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I'm Tom, another Minecraft player, and here is everything I have done for Minecraft:

Terms and Conditions:

Use of any of my Minecraft Maps, Minecraft Mods or other Content is subject to these terms. You may download the map freely and share it with others as long as the monetary links are kept intact. This means the,, links must not be removed/switched to direct links. You are absolutely not allowed to re-upload any Content to any file sharing or hosting service. Doing so will result in a DMCA Takedown Notice and Legal Action against both the Host and the Uploader.

You may also use parts of my maps inside your maps or create entirely new maps based on my maps however this does not mean you can download them, change a few blocks around or recolor them and reupload, and I also ask you to please credit the original maps so other people can do the same!


Sports, science, computers and minecraft

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