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    posted a message on Improved Gold Gear

    I don't see why gold tools and armor should have a higher durability.

    Gold is a very dense and frail metal.

    Gold is best used for apples and rail.

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    posted a message on Hyenas and lions

    Well, hyenas are pretty awesome. Why else would I have chosen my username? Lions are pretty awesome too, (in fact, they're the national animal of Norway which is near Sweden, Mojang is in Sweden) and I was thinking of what both of these animals would be like in Minecraft, here are my ideas;

    (side note: the reason these are intertwined is because they're pretty closely related and it seems weird to make two posts about mobs that go together)


    Appearance: Hyenas come in 3 patterns, a spotted hyena, a striped hyena, and a shadow hyena. They have a general appearance of hyenas in real life, a little stocky and wolf-like (even though hyenas are more related to cats and have their own species) and with a somewhat arched back, as well as a mane and short tail. Spotted hyenas are a lightish-brown with a darker brown mane (and spots in the same color). Shadow hyenas have a similar appearance, but they're a light greyish-beige color and have a black mane and spots (they have a dark grey throat/stomach as well and also have a slightly fluffier/spikier mane). Striped hyenas are a beige-white color and have a grey-beige mane and a black stripe pattern. Hyena cubs/pups/kittens(?) appear similar to adult hyenas, but smaller. A hyena has a 1/3 of a chance of being each of these skins.

    Lions are golden-beige with a dark brown mane (but some don't have manes). Lion cubs appear similar to adult lions, but smaller and without a mane. A lion will have a 1/2 chance of having, or not having, a mane.

    Hyenas are about the size of a Minecraft wolf (but slightly larger). In turn, hyena cubs are a little larger than wolf pups. Lions are about the same height as an iron golem (2.7 blocks tall), but might be a little shorter.


    Behavior: A hyena will be fairly social and will often try to start a pack with other hyenas if it can find any. If they don't find any hyenas, they might hang out with wolves, but this is rare and normally only temporary. Lone hyenas, however, are somewhat more common than hyenas that join wolf packs. Hyenas will start packs with any hyena, regardless of what type they are. A hyena pack is identified similarly to a wolf pack, they tend to follow each other and stick together and will also attack together. Hyenas tend to attack chickens, rabbits, sheep, pigs, cows, monsters, and might attack lions. Hyenas avoid lions if on their own, however, but might attack one if they're in a pack. Hyenas also steal food from lions on occasion, but will often avoid doing so, unless there are no lions anywhere nearby and they can't find food (but might take the risk of being attacked by a lion if no livestock or food is nearby). Hyenas also laugh a lot, but striped hyenas laugh a little less than the other types.

    Lions will start a group with other lions (ocelots will sometimes join too, but this is rather rare), and will hunt for chickens, rabbits, sheep, pigs, and cows. Sometimes they might hunt for monsters too. Lone lions do happen, however, but they usually will join a group of lions if one is nearby.

    Hyenas and lions will normally mind each others' business unless one provokes the other or if they try "getting" each others' food, either by physically stealing their food or by picking up meat/attacking an animal the other was going to attack. Both of them also don't bother villagers or iron golems. They also both pick up meat from the ground if they see it. Hyenas will pick up bones from the ground, however, and lions will not.


    Taming: Hyenas and lions are tamable.

    Hyenas are tamed by being given a bone directly. If it's on the ground, it just picks it up. After taming it, it can be told to stand or sit and will follow the player. Hyenas don't attack anything when tamed unless they are told to, or the mob attacks their owner or the hyena itself. Monsters are still scared of hyenas regardless if they're feral or tamed, but feral hyenas will chase monsters (but will try to avoid attacking creepers, they do, however, chase them away like ocelots). Tamed hyenas near a playing jukebox will "dance" (like parrots), but instead of doing a "party parrot" dance, they bob their heads up and down. The speed of their dance depends on the tempo of the song playing.

    A lion is tamed by giving it fish. When tamed, they'll protect their owner and maybe a nearby village like an iron golem would (it's more likely for them to do so in savanna villages, however). Lions have higher health and attack strength than iron golems, and are faster and can even sprint, so they might be a little better as guards. Despite lions seeming to be "big meanies", they're very nice to villagers, iron golems, and players (so long as they aren't doing anything bad in the village!). They even will give a smaller sunflower to (most commonly) villagers, but might give this to iron golems and players who have a high popularity in the village as a sort of "thank you". While the sunflower is smaller when the lion holds it, it is normal-sized as an item. Instead of attacking a zombie villager, a lion will give it a sunflower, which heals it after 0-5 seconds.


