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    posted a message on Looking for Xbox 360 gamers to play Minecraft with.
    nonoes777 add me on xbox live



    I made this post over 2 years ago and FORGOT about it and i've recieved SO MANY requests, not knowing where they are coming from.

    My friends list is full
    xbox live glitched out so now it doesn't think I even own the game
    i dont use my xbox anymore

    just stop guys
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    posted a message on Vanilla Ultra Hardcore
    I think you disable gamerule naturalregeneration so that you don't regen health, sethbling has done a video on it, but you'd need some sort of mod or nbt editor for changing the crafting recipe of a golden apple.
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    posted a message on The biggest Lies You have Heard About Minecraft
    Quote from nivram

    I'm the oldest dude on earth playing Minecraft.


    that's true though

    anyway, i heard that there is a 1/2 billion chance for a world to be all diamond
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    posted a message on a VERY simple idea for fixing those pesky orbs
    I LIED, i have 2 suggestions
    1: make each single orb worth a lot more, so every mob killed only drops 1 or 2, which would reduce the amount dropped on player death dramatically, but what if someone doesn't die for a long time? That brings me to suggestion 2.
    2: Every time a mob or the player is killed, they drop ONE orb. This orb has different colours for higher values. (reddish for a small amount, 3 or 4 normal orbs, and they slowly turn greener as you collect more, so if you die with a TON of experience, you drop 1 green orb plus your items, instead of lagging the server.)
    If you like this suggestion please click the green plus in the bottom right corner so that notch is more likely to see this.
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    posted a message on Who is your favourite fictional character?
    my girlfriend
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    posted a message on my toothbrush
    lets face it, you dont have a date, you're playing minecraft
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    posted a message on How much iron do you have saved up?
    currently 0 but i just dug 2 huge tunnels and filled them with a minecart system.... 12 hours total work using one double chest full of stacks of iron.... too lazy to count but i had 24 ingots left over... someone do the math for me
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