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    Long time no see o/
    Project Bench
    I decided to/finally got around to update this. I chose not to continue the development of Crafting Suite, as I wasn't happy with its internals. I hope to implement a lot of the features that were in that mod, but for the time being this is where we're at.

    This is the Project Bench, for your crafting needs.


    - Items stay in crafting grid
    - Crafting components will be removed from supply inventory first, and then from the crafting grid as needed
    - Upgrade to Project Bench from Crafting Table with craftable item.
    - Use fluids in crafting with the Project Bench (if upgraded)
    - Displays result over the bench

    - Plans to store a recipe for easy use later!

    - Plans can utilize fluid tank to craft with fluids

    - Two Buttons: top one becomes clickable when a plan is in the slot below it (see Using Plans below). Bottom one, when pressed, will empty the crafting grid of all items.

    - Hovering over either button for a brief period of time, will give you a bit of insight into what they do.

    That's all for the features as of now, but I figured instead of developing all of it in one go, I'd release it as I completed each module.

    Project Bench:


    Project Bench Upgrade:

    Fluid Handler Upgrade:

    Using Plans:

    Note: This process also works with fluids. If there is a bucket of water in the crafting recipe, and there is water in the tank, it will consume water from the tank before buckets of water from the supply area.

    Placing a blank plan in the slot to the left of the grid will enable the button above it.

    Clicking the button above it, will write the crafting recipe to that plan. The texture will change to show that the plan has a recipe associated with it.

    When you start to get a couple plans in your inventory, it can be easy to forget which is which. If you hold down shift, all plans with a recipe within a Project Bench will display their result over the plan: (notice bottom right)

    Last but not least, holding shift while hovering over a plan in any inventory will display all the components that go into making that recipe within the tooltip.

    Using Upgrades:

    Project Bench Upgrade:

    Right click with this upgrade on a Crafting Table to upgrade that Crafting Table directly to a Project Bench

    Fluid Handler Upgrade:

    Right click with this upgrade on a Project Bench to upgrade that Project Bench to handle fluids. Doing so will allow the Project Bench to hold up to 16 buckets of a fluid, and craft with that fluid in the crafting grid, using plans, or as a supply item.

    Crafting will follow this priority in using liquids: first from the tank, then from the supply inventory, finally from the crafting matrix.

    Built on Forge
    Built on Forge

    Old Versions:

    See Curse page above for old versions past v0.3.1
    Project Bench v0.3.1 for Forge
    Project Bench v0.3 for Forge
    Project Bench v0.2.1 for Forge
    Project Bench v0.2 for Forge
    Project Bench v0.1 for Forge

    Change Log:
    - Fixed some crafting bugs.
    - Ported to Minecraft 1.7.10.
    - No new gameplay changes.
    - Added version checking. Automatically will be notified of new versions of the mod.
    - Added config file. Disable version checking here.
    - Cleaned up code & packaging.
    - Updated to support Ore Dictionary recipes. Experimental, if anything weird happens please let me know so i can improve this support.
    - Project Bench can now be upgrade to hold and craft with liquids
    - Added upgrade items and recipes (see above)
    - Plans can now handle container items in crafting, like milk in cake
    - Fixed possible NPE in crafting
    - Fixed rare dupe in crafting with plans
    - Fixed an issue where plans would consume items that would take damage in crafting.
    - Added plans

    Follow and/or contribute to development on GitHub!
    It is completely Open Source and can be used in whatever however.

    None known at the moment.
    I'll watch for bug reports on here, but if you have a GitHub, please do it there!

    User Note:
    As of v0.4.2 Project Bench establishes a connection to a remote server. It connects to the GitHub repository for version checking, which allows the user to be notified of new versions, their importance, and a brief synopsis of changes. This is disableable through the config file if you wish.
    The code for that is available for inspection here.
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    Yes, that's because Minecraft.getMinecraft() only works on the client side, so you can't use it from the dedicated server. Try using onBlockPlaced instead, you even get a player object with it!

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    Quote from Scott5971»

    Ok, thanks. Before asking here I did try to look into BreakEvent class and BlockEvent, but I didn't realize that IBlockState was what I was looking for. Next time I'll be more careful, anyway, thanks for the help and for the advise anyway!

    You're on the right track then!

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    Hmm. So there's a ChunkEvent which holds a reference to the chunk. Try subscribing to the Load event of ChunkEvent. There might be some variable state in chunk that you can test. My first thought is "lastSaveTime". Maybe a newly loaded chunk will have no lastSaveTime

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    This is because the book you are learning from is probably based on an older version of Minecraft. Part of modding entails figuring out what the differences in Minecraft are between versions and adapting to them.

