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    posted a message on Coders Needed
    I sent you a PM with my application, don't like posting my skype or other personal accounts here.

    i posted my gamertag when minecraft came out on xbox and i've had over 500 requests from all over the world.
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    posted a message on Rarest Thing(s) you've witnessed on Minecraft
    i've seen minceraft.

    also sometimes i manage to go caving without falling in lava.
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    posted a message on Redstone carparator bug
    press F2 next time you see this and find the file in your .minecraft folder, then upload it here.

    how tall are the stacks? what happens when you break the bottom block? what about the middle one? what happens when you place a block next to it?
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    posted a message on how to upgrade my amd driver for minecraft?
    just input your information (gpu model, cpu model, operating system, etc) and it will direct you to the correct download for their catalyst software which auto detects and downloads the drivers needed.
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    posted a message on Vanilla Ultra Hardcore
    I think you disable gamerule naturalregeneration so that you don't regen health, sethbling has done a video on it, but you'd need some sort of mod or nbt editor for changing the crafting recipe of a golden apple.
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    posted a message on Gunpowder Farming?
    Quote from Jackwitz

    Guys even though Creeper Spawners dont exist you could just Get SPC [Single player commands] and then say /spawnmob Creeper 10

    or just /give gunpowder.....

    OP, just build a mob trap like the ones woozie posted (not the dungeon one) and build it high in the air or light up all the caves underneath the trap and the surrounding area (i think its 128x128 for MAXIMUM efficency)
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    posted a message on Why should I use potions?
    carry around a speed potion (splash if you have a horse) so you can get around quickly, regeneration and/or instant health and/or resistance if you will be fighting.

    the rest are mostly useless unless you are fighting a boss, in which case bring strength potions as well.

    weakness or poison are usefull in PVP, but wasted on mobs because it only takes a few hits to kill them in the first place
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    posted a message on Hoppers aren't working?
    break the hopper, hold shift, right click on the top of the chest.
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    posted a message on Looking for a team. Youtube, minecraft etc.
    How about you do yours first, so we know who we're applying to join?
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    posted a message on How much RAM?
    you have 15 gb, your OS and whatever it is you do with browsers can't be more than 4, so i'd give it that much, for virtually lag free (unless you have bad connection)
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    posted a message on How do you troll? Best ways to troll!
    Quote from parkourpakman

    I say
    "hey do you want to make a trolling vid on youtube"


    "ok go and mine Diamonds and come back"

    he comes back

    "i am going to grow a tree under you and make you suffercate"

    "Yeah, ok"

    He suffercates

    and you say and that folks,is how you troll and get their Diamonds

    "nice troll"

    "go and get more Diamonds to show an other trolling method"



    oh my god that is genius...
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    posted a message on WHY, MOJANG? WHY?!

    i think you need to reinstall because i still see grass...
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    posted a message on 1.5.2 slow since 1.6.1 update
    I've had the same problem, try using the old launcher for 1.5 and previous, and use the new one for 1.6 and beyond
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    posted a message on Fraps makes Minecraft have giant lag spikes
    fraps creates HUGE files when recording, 1gb/min on rather low settings.

    you've probably filled up your hard drive with recordings. try deleting your older ones or uninstalling a program/game you don't play to free up space..

    you should think of investing in a new hard drive specifically for recordings...
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    posted a message on Unlimited Storage in One Spot!
    put the rail on top of a hopper and have the hopper going into a chest, that way you get an auto refilling chest
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