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    omg one time i wuz playn meincraft n i walked outsid 1 mornin and ther wuz A CREEPER!!!!!!11!!111 :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS:


    den he blowd up mah house :steve_rage:
    i h8 creppers honest like and reply if u haet crepperz 2
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    Quote from StackyDavid

    Gotta say, I'd be pretty weirded out if I found something like that just randomly in an unexplored mineshaft. It was probably an old school Enderman, though

    Quote from PerryGreens

    Pretty spooky.It could have been an enderman or your cousin

    The chance of an Enderman (or several) picking up 5 log blocks and putting them all down directly next to each other is monumentally slim. In fact, astronomically slim.

    In fact, the chance of an Enderman placing a block on top of another block an Enderman has placed is astronomically slim.
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    Quote from CatalystPiG

    Eh, never mind, it could have been my cousin because I created the same world on single player and dug all the way down and didn't find any oak wood. It's either my cousin OR...someone else :o

    He's watching you.
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    >necrobumping my threads

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    If you're wearing full diamond armor, only two pieces need Protection IV; you'll be shielded from 95% of all damage.
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    I think the proper term for a group of creepers is NAMBLA
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    Quote from SilveraSea

    Those villager skins are terrifying
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    I might try this later today.
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    Quote from azarjeazar777

    YOU'RE complaining to US because YOU built an enderman farm that was totally up to YOU to make in the first place?

    He never complained; he simply made an observation.

    In direct response to OP, of course a farm is going to make the game easier. And of course being able to farm the most experience-lucrative mob in high numbers is going to make the game easiest.

    Consider it your reward for killing the Ender Dragon and beating the game. Now you can get some pickaxes that dig slightly faster than your other pickaxes.
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    Quote from Boundegar

    This is why I don't even bother making TNT. It's useless on SSP, and I don't really want to blow up my friends. And blowing up a creeper with TNT is kind of a waste of both.

    There's plenty to do with TNT on SSP.

    Remove mountains.

    Clear underground spaces.

    Kill yourself and destroy your items- in style.

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    Erm. I'm 11 and. I don' t have many time to fix it, because I have examination for this week. Please be patient.


    What, you need to study so you can multiply one-digit numbers?
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    Quote from pi4t

    [size=medium]Are you [/size][size=medium]absolutely certain beyond the vaguest doubt that you[/size][size=medium] didn't miss out another 'not' in that sentence?[/size]

    Re-inspect the sentence. It definitely passes quality control standards now.
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    Quote from 2weirdy

    Why did they delete your account in the first place?

    Long story short: I trolled too hard and got perma'd.
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    Quote from Epicness1324

    I remember your last Anti-Grief tutorial.

    This one is much better, but not as funny.

    I am disappoint BlindMoron.

    I wrote one of these before? Where the hell is it?

    I'd check my old account's content listing but they actually DELETED my old account.
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    A Comprehensive Anti-Grief Guide
    by A Blind Moron


    Before I get too in-depth with this guide, let me just stress a few things.

    -This isn't 100% effective, obviously; nothing is. But since I started following the information I'm about to share with you, I've never been griefed. Ever. And I've built a lot of [profanity="shit"] in my day. Maybe you'll have worse luck than me.

    -This guide is written by an ex-griefer. I know how they think because I used to be one.

    -This guide covers various strategies that will keep your stuff intact for as long as possible. It helps when you're playing on large servers that are building oriented... and it helps even MORE when playing on servers that are survival/PvP oriented. If that's not what you came here to read, leave now before I bore the [profanity="shit"] out of you.

    Now that that's out of the way, let's actually get into this guide.

    Intro Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

    The Mindset of a Griefer

    If you understand how griefers operate you'll know why everything I'm about to tell you is effective. A griefer has one of two motivations for targeting you. Either you've been singled out for some reason (maybe you pissed off the griefer, or he just hates your guts), or you're an innocent bystander with a building in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the former is the griefer's motivation, he's going to be a LOT harder to stop. However, if he's motivated by the latter, thwarting him is easier. For reference, the griefer who's guided by revenge will be called a revenge griefer and the one who's out for a cheap laugh will be called a thrill grief. My first grief was guided by revenge. The rest of them were simply for thrills.

