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    Summon custom mobs for map makers or for fun. Give mobs names, items and special attributes for elite mobs. For Minecraft 1.15, and earlier.

    What's Working

    • Naming and flags
    • More advance attributes
    • Equip items, weapons and armor, with drop rates
    • 1.15

    Todo list

    This is a first release, so quite a bit

    • Mounts, for passengers
    • Potion effect
    • Attribute improvements (min/max)

    Comments welcome

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    I've been working on a 1.14 banner maker

    Use this simple to use banner command generator, use it to design your own banner. The banner maker will create an in game give command.


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    Another online command generator, useful for those more unknown commands and for making items.

    What's Working

    • Enchantments
    • Name and Lore Text, Text Color
    • Search by block or entity name
    • Attributes
    • Armor Color
    • Adventure mode place/destroy
    • 1.13 and 1.12 Java, bedrock (experimental)
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    Web Based Minecraft Monitoring

    MyMineMin is a web based log parser to assist with administrating a Minecraft server. Works on desktop and mobile browsers access to give you a way to monitor activity on your server, even when your not logged into minecraft.

    Demo (v0.2)
    Forum: Support, bugs, questions


    • Web desktop and mobile browser access
    • Overview, Multi server
    • Chat log
    • Activity Log
    • Player Login Location Map
    • Easily view Whitelist, ban list and ops




    • Minecraft, tested with vanilla 1.8 and spigot/bukkit (looking for more logs)
    • Web server (developed for Apache, but others should work too), can be on different server to minecraft
    • MySQL database, can be on different server to minecraft
    • PHP
    • PHP – Zlib (default on most installs, required as old logs are compressed)


    Extract the files from the zip. There are 2 programs to install, the exporter script, and the web UI (User Interface).

    These instructions assume you know how to run php scripts, upload files to servers, manage mysql databases.


    1. Create the database and update the file config/db.php
    2. Run the SQL in the file install/install.sql on your mysql server, on many web servers you can use phpMyAdmin
    3. Remove the installation directory if it’s web accessible

    If you are running the exporter and UI on different servers, make sure that those servers can access the database, you may need to add their IP to the list of IPs that can access the database remotely.


    Single Server
    If your web server and minecraft server are on the same server then copy all files across. Remove the install folder.

    Multiple Servers
    For web servers, remove the exporter and install folders.


    The script for exporting the data to the database is exporter/cron.php

    For servers exporting data you will need to configure config/servers.php. This file contains the list of individual minecraft server installs to export. This does not need to be configured on the UI as details are read from the database.

    1. First time, run at the command line with a user that has permission to read the minecraft log files. This will bulk load into the database and expose any errors. This process may take some time.
    2. Run again to get an idea of the time it takes to parse the daily logs, remember most your users will probably play at night so allow more time.
    3. Add exporter/cron.php to cron or other scheduling program at 10 – 60 intervals to suite your needs. Be careful to not have exports overlap, this will cause duplication issues. On many linux systems you can use a program called flock to force one instance only to run at a time.

    UI (User Interface)

    View the folder through a web browser after the export has run at least once.

    Common Issues

    Can not access/can not read errors
    Either $cfg[‘directory_minecraft’] is pointing to the wrong directory or the exporter doesn’t have read access to the files. For Apache you can either add www-data to your minecraft user group, or allow the files in the minecraft server directory to be read by all users (0775)

    It’s really slow!!!
    Speed depends on the size of the log files and the speed of your web server. Because we are parsing log files every line of the file must be read, so it can take a while with large files.

    Where’s the Auth?
    Currently use a password protected directory which most web servers have. Windows web servers IIS password protect directory and Apache .htaccess. Auth integration is in the works.

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    If you have the ability to run a web server on the same server as minecraft you could use my log parser. It crunches the data to make logs a little more user friendly.

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    Quote from Bulininarin»

    Then how do I get other people to be able to connect? isn't that the only way? D;

    You must get the server running over local lan before you can attempt people accessing it from the outside world.
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    The IP is for that of the PC the server is on. Not the IP you want to have and not the IP of your internet connection (external IP).

    Your server can not bind to an IP that the PC does not have.

    Set to blank, try connection to the IP of the PC server from within your network.

    Once you have that working, then set up port forwarding from your internet router to that PC.
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    Quote from poiihy»

    Omg you haven't DONE THAT ALREADY?

    You're avatar lines up exactly with that statement.

    Port forwarding is essential for external lan access.
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