    In your case block is no longer a field of BlockEvent. With 1.8, Minecraft developers switched to using IBlockState's. So to adapt that code "event.block", you should write "event.state.getBlock()" as getBlock is a method of the interface IBlockState.

    Just for future reference, I didn't know this before looking into i for your question. Depending on how you set up your minecraft development environment, you might have access to the decompiled code (if you ran gradlew setupDecompWorkspace). All I did was navigate to BreakEvent which is an inner class of BlockEvent, and then looked at the parent class BlockEvent, which is where the IBlockState field is. I strongly advise you to get used to browsing the Minecraft code. Many of the answers to your questions can be found there. But when you get stumped, come here and ask!

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    Quote from Fenrir_Felix»

    Yeah I'm kinda wondering about this too. I use markBlockForUpdate() in any UpdateEntity methods on my tileentites for animations and it seems to work okay since I have my TE's animate when used by the player outside the GUI (on sneak right clicks and such). But I have no idea if it works on a server.

    You can launch the server from your IDE, along with a client. So just see if it does :P

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    In the crash report it says

    at com.google.common.collect.UnmodifiableIterator.remove(UnmodifiableIterator.java:43)

    Basically, you're not allowed to edit that with the iterator you were given. Probably for this exact reason. I thought that you could disable parts of Biomes O'Plenty through the config?

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    Quote from Leviathan143»

    Use instanceof, you would use it like this:

    This will detect any pickaxe that extends ItemPickaxe, you can do the same thing with other tools and weapons(eg, instanceof ItemSword)

    And make sure to check for null item if player doesn't have anything equipped! But this exactly. Instance of is used to check if a particular instance of a class that you have access to is of some type.

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    Sounds like you'd need to keep track of the block positions that you modified the light value of, and then after a bit go back and reset them to their default state. I'd use a Tick handler class to keep track of them, and after a set number of ticks return them to their default. Or you could have them fade to less and less light output, that'd be nice.

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    I've been rewriting the Project Bench, returning to the simpler version like a lot of people asked for. It's a WIP so it's changing a lot atm.

    Crafting Suite

    Crafting Suite is a follow up on my original mod, Project Bench. It brings back the Project Bench, but also expands upon the original idea of it. Now the player will be able to have a more personalized experience with the benches in their world, both functionally and aesthetically. You'll have access to many things, from crafting benches that will hold onto their inventory rather than drop it, and benches that will have additional storage space that they can craft from. There will also be a variety of modifiers that one might add enhance or alter the functionality or look of the bench, I will go over those within.
    Crafting Suite is as of this writing in an infantile stage and has gone through some testing. There are many things planned, but not as many yet implemented as I plan to bring those in over time. First priority is get something out there that demonstrates the ideas of the future. I'll do my best to go over as much as I can in this post, but feel free to leave a comment if something doesn't have enough of an explanation.


    Updated to (February 20, 2014)
    - Updated internal saving system, less broken benches and such.
    - Recipes for Deep Slot, Plans, and tools Modifier, along with the plan recipe now give double the items than before.
    - Many other tweaks, be wary of new bugs. Please report.
    Updated to (December 3)
    - Fixed crash on start for servers, my bad.

    Updated to (December 3)
    - Fix for benches becoming chests when they shouldn't (important update).
    Updated to (November 28)
    - NEI Usage and Recipe support
    - Occasional crash fix
    - Ore Dictionary misuse fix
    - Tooltip tweaked to always display modifiers on a bench
    Updated to (November 21)
    - Added Plans
    - Added "Deep Slot"
    - Added Modded Crafting Table (simpler than Project Bench, more advanced than Crafting Table. Stepping stone.)
    - Added NEI shift clicking support, some modifiers have unique handling of such, check their sections.
    - Localization support (Russian and Engilsh done, look below to contribute)
    - Render tweaks for result
    - Infinitely more tweaks for rendering, optimization, reduction of lag, and avoidance of crashes. Should be less crashy now (once this update is better debugged.)
    Updated to (November 5)
    - Fixed possible NPE
    Updated to (October 31)
    - Fixed possible NPE
    - Added render to tables with tool modifier displaying current tool
    Updated to 0.1.8 (October 29)
    - Initial Release

    The Modification Table:

