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    posted a message on CODRIXIA is recruiting! [Massive RPG Server] In Need Of: |Builders| Lore Writers| Head Builders| GFX Artists| Map Painters|

    Name (IGN) __Nightingale__

    Age 14

    experience As a builder I dont have to much experience I do build a lot though and I also played on wynncraft server which in search of another one in the style lead me to this and I want to make it even better. I am a very dedicated builder and can work alone as well as in a team. (know how to use mc edit)

    personality: I am a gamer, play everyday in some fps games (mostly minecrarft still), Love building in medieval style (why I love minecraft) Love roleplay and have a giant imagination and if given the chance will try to show what I can do.

    skype adress: Marcel Garipov (please contact me using it my symbol is a Nighingale symbol from skyrim)


    I am an above average builder with over about 2.5 years of mc behind me with a 7-8/10
    Thank you for your time here are my 2 most recent builds that I made for this:

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