    A Revenge Griefer: Will hunt you down. He'll try to find out where your valuables are, where your structures are... where the things you care about are. And he'll pillage them. The only way to avoid this is to keep him from finding out where your things are. If he knows where they are, consider yourself [profanity="fuck"]ed. There's no defense against this without some sort of server-side intervention.

    A Thrill Griefer: comes onto a server, gets some supplies ready, and then proceeds to destroy as much as possible in as little time as possible. Then he leaves and most likely never returns. A thrill griefer doesn't invest as much time as a revenge griefer does because it's not personal to him. He just wants to break something. Therefore, the most noticeable things are always struck first. If your base is too much trouble to destroy, it's safe from this type of griefer.


    1. Invisibility is KEY.

    In all my time spent griefing, I can confidently say that I've never destroyed something that I haven't found. So here's a few methods to keep your bases hidden from view and therefore in a happy state of not-blown-to-bits.

    - Build far from spawn. FAR. The farther out, the better. No thrill-griefer is going to walk 5000 blocks to break a house if there's one to break in his view as soon as he spawns in the server. This is the most effective way to keep your stuff safe. My thrill griefs never lasted more than 20 minutes without some kind of destruction taking place. I assume most griefers follow the same patterns because when I build far away, nobody ever finds my base. Here's a rule of thumb: if it takes more than 30 minutes to physically get to your base, it's safe from thrillers. Another tip: don't go in one cardinal direction straight from spawn. for example, don't just pick East and go 5000 blocks that way and build a castle. If for some reason an anomalous griefer decides to head directly east until he finds a suitable target, he'd stumble right onto your stuff. If you go 5000 blocks east and then 1000 blocks north, you'd be perfectly safe.

    - Build underground. Let's assume that someone did take the time to travel 5000 blocks east and 1000 blocks north. But he doesn't see your base. Why? Because it's all underground; and the entrance is so well-hidden that he'd never think to look for that ladder hidden underneath the lake. And he'd never see it without some sort of client-hack. Which brings me to my next point: X-Ray hacks can't see through lava. If you want to REALLY hide your base, build it underneath a lava lake, or manufacture a lava lake that wouldn't immediately stand out to someone looking underground via hacks- then make that put that lake one or two blocks above your ceiling. The less boxy it looks, the better.

    - Don't tell people where your base is unless you ABSOLUTELY trust them. People you should tell include: real life friends who you told to join you on this public server and people who you have known a long time over the internet across multiple games. Don't tell server admins, and don't tell people who you randomly meet on the server and decide to team up with. An admin with a personal grudge against you could grief your [profanity="shit"] and never be punished for it. Alternatively, the person who you revealed your house to might be a thrill-griefer; or he might later get pissed off at you and decide to burn down your house and steal your stuff. Once, someone on a server I recently started playing on asked me if I wanted to go join his town. He told me the coords to a well-constructed underground wooden city, complete with a lava-shield blocks above the cavern in order to protect against X-Rayers. It was several thousand blocks away. The entrance was a portal that could only be accessed via the Nether. If he hadn't told me where it was, I never would have punctured the ceiling and allowed lava to flow over all of the structures.

    - Build so high up in the sky that your base is invisible. Personally I'm not sure if this works on a build-oriented server, but it certainly works in PVP servers. There's a certain distance where nothing renders because it's too far away, even in the same chunk. If you have a giant base at Y-230, it's invisible from sea level (y-64). It would simply appear as a mysterious shadow on the ground to people walking through the area, but they'd never see the base. In all likelihood, they'd just think it was a glitch and keep on going. I build a somewhat-small high-Y base on a PvP server and it was never found. If nobody found it, it's probably a good defense against thrill-griefers.

    2. Things NOT to Do

    There's more things to avoid doing than things to actually do when it comes to griefer defense. Here's a list of why certain "defenses" are just wastes of time.

    -Never build traps. Most traps are obvious anyway, and easily avoided. But certainly NEVER build traps that include TNT, especially not self-destruct buttons. If you're blowing something up, you're helping the griefer by destroying your own creation faster. Even if you kill him in the process and he loses his stuff, who gives a [profanity="shit"]? He didn't have anything to lose anyway if he was going to risk getting banned by breaking your stuff.

