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    Welcome to Auto Parkour!

    Auto Parkour is a Minecraft Mini-Game which involves players running along a Parkour track. However, this map generatres a brand new course each playthrough, and can be completely configured! That not enough for you? How about we throw in a little... motivation. With the feature of the 'Death Cloud', players will be forced to run the course as fast as they can to avoid being eaten by the massive smoke monster! Think you have what it takes to beat your friends and conquer the Death Cloud?

    - NOTE: Must be playing on Minecraft 1.8 or higher!

    Game Features:
    • Randomly generated Parkour for each game
    • Ability to toggle "Death Cloud"
    • Timer and Victory Counter


    Think you're good at Parkour? How about you take this little challenge:
    - Set Time to Night
    Send me a link to your video down below on you trying to complete this challenge, or even just any video you made of this!

    Click Here!


    Planned Implementations (Unofficial):
    • Obstruction Meteors
    • New Multiplayer Version
    • Spectator Mode Improvements
    • Customization on Cloud/Track textures

    - Version 1.5
    • Death Cloud can now be seen from farther distances
    • Bug Fixes

    - Version 1.4
    • Changed Parkour Blocks from Quartz to Diorite for better visibility
    • Removed name "aaronDAYTON" from the scoreboard (Whoops)
    • Bug fixes
    - Version 1.3
    • Bug fixes
    - Version 1.2
    • Added ability to change track size
    - Version 1.1
    • Fixed bug from losing health in Zen Mode
    - Version 1.0
    • Release Version

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    From the creator of the Adventure Time Adventure Map, one of the darkest adventure maps you'll ever play, Corridors!

    You are a newbie. You ask your friend to give you a tutorial of the game of Minecraft, and so he opens up a new world. As you look at your surroundings, you are stunned by the beauty of the naturally created landscape as you begin to punch trees, kill pigs, and build dirt homes. Then, you find yourself equipped with a wooden pick, sword, leather armor, and some food, and begin mining. But of course, you break the #1 rule of the game: DO NOT MINE STRAIGHT DOWN! Your mentor tries to stop you, but you continue to progress downward on your search for the mystical coal ore. But, instead of falling into a ravine, or lava pool, or something normal, you fall downwards into a dark, damp dungeon unlike any other structure seen by player. Now, you have no mentor, no way up, no escape. All you have is the remains of your inventory, and a voice heard in the distance ready to guide you...

    • Custom Resource Pack with music written and non-written by aaronDAYTON
    • A "Legend Of Zelda" feel to the game
    • Unique puzzles and gameplay
    • Custom monsters including Flaming Dispencers, Flying Creepers, and The Dark Undead
    • Intense story/dialogue
    • Usage of 1.7's /summon, /setblock, etc.
    • Creative dungeon items/mechanics
    • Action, adventure, and puzzle
    • A real challenge for even the best of players


    Click Here To Download


    Want to become a member of my build team? Register here! http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2525701-build-team-needed-corridors-part-2-possibly-atam2/

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    One of my greatest masterpieces! For all you crazy adventure time fans, I'm making an adventure map with loads of adventure time fun, including challenges from actual episodes, including: They Went to the Nightosphere, Beautopia, Trouble In Lumpy Space, and more! Including the texture pack by Leonel,(http://www.planetmin...ure-time-craft/) and the game we all know and love, it's a can't miss extravaganza that everyone will be talking about! I hope you check it out! :D



    Download Here

    I recently checked the total amount of downloads (PMC and MF) and we've reached over 50000
    downloads! Thank you to all of the people who have played this map, and I hope you enjoyed every second
    of it!

    Also, the top 3 Let's plays of this map will be able to play the pre-release of the sequel! Already made one?
    Send us the link to the video! Haven't made one yet? There's plenty of time, so do it whenever you please!

    Finally, be sure to check out the discussion page for the second map to give us suggestions on things to add! Link: http://www.minecraft...dventure-map-2/

    Check Out My Newest Map: Corridors!
    Link: http://www.minecraft...and-the-portal/

    - Medieval Cascade
    - Adventure Time Adventure Map 2
    - Corridors
    - Minotaur Minigame
    - MC Infected (Out Now!)

