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    If you want to test when your holding the item, use this command:
    /testfor @a {SelectedItem:{id:minecraft:diamond_horse_armor,tag:{display:{Name:"healovaci amulet"}}}}

    If you want to test when your holding the item in a specific slot, use this command:
    /testfor @a {SelectedItemSlot:0b,Inventory:[{Slot:0b,id:minecraft:diamond_horse_armor,tag:{display:{Name:"healovaci amulet"}}}]}

    Hope this helps! ~ Aaron

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    You no longer need the MC Patcher for the map, this map was made in a much older version when that was necessary. Just look up the newest version of the Resource Pack and it should work fine!
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    It's undecided. I'm definitely going to finish Corridors Part 2 before I get to any other projects, but I will be posting a poll soon to decide what project I work on next, one of the options being ATAM2. Although, when I post this, please don't place your vote instantly on ATAM2. Just take a look at the other projects I have planned so you get the idea of other things I can work on, then place your vote. ;)

    Also, in case you wonder when Corridors 2 is coming out, I plan to have it done around the end of August, but don't me against that. :P
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    Quote from zakman97

    Ok First off The Launcher was updated so mcpatcher doesnt work because all minecraft.jar files are now in a verison folder
    I know, this map was made in 1.4.7 before the new launcher.
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    I must say, I do like the new look for the Minecraft Forums. It is a brighter, more inviting website to be on, and with the easy access to the twitter, facebook, and youtube pages, it will definitely increase the popularity of David and Toby!

    Sorry this isn't much, but I just wanted to give you guys another thumbs up! ;)
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    Quote from TheDestruc7i0n

    I understood that part, I was just wondering where your hopper clock for that was in the back
    The clock is located in the group of 3 in the back. The one you specifically want is the highest one of those three. If you wanted to know what TransferCooldown I used, it's 8 on both sides.
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    Quote from TheDestruc7i0n

    Hey, could you show me how your Timer works? I can't seem to find it in the MumboJumbo you have in the back....

    The starts by displaying itself through a command block that sets the display sidebar to the Timer objective. The timer's score is controlled by an independent hopper clock in which is configured to go off every second, adding one score to the player "Seconds". When the game ends, a redstone block is placed on the hopper clock, freezing the timer, then eventually has the score for Seconds reset and the display for sidebar is set to the Victories objective. It seems really complicated, but honestly, it only took 10 command blocks and a hopper timer.
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    Quote from DontJudgeMeHD

    I please you :D
    Is there no way to continue Adventure Time bc it was the best map my friend and i ever played
    We really loved the Texturepack and the whole story. I was crying when reading this i mean i know its hard to build something like that but if many fans would help itll be possible :)
    P.s. Sorry for my bad english and i will try corridor out today
    Look, I may still work on ATAM2, it's just I'm taking a break for now. I kind of lost inspiration to make the map after Corridors Part 2 started forming into my head, because it, in my opinion, is a whole lot more amazing. Then, if I start working on a map I don't want to work on, I rush it to get it over with, and isn't such a good map anymore. Once I finish Corridors Part 2 (And possibly updating #1 FINALLY), I'll look back into working on the map. Just know I'm not guaranteeing the map will be continued, but we'll see ;)
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    Welcome to Auto Parkour!

    Auto Parkour is a Minecraft Mini-Game which involves players running along a Parkour track. However, this map generatres a brand new course each playthrough, and can be completely configured! That not enough for you? How about we throw in a little... motivation. With the feature of the 'Death Cloud', players will be forced to run the course as fast as they can to avoid being eaten by the massive smoke monster! Think you have what it takes to beat your friends and conquer the Death Cloud?

    - NOTE: Must be playing on Minecraft 1.8 or higher!

    Game Features:
    • Randomly generated Parkour for each game
    • Ability to toggle "Death Cloud"
    • Timer and Victory Counter


    Think you're good at Parkour? How about you take this little challenge:
    - Set Time to Night
    Send me a link to your video down below on you trying to complete this challenge, or even just any video you made of this!

    Click Here!


    Planned Implementations (Unofficial):
    • Obstruction Meteors
    • New Multiplayer Version
    • Spectator Mode Improvements
    • Customization on Cloud/Track textures

    - Version 1.5
    • Death Cloud can now be seen from farther distances
    • Bug Fixes

    - Version 1.4
    • Changed Parkour Blocks from Quartz to Diorite for better visibility
    • Removed name "aaronDAYTON" from the scoreboard (Whoops)
    • Bug fixes
    - Version 1.3
    • Bug fixes
    - Version 1.2
    • Added ability to change track size
    - Version 1.1
    • Fixed bug from losing health in Zen Mode
    - Version 1.0
    • Release Version

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    Quote from Djgamer223

    I am good with redstone (stuff like piston elevators, Vending Machines, carts/rails) and im a good builder i love pixel art and i love adventure time adventure map and i love building big buildings! :)

    so can i be a helper now :3
    You can apply here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2525701-build-team-needed-corridors-part-2-possibly-atam2/#entry30181669
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    posted a message on Build Team Needed! - Corridors Part 2 (+ Possibly ATAM2!)