    -Don't use lava inside your base to hide certain things. It marks them as a suspicious target. Here's the situation: and X-rayer sees your base from far away. He gets inside and goes into your storage room. There's a single block of lava in there. What's he gonna do? He's gonna right-click into the lava pool and find your "super secret well-hidden anti-X-Ray chest" that's filled with your valuables including 32 diamonds. Chances are, if you'd kept the 32 diamonds in a chest labelled "dirt" that was out in plain sight, he would have overlooked it. Either way, lava makes the location suspicious unless it somehow fits the overall theme of the room. (picture coming soon)

    -Don't build things out of obsidian and think they're grief-proof. If your mentality is "these walls are made of 3-block thick obsidian and cannot be breached!" reconsider immediately. It takes 15 seconds for a standard diamond pickaxe to break a block of obsidian. Most people only have the dedication to make something made of obsidian one-block thick; in that case it takes 30 seconds for the griefer to gain entry. If you have the dedication to make it 3-blocks thick, it will only take him a minute and a half. Additionally, the types of people who make obsidian buildings also make them in plain sight. Those types of people wind up unhappy when a Moron gets into their "impenetrable" obsidian box and sets fire to the contents of their storage room. Just because it can't be exploded doesn't mean it can't be ruined.

    3. Miscellaneous Tips

    -Use Ender-Chests to keep your most valuable things safe. Griefer's can't ever get to them. Another thing: keep any TNT or gunpowder in the safest location possible. Someone breaking into your house to steal a few diamonds might also find your TNT and decide to turn your base into a crater.

    -Don't build everything out of wood. C'mon, this should be obvious. There's way too many whine threads on this board about someone's house getting torched and why this is grounds for Mojang to start taking people's Minecraft accounts away to prevent similar incidents. Only YOU can prevent base fires.

    -Don't go around pissing everyone off. You will attract revenge-griefers. Things that can **** people off vary from personal insults to simply being an annoying noob who asks too many questions.

    -If you've been griefed once, consider the location compromised. Pack all of the [profanity="shit"] you have left and go build a new base somewhere else. Yes, it sucks. But it's necessary. Someone who doesn't like you knows where your stuff is, and they could come back anytime to pillage you again.

    -Server admins are not to be trusted implicitly. Don't tell every admin where your stuff is. They might tell someone else, or they might decide to grief you for some reason.

    -Don't rely on anti-grief plugins to keep you safe just because the server has them;

    -Submit your own tip. If I think it's viable I might include it in this list.

    4. Tips for Server Owners/Operators

    - Don't hand out administratorprivileges to just anyone. Only op people who you KNOW somehow. If you wouldn't tell them where your base was, don't op them. And don't hand out special privs to people who "apply for admin". They could be a griefer and you'd never know it until it was FAR too late. Here's why: Remember when I said my first grief was revenge driven? Well once upon a time, an incompetent server admin handed out op to far too many people, including an 11-year old who decided to ban me. Why'd I get banned? Because I killed the kid when he broke into my house to grief my stuff. I contacted the server owner; he unbanned me, but refused to de-op the troublemaking kid, who had basically violated every rule of the server (and human decency) with impunity. Over the next week, I gained the trust of the server admin, became an op after a very easy application/test, and then proceeded to TNT every structure on the server, ban everyone else on the server but me, and overwrite the backups. So yeah; don't hand out op to someone unless you're absolutely certain beyond the vaguest doubt that they *won't* grief the server.

    - About plugins. They have flaws that hackers can exploit. They also make most people not want to play on your server - because seriously; if I actually wanted to invest time building something on your server, I'm going to need to use TNT to clear large underground spaces or use fire to clear sizeable sections of forest. By adding plugins to your server that rape-game mechanics without ensuring your players 100% protection, you alienate potential players and don't really help solve the griefing problem

    - The best way to make sure your stuff is 100% safe is to control who plays on your server. That means keeping the population down to three or four people who you personally know. Don't publicly list your server anywhere. Play over a private network if possible. Also consider using a whitelist in addition to the other tips. But whitelisting your server doesn't mean it's grief-proof. Most thrill-griefers don't target whitelisted servers because they want instant gratification; but that's only most of them. I've [profanity="fuck"]ed with at least one whitelisted server, even if it did take a few days to get approved. If a whitelist is your ONLY defense against griefers, you're gonna get your hard work ruined.

    So that's pretty much it. The guide says "comprehensive" but it probably won't be unless I get some feedback. Everything has room for improvement.
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