    Breeding: Both of these animals, feral or tamed, can be bred.

    Hyenas are bred by giving two hyenas a piece of meat of any type. Both hyenas must be standing to successfully breed, however. Regardless of the type of hyena, they can all breed. The type of hyena pup generated is normally one of their parents (two striped hyenas would most likely create a striped hyena pup, or a shadow hyena and spotted hyena would most likely either create a spotted hyena or shadow hyena pup), but there's a decently low (1/100 chance) of the type of hyena being ignored and just choosing a random one.

    Lions can be bred with any meat as well. Since animals in Minecraft don't have genders, they can be bred regardless of whether or not they have a mane. However, it is possible (albeit rare) for a lioness to have a mane, or a male lion to not have a mane.


    Biome: Most commonly they're found in savanna and related biomes. It's also possible for them to live in jungles, but usually uncommon.


    Hostility level: Both are neutral and tameable.


    Health and attack damage: Hyenas have a health of 20 (10 hearts) and attack damage of about the same as attacking with an iron sword.

    Lions have a health of 120 (60 hearts!) and attack strength of 6 on easy, 9 on medium, and 12 on hard.


    Immune/resistant to: Hyenas and lions can not take fall damage. Lions also have very high health and damage strength.


    Drops: Hyenas, upon death, will drop 1-3 EXP. They also drop 0-15 pieces of meat of any type. They'll be raw even if the hyena died while on fire.

    Lions drop 3-8 EXP and have a chance of dropping 0-2 emeralds due to their connection with villagers and usually will drop 0-4 lion teeth which can be made into a potion of strength (since they're very strong) and might drop a sunflower upon death as well.


    Easter eggs: Naming a hyena "Banzai" will result in the hyena becoming a shadow hyena with a shorter mane and having yellow eyes, similar effect goes with naming a hyena "Shenzi" (which results in the hyena also being a shadow hyena with yellow eyes, but the mane is longer) or "Ed" (which results in the hyena being very similar in appearance to "Banzai" but with more "googly eyes" and has his tongue out when he opens his mouth. "Ed" also laughs more than any hyena and is less serious as well)

    Naming a lion "Simba" or "Mufassa" will give it a reddish-brown mane and more golden fur. One named "Nala" will give it no mane and tan-beige fur. If it is named "Scar", it turns brown with a black mane, green eyes, and a scar on its left eye.

    Of course, these are all references to "The Lion King".


    Sounds: Hyenas will usually laugh, growl, or make "whoop" sounds (a little like howling wolves!) like they do in real life. They also yelp when hurt or killed.

    Lions make similar sounds to iron golems, but in a lower and more growl-like pitch. They also roar or purr (the latter can be taken from normal Minecraft cats, but in a deeper pitch) from time to time.


    So, tell me what you think and feel free to tell me what I should add or change or whatever, just keep it polite and well-reasoned.

    You lost me at the ability to tame them.
    Both these animals are feral and almost impossible to domesticate.
    There is no reason a lion should be as tall as an iron golem and have more health.
    The thing that bothers me the most are the drops these mobs have.
    Why would a Hyena drop up to 15 pieces of meat?
    What "connection" do lions have with villagers?
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    posted a message on Sandstorm/Biome Specific Effects

    The fog isn't something that completely blocks vision.

    It would be like clouds, only lower and smaller.

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    posted a message on Ocean Improvements Part 1/3: World Generation

    10 or 15 seconds

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    posted a message on Sandstorm/Biome Specific Effects

    A thing that would make Minecraft seem more like a living world, are biome effects.

    By "biome specific effects" I mean things similar to how it snows in a cold biome but doesn't in other biomes.

    Jungle- Already rains more often than other biomes. There could be an ambient loop of parrots. (Maybe)

    Swamp- The sky would dim and fog would blanket the swamp. (But disappears as you go through it)

    Desert- The sun would get brighter, but not blind the players screen. When it rains in other biomes, there's a 50% there will be a sandstorm. When there isn't a sandstorm, it will rain lightly.

