster87»

    That was completely unneeded and uncalled for. You make it seem like anyone who made a suggestion about Minecraft combat (in a place specifically created for making suggestions about Minecraft combat) who wants duel wielding and spears spells it doel welding and speers, and you're saying anyone who desires them are derps. You insulted a large part of the suggestion community in a way that was completely unneeded.

    That's not it. The point is that simply adding spears or dual wielding will not at all fix the incredibly dull and flawed combat system that we have. The way suggestions are presented do not improve combat, but merely adds on to it.

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    posted a message on Poll: So 1.8.1 Doesn't Work Either? - 1.8 The Update that Killed Minecraft
    As with the process of technological advancement, it is certainly not an equivocal assertion that Minecraft has progressed in this matter. Unfortunately, this would render those with relatively aged computers in the dust. However, this is what you would call the process of life.

    As conceited as one perceived to be once said, "Why SHOULD I get a new computer just to play one game!",which correlates to the response, "Why should Mojang downgrade their game simply to support you?"
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    posted a message on 100 ways to die in minecraft
    #5 was skipped.

    5. Being vaporized by Elder Guardian's LAZERSZZ.

    Or lasers at all in general.

    Lasers are cool.
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    posted a message on Tattered Books?
    Quote from rygops»
    Still it is possible to copy a book by putting it in a chest and using the /clone command on it. (maybe OT here?)

    Any other method of copying the books is still available to your disposal; the only explicit change as a result from a tattered book is the inability to copy them using a crafting table as stated above.
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    posted a message on Poll: So 1.8.1 Doesn't Work Either? - 1.8 The Update that Killed Minecraft
    There is an astonishing amount of assertions without the assisting sufficient evidence of such. We cannot help YOU or any other person who endures similar issues without corresponding information, such as the specs of your computer.
    Quote from IMACREEPERR»

    How would it be my computer its brand new that doesnt make any sense.

    What doesn't make any sense is to why you believe your situation cannot be comprehended. In a placement of perspective, any object or experience may be a "new" and "refined" thing to you, if said thing is something that hasn't been had or experienced before. However, whether it is new to you or not is irrelevant, your new computer could may still be running on 32-bit software for all that we know.

    Provide the relevant information that we are looking for, and only then can we determine the problem. Provide your system specs! Until then, we have the right to say that your computer is the cause of the problem, until you prove otherwise.

    Quote from undefined »

    And yes, I have a high spec PC. And newest graphics cards, windows 8.1, java newest update. Also my 1.7.10 can run with 86 mods and NO lag at all.

    Odd I can play high quality games on my $500 (USD) laptop, but my 1.8/1.8.1 on MC is crap, horrible lag. Makes no since :mellow:

    Different games require different system desideratum. You would obtain inadequate results from the comparison of two completely different games, up to the extremity at which impels any conclusion drawn to be invalid.

    There is another thread in this forum that centralizes in 1.8's performance issues. Please continue on that one.
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    posted a message on 3 Ways to die in Creative - The Death Potion (Only Uses 1 Command Block)
    Or /kill @a...

    Creative method, nonetheless.
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