    The Modification Table is the root of the entire mod at this point. It is the one stop shop for building and upgrading your benches to meet the variable needs you have. Aside from some fancy rendering, it will take and combine your components into the finalized bench. For now, it only has recipes for the original Project Bench, but more will come.
    Using the Modification Table
    Its basic use is this:
    1. Place either an already constructed bench to upgrade, or the initial modifier for the type of bench you would like to create in the first slot. This can be thought of as the base item on which you will build. This part is required.
    2. Under the Modifier section, you can place one of two types of items, either planks, which decide the appearance of the bench (partially) or a tools modifier (if upgrading a pre existing bench). Nifty note: any plank that is properly registered with Forge will work in here, so colors galore! You will see examples of a handful of forestry planks.
    3. Finally, in the Aesthetics section you can, as of this writing, place one or two of two types of items. Most importantly, you can place carpet, which defines the top most color of the bench along with a portion of its sides. There are 15 colors to choose from, so just choose any carpet color you desire! Next you may also choose to add a block of clay. Adding clay will modify the table so that there is a render above it showing the current crafting recipe output. (Why clay? I think of moulding).
    Once you decide on the modifiers to add and are ready to craft, you may want to hold shift over the Craft button to see what the table is going to consume in its recipe.Now you may click craft and the table will get to work on crafting, it takes about 10 seconds to craft. During this time you may gaze fondly at the render in the bench, or take a step back from the table and watch as your new bench rises triumphantly from the table. Or just space out and not enjoy those features which I put effort into.
    Any time there is a valid recipe in the Modification Table it will show in the right hand corner of the GUI what the final product will look like. Note that some modifiers have no effect on the render displayed on the right (for instance the Tools Modifier, or clay).
    - Hold shift over the Craft button to see the recipe it's using
    .- Extraneous items in the inventory may hinder your crafting ability.
    - You won't be able to craft another bench if there is a result still in the slot that differs from the new recipe.

    The Project Bench

    Pretty colors :oNote that these project benches all have the clay modifier, allowing for the render atop. Also pictured here are the items that I'll get to later.
    The full recipe for the Project Bench, and one step further for the Tools Modifier:
    The Project Bench walks and talks just like the old one, but it thinks quite differently. For the unaware, the basic idea is that you place a recipe in the 3x3 crafting matrix and then upon crafting, it tries to pull from the below attached 18 slots rather than the crafting grid itself. Quite useful really.Along with that, there is a visible button to the left of the matrix. Clicking this button will empty the contents of the crafting matrix into the supply matrix.What's that icon next to the middle of the matrix? Must be a visual artifact. Definitely not a future plan.
    - Hold shift while hovering over a Project Bench (or any bench for that matter) in your inventory to see what modifiers are already on the bench.

    Modded Crafting Table:

    Crafted in the Modification Table, this is a simpler version of the Project bench, but more advanced than the vanilla Crafting Table.
    • It will hold in it's crafting grid, rather than drop them, when the player closes the GUI.
    • It accepts some of the more basic Modifiers (currently only the Deep Slot modifier).
    • It accepts the Clay (for render) upgrade, but does not currently support cloth upgrades.
    • Accepts different types of wood to change its appearance (functionality remains the same).
    To craft it, do something like this in the Modification Table:


    Keep in mind that this is an early version of the full realization of this mod.Plan Modifier

    Upgrading a Project Bench (only one that has access to this modifier at the time of this writing) with the Plan Modifier will allow the use of plans with the bench. If you're at all familiar with the old Red Power 2 implementation of plans, it's basically the same. If not, you're in for a treat.

    With plans, you can place a recipe in the bench, drop in a blank plan to the plan slot (the one with the fancy background) and then write the plan, with the button to left (looks vaguely like a blank plan). Once written, that plan will always remember the recipe you wrote to it. As you can see above, a piston plan was written to it. It will now show up as "Piston Plan" rather than Blank Plan.

    Placing that now written plan into the slot will allow you to craft that recipe without physically placing the items into the crafting area, it will pull directly from the supply area. Fantastic.

    - Plans will attempt to use any type of item from the OreDictionary, if applicable.
    - See below for the recipes for plans and the modifier.
    - This supports NEI shift clicking of the question mark, but it has unique behavior. If you have all the materials AND a plan for that item in your, or the bench's inventory, it will transfer the plan directly into the plan slot and the materials into the supply area rather than into the crafting area.

    Recipe in Modification Table:

    Example (Pictures):
    Step 1: Write the recipe to the plan.

    Recipe is now bound to the Plan

    Step 2: Clear the crafting area, you can see the ghosted items in the bench

    Step 4: Enjoy the simplified crafting of those annoying repetitive recipes.

    Deep Slot Modifier

    The Deep Slot Modifier installs a special slot to the side of the inventory. This slot will hold 6x the max stack size of the item placed in it. This means, for your average item it'll be 384 items. Nice for the bench that needs a seemingly endless supply of one item or another.

