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Hi, i'm _Xiae.

I'm an ex Sectional Moderator for the Off-Topic section, and can usually be found in the Computers & Technology section. The only games I really play nowadays are BF3 & any new releases, everything else has become rather boring.

I'm not around all that much any more, but I do check MCF every one or two days, so contacting me shouldn't be too hard if need be.

Find me on BF3 as ItMightBeEmber, chuck me a friend request if you wanna play some Conquest/TDM/Co-op etc!

  • Tech and all things related - mostly just procrastinating about my PC not even being complete
  • MTB (mostly AM/Enduro, with some DJ/DH chucked in)
  • Skiing (love that pow, yew!)
  • Photography (Canon 6D, Canon/Samyang lenses, Sirui W-2204 + K20X, NiSi filter system. Check out some of my pics on Instagram)
  • Multirotors (Droooones, brahh) - Specifically, Tarot 650 IM as AP platform, and Tweaker 180 as FPV/fun machine.
  • And most recently, 3D printing - struggling with a Prusa i3 build
Location 'Straya

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Minecraft _Xiae

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Skype If you require my skype, ask me. Don't use it much.