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    posted a message on I want to change my name.
    Quote from Lunar_Rain

    I tried changing my name as well, but it kept saying my password was incorrect, when I was entering it correctly. I posted a thread on Contact Forum Administration and I haven't gotten any replies yet. The name is not used too.

    But your name is cool :o
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    posted a message on What is the Biggest Lie a Teacher Has Ever Told You?
    Fourth Grade.
    "You're so Stupid" The Sub(Teacher) Said.
    Little did she Know.
    I'm a Straight A Student,( Well maybe Some B+'s Butttttttttttt)
    Quote from mnecraft

    "This isn't a project you can do overnight"

    Its Funny Because It Is!
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    posted a message on What's your favorite color?
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    posted a message on How do YOU manage your money?
    Spend it within a month mostly :l
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    posted a message on SquareOne SkyBlock --- #1 SkyBlock Server
    Panda's IGN Is
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    posted a message on The Should-be Craftable Mod!
    Looks Pretty Good!
    Though in the Horse armor,I dont think you should have a saddle.
    This is because you would need 2 saddles to ride a horse :o
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    posted a message on TobyGames...
    Yeah,he's in a TV show
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    posted a message on A huge message to ANYONE who goes to school!
    Quote from TheEBlocker

    Hello, i am TheEBlocker, and i would like to say a message to school people.

    If you see someone alone, TALK TO THEM! They might want company and it could mean a whole lot.
    If you see someone being bullied, stand up!
    If you see that someone is ignored and does not have friends, be a friend to them!
    There are WAY TOO MANY people who ignore some/all of these messages.
    In my school, there isnt bullying, but me and lots of other people are completley alienated from others.
    Only athletic jerks have lots of friends.
    Its pretty stupid.

    Oh, and criticize all you want, but im not listening to any of it :)

    Thanks for reading this. Bye.

    So Does that Make me a Jerk For Having Friends...?
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    posted a message on Doctor Who Splashes
    Ima Download Too :)
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    posted a message on How to pronounce your username!
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    posted a message on Riddles
    I Wear a Hat,I Have Many Nakama and Sail The Sea.

    Thats a Ez One :)
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    posted a message on What would be your reaction to getting mugged?
    Quote from FutureNyanCat

    I'll refuse them and then I'll say "Freeze! NYPD! You're under arrest!" holding a shotgun at them.

    Same Here,But That Depends On What Weapon,If Any Im Carrying.
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    posted a message on The Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said
    Quote from Raynbow

    Any time someone says "yolo" then does something stupid.

    The correct use of "yolo" would be to do things even more safely, if anything.

    No No,They Say Yolo As In,I Only Live Once,Its Now Or Never (Meaning If They Didnt Do It In This Life They Would Never Be able To Do It)
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    posted a message on Lands Of Carrerias 24/7 Rp server Coming out soon!
    Character age:26
    Character name:Gray,The Pirate King (His Birth Name is Grayson)
    Background story: Gray Has Been a Pirate Sense a Young Age (13-14ish)He Lived On The Streets,Till One Day (Age 5-7ish)a Oldish Wizard Named Koilewn (Coil-Ewn) Found and Adopted Him.Gray Was Able To Learn 1 Or 2 Spells At His age From The Old Wizard.But One Day The Old Wizard Was Arrested By The Navy/Police/PoPo/Guards ( I Dunno What Ara This is) Gray (Hes Now 11) Grew Hatred For The Force of People That Arrested Koilewn.a Year Later (age 12) Gray Broke Into The Prison And Rescued
    Koilewn But As They Were Escaping Koilewn Was Shot In The Back Of The Head (Oh Noes!). And That Was The Day Gray Become a Outlaw,He Then At Age 13 Became a Pirate,He Stole From The Rich And The Bakers(Pirate Doesnt Mean on a Boat And Sailing Thats Later).At Age 20 His Bounty Was 80 Thousand (Or Million Depending On The Type Of Money) (What Is The Money In This Realm/Time?).By This Time And Age He Bought a Ship (Named The Flying Panda) and Created His Crew (Of 15 Members) And At The Age Of 24 He Became The King Of Pirates!And His Bounty at 100000(0) Thousand! (Is a Great Swordsman/SharpShooter) (Knows 2 Spells From Koilewn)
    Traits:Strong,Long Hair,Smart,Rich,Dangerous,Fast,Not Ugly.
    Skin: Can I Just Show You Mine When Im Online.... I Dont Know How To Show You it. Its a Human Pirate Btw >.>
    Power Gaming: No Idea
    Meta Gaming : Still No Idea
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    posted a message on Should minecraft become free to play?
    Hell No!
    I Payed 25$ For It!
    I Wouldn't Mind If They Made it Cheaper Though.
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