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    Transfer request
    IGN : __DeathWing__
    Prison: Don't drop the soap
    Block: Free
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    Moroscraft is a hardcore raid/pvp server. We aim to make our raid server as fair as possible, that means we made it so that obsidian is broken in 3 tnt shots. We also nerfed water and added special block resistances, see more below.

    Server IP : play.moroscraft.com

    Server website : http://www.moroscraft.com


    Anti PVP log plugin
    Custom plugin that makes any block TNTable
    Custom Plugins

    (How the server works)

    We want raiding to be fair, so we made every block in the game tntable. (Except for bedrock) This is how the blocks work :
    Endstone : 5 TNT shots. (End is disabled)

    Lapis block : 4 TNT shots.

    Obsidian : 3 TNT shots.

    Stone Brick : 2 TNT shots.

    Brick : 50% Chance to resist a TNT explosion

    Water : Turns into Ice or air (5x5 radius)

    Lava : Turns into Nether brick or air (5x5 radius)

    Things you probably want to know

    • Map border is 2560x2560.
    • All blocks are TNTable.
    • You start off with leather armor and stone tools.
    • You can have however many people you want in a faction, However the power is capped at 50 Max power per faction. This is to avoid big bases.
    • Everyone has 5 Max power.
    • Admins listen to the players and take suggestions.
    • There is a dynamic map located here http://moroscraft.com:7339/#, But it does not show claims or players. It only shows cordinates.
    • We have staff on most of the time.
    • Daily events will be held in moroscraft.
    • Pvp tournaments will be held in moroscraft.

    • HAVE FUN!


    Not avaliable yet

    HAVE FUN!!!!!
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