    Recipe In Modification Table:

    - The crafting area will pull from this slot rather than the crafting grid or the supply matrix (if applicable). It is the preferred source of items (after excess in the crafting grid).
    - You can't shift click out of this slot, just interact with it as normal.
    - It can be a tiny bit temperamental from time to time. Just give it a good furious clicking if it's misbehaving. Typically resolves itself.

    Tools Modifier
    The Tools Modifier is a modifier that adds an additional several slots for tools to be placed alongside the normal inventory of the bench. It is currently only implemented in the Project Bench, but it will be available for all benches at a future time.

    Items can only be placed in these three slots if they appear to be tools, as in the item can take damage. Use right click to place them into the slot. Once in the slot, the can be accessed quickly to be added to the matrix (remember, RIGHT CLICK to access the item). Left clicking on the item once in the slot will activate that item. Once activated, the item will be automatically added to the crafting matrix (it's rendered in the matrix but you cannot interact with it there).

    As a consequence, if there is a tool selected but you place the items for a crafting bench in, it won't work because the tool is considered to be within the matrix. Simply left click again to deselect the tool.An example, all you have to do is put, say the Copper Plate (IC2) in the matrix, and click the Hammer (IC2 again) and it will automatically add the Hammer and the appropriate crafting recipe will be displayed.

    -Shift clicking a tool will automatically place it in the Tool slots on the left.
    -A selector will appear around the currently selected tool
    -Note fancy pants rendering on top of the table.


    Modification Table:

    Plan Recipe:

    Crafting Modifier:

    Holding Modifier:

    Storing Modifier:

    Plan Modifier:

    Deep Slot Modifier:

    Tools Modifier:

    Mod Spotlight: (if you're struggling with how to make the benches, check here)
    Shows all features as of this version:
    by Lewis_WTFGeeks
    Shows 95% of current features:
    by madcock8338

    1.6.4 - CraftingSuite-v0.2.1.4(*)

    - Internal changes to how the benches are saved, reduces clear benches and crashy-ness. Some recipes, i.e. Tool, Deep Slot, Plans Modifier, and Plans now give double the items than previously.
    - Fixed a crash on start for dedicated servers in relation to particles being added.
    - Fix for benches becoming chests when they shouldn't be.
    - NEI Usage and Recipe support. Tooltips always show modifiers on a bench now. Plans should now longer use incorrect Ore Dictionary stacks (verify please). Crash resolved that occurred when using up tool in crafting recipe then trying to craft something again in bench with Tool Modifier.
    - Plans, Deep Slot, NEI Shift Click, Modded Table, Localization support, many internal tweaks. Check commits for more detailed changes.
    - Fixed possible NPE
    - Fixed NPE, added tool render atop the bench.
    - 0.1.8: Initial release. Added Modification Table, Holding, Crafting, Storing, and Tools Modifiers, added language support and version checking.

    - v0.1.8 - v0.2.1.0: Forge: Built against version

    Known Bugs:
    - Glitchy rendering if using Fast graphics, as opposed to fancy graphics.
    - Deep Slot shows incorrect stack size (1) for other players on server. This is because stacks are sent in packets where stack size is written as a byte and therefore doesn't support stack sizes greater than 127. Functionality is intact, no duping or anything. Just seem a bit screwy. Will look for a fix .

    Error Reporting:
    - If you have a GitHub account, open an issue there, that is the best way to reach me. You can find the repo here.
    - If no GitHub, post a comment. Include crash report, at the very least the stack trace portion of it. Also, since it has gotten more complex, please leave note of how you produced the bug, or what you were doing when the crash happened.

    - MyEternity: translation to Russian.
    - chicken_bones: Not Enough Items to improve some aspects of the Benches (see below for legal stuff).

    Licensing: (Mod pack authors, look here)
    This work is licensed under the Public License version 3. It is an open source mod, and therefore much privileges are given to the users. You are free to distribute the mod and edit it if you wish. However, no monetary gain shall be had unless you explicitly consult me and I, the mod author, allow it. Additionally, credit is required to be included upon redistributing it.

    - Mod pack authors, this means that you may include Crafting Suite and all updates to which this licensing is still applicable without asking me directly. Please leave credit for me somewhere in the mix. Also, I will be selectively willing to include a section listing the mod packs using Crafting Suite if you message me and notify me of that wish.

    This mod now includes a redistribution of an NEI class. I, the mod author, have altered the original file as provided by chicken_bones. The appropriate steps have been taken to comply with his redistribution wishes as detailed under the forum topic for the ChickenBones mods. Furthermore, the sections that were edited within the class have been marked for easy comparison. These steps were taken to complete compatibility of Crafting Suite with the functionality of the overlay (shift clicking of the ?).
    - Original File: https://bitbucket.or...java?at=default
    - Altered Version: https://github.com/b...layHandler.java

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