    Hey guys, aaronDAYTON here!

    Recently I've announced that I'm no longer working on the Adventure Time Adventure Map sequel, given the fact I have other projects I'm working on. Although, some may wonder why I can't work on ATAM2 as well as my other projects, or why I can't just work little by little on it. The thing is, for every project I make, completed or not, I end up losing inspiration for the map before I finish it, probably considering the fact it takes me quite a few months in order to make a decent map. The reason for that is I work solo.

    Although you may see around a dozen different names in the credits of my projects, none actually fully help me construct the whole of the map. Most are just beta-testers, playing through the map so I can see how it will play out for someone who has no experience with it before. This is why I feel it is time to hire a build team.

    Know there is no confirmed payment for doing this, but you will be listed in the credits of all projects you help in by your username and/or your real name. Also, I don't want anyone who will act immature while working on projects (Believe me, I get enough of that form my beta testers…). For a full list of requirements/optional traits that may help you join, please look in the list below.

    :Diamond: = Mandatory :Iron: = Optional (Lower Level) :GoldBar: = Optional (Higher Level)

    :Diamond: Good Building Skills
    :Diamond: Any Form Of Contact (Email, Skype, Forums)
    :Diamond: A Full Minecraft Account (No Cracked Accounts!)
    :Diamond: Basic Knowledge Of Server Commands (Don't worry, no Bukkit commands! ;) )
    :Diamond: Ability To Put Up With My Bossiness (Trust me, I'm very bossy as well as picky…)

    :Iron: Basic Redstone Knowledge
    :Iron: Storyline Writing Capabilities
    :Iron: Simple Command Block Knowledge

    :GoldBar: Command Block DataTag Knowledge
    :GoldBar: Skype (Easiest form of contact for me)
    :GoldBar: MCEdit Skills
    :GoldBar: Experience With Making Maps
    :GoldBar: 14+ (I'm not too picky. It's not the age you are, it's the age you act.)

    To register, just leave a comment/post/whatever you wish to call it below. Also, giving false information in your registration will cause you to be removed from the team if accepted. Also, every person who sent me a message on the Forums or PMC (And there are a lot…) will receive a link to this post so they may fully register for the team. I will also post the link on all my different projects so I can spread the post to as many people as I can.

    Also, know that when you join the team, you will be informed about future projects, spoilers to projects I'm working on, etc. This means, you cannot tell anyone about things upcoming until I announce it to the public! No spoilers!

    Finally, for those wondering about the "(+ ATAM2 Possibly!)" in the title, that will be answered in due time, it just depends on how everything goes with my projects! ;)

    So what are you waiting for? Register below! :D
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    posted a message on Corridors - Part 1: The Newbie, the Voice, and the Portal
    Quote from regidice

    Hey aaron, I was just wondering whether this is a multiplayer game type or singleplayer?
    This map can be played in both singleplayer and multiplayer, although there is one part which will only allow one person to enter the area, just for the mechanics in it do not support multiplayer… yet. When 1.8 comes out I will release an update that should be able to fix this.
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    hey dayton, I just played the first map and it is soooooooo awesastic I know you are not planning on working on it anymore, but just to let you know i would be overjoyed If you let me help build; i would be devoted to work on it whenever i can; i even have a fair understanding of redstone. I'm sure you have gotten these messages before but don't just let the series die! bring them back like Betty brought simon back to life by turning him into ice king again. please consider my offer.
    Look, it's not just flat out "I don't want to do it", it's just I have other projects in which, in my opinion, have a greater rank above ATAM2. There's also the fact that 1.7.2 came out, and although people may think that's GOOD, it honestly isn't. With everything I had worked on before 1.6.2 compatible, the new 1.7.2 features have made the redstone mechanics not work, and honestly, I don't think it's much fun having to re-write command blocks. Thirdly, I have issues for things I wanted to implement actually being able to work in the adventure map, wether it's one mechanism interfering with the other, or it just simply doesn't work.
    I'm sorry that this project never got too far, but I promise I will continue to work on my other one full on! (And possibly a few others with it ;) )
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    Quote from cassthemodmonkey

    the hax you where asking people to turn off is 1000% vannila minecraft it is called open to lan(cheats on).
    This was made before you could do so. :P
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    Quote from slimeball555

    i tried installing liek you told me too but the instuctions werent clear and now my junk is stuck in the toaster. you told me to zip then file? or do you uncompress then zip it up? pls help much confuse
    Nununo, you zip the file while in the toaster. Then you put your computer in the toaster and watch it explode. You will get knocked out from the explosion, and dream of being in the land of Ooo in Minecraft. Just make sure you're thinking REALLY HARD about being in the game... You may also want to throw in some pop-tarts, cuz once you wake up, you'll be hungry.
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