    • Beautopia (Optional Challenge)
    • Up A Tree (Optional Challenge)

    ADVENTURE TIME 2, 3 & 4:
    Adventure Time 2 Episode Levels:
    * Paper Pete
    * Guardians Of Sunshine
    * Death In Bloom
    * Tree Trunks (?)
    * It Came From The Nightosphere
    Adventure Time 3 Episode Levels:
    * The Lich
    * Finn The Human
    * Jake The Dog
    Adventure Time 4 Episode Levels:
    * Death In Bloom
    * Dungeon
    * From Bad To Worse


    • Creator: AaronDAYTON
    • Beta Testers: Snorlaxisfat, Slimeball555, Hoppinghippo, Yakonvsgoku, and Mvarevalo
    • Texture Pack: Leonel
    • HD Patcher: PCLewis
    • Based off of the hit T.V. series Adventure Time by Cartoon Network

    Want to join my Build Team? Register here! http://www.minecraft...possibly-atam2/

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    I must say, I do like the new look for the Minecraft Forums. It is a brighter, more inviting website to be on, and with the easy access to the twitter, facebook, and youtube pages, it will definitely increase the popularity of David and Toby!

    Sorry this isn't much, but I just wanted to give you guys another thumbs up! ;)
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    Hey guys, there's something you should know...I'm... kind of not working on this map anymore.If you're reading this and are possibly banging your head against your computer screen, I don't blame you. I've had so many hits with the first, and I wanted more, but then I started Corridors.

    If you haven't played Corridors Part 1, I'll put a link at the end of this message, but Part 1 is focused on being challenging, Part 2 focuses on both Adventure and... well.. being dark.I'm so so SO sorry for all of you who had your hopes up on this map, but you never know, I may pick it back up.

    Now, you may be wondering why Corridors 2 would be considered "Better" than ATAM2. Well, it has more area to explore, much more freedom to do what you like, and the story, although Adventure Time's was pretty good, is WAY better. The feel of the map makes it seem like it's own unique game, and trust me, you will have fun playing it! If all goes well, I promise to finish this map, and if I fail, then you all can get NEPTR to throw pies at me for the rest of my life.

    I'm really sorry you had to find out this way, but I just don't want you guys waiting on something that may not ever come... :(

    Corridors Part 1: http://www.minecraft...and-the-portal/

    - Dad's Dungeon (Including Boss From The Show)
    - Tree Trunks' House
    - Nut Kingdom
    - Red Rock Pass
    - Awesome Credits
    - Trash Kingdom
    - New Choose Goose Shop System
    - Dialogue Through Command Blocks
    - Different Finn Colour Armor
    - Multiple Boss Fights
    - Audio From "Hey Ice King! Why'd Ya Steal Our Garbage?!!"
    - Hunsen Abadeer Fight (LeDuh)
    - Different Game Situations (Things happening before in the game can change what happen later in the game)
    - Awesome Side-Quests I don't want peeps to know about until the map is released :P
    * Choose Goose's Magical Bow (Allows you to shoot exploding arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows, etc.)
    * Music playing in different areas of the map(?) <- Still an idea, trying to figure out how to do it
    * New specialized weapons like Scarlet, Jake's Sword, Demon Blood Sword, Forest Sword and the Club!
    * BMO help! Use BMO to give you a hint when stuck!

    Finn Models

    Want to become a member of my build team? Register here! http://www.minecraft...possibly-atam2/
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    Quote from every1run97

    Another map I can't figure out why isn't exploding instantly, but maybe the video I will make on it will help.

    Imma record it for my YouTube channel

    Sweet man, you may want to get the newer version if you haven't started it yet, considering there's just a few fixes in dialogue and such... but if you've already started it's fine :)
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    Thanks. Me and my friend love watching this show so I thought it deserved an adventure map on it! The thing is only one other person has tried to make one and... well... in my perspective... not that great XD. No offence... But so anyways I'll work hard to make it the best adventure map you've ever played! :)
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