    Mesa- Brightest biome and will never rain. (It would have sandstorms though)

    Extreme Hills- There could be a "wind" effect that rustles trees and lightly moves mobs and the player.

    Taiga- Sky dims slightly (less than the swamp) during the day Fog would appear at night. An ambient loop of birds chirping could play.

    These are just my most thought of effects for biomes. Please feel free to express your thoughts and criticism.

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    posted a message on Subtropical desert

    Why would the rock formations from Monument Valley generate in this biome?

    It's a feature that would best be in the Mesa.

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    posted a message on Ocean Improvements Part 1/3: World Generation

    The crafting recipe should replace the wool with banners.

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    posted a message on Weaponized rockets: A "thrown" AoE mid-range weapon.

    Cool Idea, but I think that's what splash potions of harming are for.

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    posted a message on More Dog Breeds/Animal Variety

    Without a proper introduction, I will begin.

    Cats, Parrots, Llamas, and especially Horses, have more than one color compared to other mobs. (I am not including sheep since they are able to be dyed)

    Cows, Pigs, Chickens, and Dogs have no variety at all. (Mooshrooms are a separate mob)

    I am not suggesting actual, new mobs.

    I am suggesting different colors just like the Horses do, without any change in behavior.

    Cows could possibly be white, brown, or even a mix of the former and the latter.

    Different colors of dogs is something that has been discussed about for a long time.

    I personally believe there is no reason thay dogs don't have different colors already.

    Possible breeds could include-

    German Shepard



    Mutts (Randomized skin)

    I'd like for there to be more variety in animals, it would make the game seem less "Copy and Paste".

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    posted a message on Village Popularity 2: Effects of reputation

    I edit these on my smartphone.

    When a thread becomes large in text, it causes my phone to lag.

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    posted a message on Village Popularity 2: Effects of reputation

    In my previous thread about Village Popularity, I mainly explained the change in trades depending on your popularity with a village.
    I will explain more effects that may occur due to your popularity within a village.
    Good Effects: These are things that will happen once your popularity is +5 and up.
    The obvious and first thing to happen would be trade discounts and bargains.
    You will begin getting these at +5 popularity.
    (Which I have already explained)
    If your popularity is at +10, villagers become "willing" to breed more frequently after trading. (Or not)
    Once your popularity is at the maximum +15, villagers will have a chance to give you like they do to other villager. A village must have sufficient food to do so. The food they give you is limited to what they can carry. (Bread, Beetroots, Potatoes, and Carrots)

    You may receive 1-3 food of any type, and only one villager will do it per day.

    Bad Effects: These will happen once your popularity is at -5.

    At -5 popularity, trades will become more expensive and emeralds will be harder to obtain.

    At -10 popularity villagers will deny trade with the player. (Though not all will)

    At -15 popularity, villagers will flee at first sight. All villagers will deny trade, and iron golems will attack the player.

    I hope you enjoy these ideas, and I will make another thread on how to increase and decrease village popularity.

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    posted a message on Village Popularity

    I thought of it while editing this.

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    posted a message on Semi-Arid Desert/New Foliage

    Minecraft currently only has two major desert variants, Mesa and normal desert.
    I am suggesting a new desert variant that has patches of grass, and new cacti.
    In a semi-arid desert, rainfall is light and foliage is more common. (With occasional ponds and puddles of water)
    The new plants in this biome would be, Sagebrush, Saguaro, and maybe even barrel cactus.
    Sagebrush is purely for decoration like grass.
    Saguaro is taller (two to five blocks high) and thinner version of cactus with "arms". It has a lighter color, and can be used to craft lime dye when harvested.

    Barrel cactus is a new cactus variant that can only grow to be one block tall.

    On top of the barrel cactus, it grows fruit that can be eaten. A maximum of 4 fruit can be harvested from one plant.

    Barrel cactus fruit replenishes .5 hunger per fruit eaten.

    The only passive mob to spawn will be the rabbit like in the desert.

    I'm not sure if many will approve, but I think this would be a wonderful addition that could make the world more varied.

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    posted a message on Improved Music Placement & Ambient Audio Loops

    I do agree that ambience would provide a more immersive experience.

    You didn't mention the cave chimes, the scariest loop that wasn't added.

    I believe that there could be certain loops for structures like the Mansion and Stronghold.

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    posted a message on Barracks

    Why would these "warriors" trade armor?

    That's what Armorer blacksmiths are for.

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